I Want to Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes (Here’s Why…)

One of my favorite things about Strength Running is that I get to help your running by giving you free stuff.

Running Shoes

In the past, I’ve given away:

  • A month of 1-on-1 coaching support
  • Name your own price for a personalized training plan (reserved only for newsletter readers)
  • Free and discounted running gear

I love helping runners. When I hear feedback from people like Lydia or Ryan, it makes me ecstatic that they’re seeing results and improving their running.

SR allows me to reach a much wider audience than if I stood on a milk crate in downtown DC, shouting training suggestions at random pedestrians. I’ve thought about it – but I still wouldn’t be tall enough on that milk crate.

Instead, here I can talk with passionate runners who want to improve, lose weight, run a fast race, or prevent more injuries. It’s that passion – and willingness to work – that keeps me going.

Rather than read the same bad running advice, I can help those who want to see results. I hope that’s you.

We can debate Gatorade vs. Powerade or we can focus on the things that matter: training tweaks that provide maximum fitness, injury strategies that work (instead of RICE), and how to really PR in your next race.

So thanks for being here and being part of the Strength Running team. To show my appreciation, I want to help you out.

I want to buy your next pair of running shoes.

This giveaway is simple. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment identifying the most important piece of advice you’ve learned on SR and how it has helped you. Be specific.
  2. Sign up in the form below or here so I can email you if you win.
  3. If you win, just tell me what you want and I’ll have them delivered to your door.

I’ll pick a winner on Friday, July 27 based on how well you answer #1 above.

My goal here is twofold:

Help you by buying your favorite pair of trainers to say thanks for reading.

Reinforce the fact that you need to take action with good running advice instead of just reading it as running porn. SR will do nothing for you if you don’t take action.

I’ll take the weekend to review the best answers and decide who gets the free pair of shoes. If you’re the lucky winner, I’ll email you on Monday for your shoe size, model, and shipping address.

Sound good?

Leave a comment below and sign up in the form to enter. I hope we’ll be in touch on Monday!

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