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Q&A Power Hour: Brutal Truth on Why I Don’t Do Running Form Analysis (Plus 7 More!)

The problem with a blog is that some great articles get buried in the graveyard that we call an Archive.

Reader Q&A

But most of the time, that information is still really helpful! (check out SR’s archive here)

I’ve received …

How Mark Ran a 16 Minute Marathon PR (despite thinking it was “beyond impossible”)

Is it possible to run a huge PR, avoid the infamous “marathon bonk,” and recover quickly from the race? You bet!

Mark's Marathon PR

Mark racing a half marathon before his PR Marathon

I talk a lot about “small wins” – they’re …

I Want to Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes (Here’s Why…)

One of my favorite things about Strength Running is that I get to help your running by giving you free stuff.

Running Shoes

In the past, I’ve given away:

  • A month of 1-on-1 coaching support
  • Name your own price for a

Jim Butler on “The One Indispensable Element” of Distance Running

Jim Butler has been the head Cross Country coach at Connecticut College for over 25 years, leading the Men’s team to the National Championships in 2002 where he was then named the Division III New England Coach of the …

Adidas adiZero Boston 3 Review: Neon Performance

The adiZero Boston 3 is named after the world’s greatest marathon, so I had high hopes for this trainer. And it didn’t disappoint. 

Adidas Adizero Boston 3

I’ve been a long-time wearer of the Adidas adiZero line but never wore a pair of …

8 Summer Running Lessons from Training in the Swamp of Washington, DC

“There just isn’t much that can be done about the weather but embrace it and realize it wont last forever.”  – @RunsforBeers

Summer Running

Summer running can be wonderful: the hot sun mercilessly beating down on you as you struggle through …

What’s the Best Stride Rate? And 3 More Crucial Questions

I have a confession.

I’m not fair to all of my readers.

Strength Running PR Guide

See, I provide a lot of free resources to those signed up to my private list, like:

  • The How to Stay Fit on Vacation digital book