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Are You Addicted to Running Porn?

Running porn: it’s addictive like Angry Birds. It’s those articles that promise…

  • 7 Easy Ways to Run a Huge PR in Your Next Race
  • With Speed Work, You Will Run Faster – Guaranteed
  • Runner’s Amazing Food Secrets that

Run Your BQ is Open! 6 New Updates since February

Today is like Christmas (at least for running nerds like me): Run Your BQ is open for new members!

If you want some more info on the program and the updates we’ve been making over the last two months, …

Are you looking for “secrets” to faster running? Use this strategy instead

I love reading the internet’s most popular running websites because they’re hilariously terrible.

You’ll read things like:

“10 weeks to your fastest marathon!”

“Discover everyday nutrition secrets for high energy levels!”

“With speed work, you will run faster. That

The Definitive Guide to Marathon Recovery: Boston Marathon Edition

The day after a marathon can seem like you’re learning to walk for the first time: short steps, no coordination, and pathetic range of motion.

Marathon Training

With the Boston Marathon today, I want to help all those runners who are …

I’m Publishing a Book: 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner

I have a big announcement: I’m publishing a book for the Kindle!

101 Ways to be a Better Runner

What started as a blog post evolved into an expansive ebook for the Kindle reader. And I’m thrilled to announce today that it will be available soon.…

Going on Vacation? Here’s Your Plan to Stay Fit, Fast, and Lean

Runners say it all the time:

“I was getting in such great shape… but then I went on vacation!”

Hawaiian Volcano

My wife Meaghan and I sitting on a volcanic lake during our honeymoon

It makes sense that runners get lazy …

How to Find Your Training Sweet Spot: March’s Training Journal

Finding your training sweet spot can be the holy grail of training. You’ll always know when to push yourself, when to back off the effort level, and how to enjoy running more than ever.

Be Happy with Your Training Sweet Spot

So what’s a training sweet …

The Beginner’s Guide to Strength Running

What a wild ride! Strength Running is nearly two years old and has grown to a community of 2,300+ kick-ass runners.


Remember the old site?

I bought the domain “” in 2007 but had no idea what I was …