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Run Your BQ is Open Now! Five New Things You Need to Know

A few short times per year, Run Your BQ accepts new runners to join the team and transform their marathon training. Are you going to join us this time?

Run Your BQ

RYBQ is now open – let me tell you about the improved and massively expanded site.

We partnered with a professional developer to completely remake the community. The really great thing about working with a pro development team instead of plugging away at it on our own (we’re runners, not computer geeks) is flexibility.

When there’s a new feature that you want — say, a map showing where other members are located so you can train, race, or meet up (this is happening soon) — our guys can make it. The possibilities are endless, and Run Your BQ is only going to keep getting better.

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Smart phone ready — custom app works on all smart phones so you can access your daily workout and other features of the members area from the road
  • 10 training plans to choose from — from beginner to intermediate to elite, low-mileage to high-mileage, and even out-of-season maintenance plans, there’s a plan here for every runner who’s determined to BQ
  • Daily and weekly workout modules provide you with all the relevant instructions, video, and tips you’ll need
  • Workouts automatically adjust when you need to change training plans or target race date
  • 12 modules with over 40 lessons on the critical aspects of training and fueling for your BQ (with both omnivorous and plant-based diet approaches)
  • 27 video demonstrations and tutorials of stretching routines, strength exercises, running form, and injury rehab routines
  • Monthly (at least!) Coaches’ Chats with Matt & Jason, where you’ll have the opportunity to get your specific training and nutrition questions answered live
  • Over 7 hours of archived Coaches’ Chat videos, with more being added every month
  • Facebook-style Run Your BQ feed on your dashboard, where you can connect with other members to share advice, photos, race results, and support
  • Forum to post questions, get feedback, celebrate and interact with coaches and other members — we look at Run Your BQ as one big team who is there to help each other BQ

As you can see, RYBQ is bigger and better than ever before. It’s now one of the premier marathon training communities available – and we want you to join us.

Interested in learning more? Check out our video tour of the new site here:

Matt and I have gotten a few questions about RYBQ so I thought it would be helpful to share. Enjoy!

“I’m injured right now and can’t run. Should I wait to join?”

Run Your BQ has a lifetime membership and this is the cheapest it’ll ever be. If you join now you’ll have access once you’re healthy (plus, we’re not sure when we’ll be open again so you might miss out). You’ll also pay more because we increase the price as RYBQ becomes more valuable – so if you want the lowest price you shouldn’t wait.

We also have injury treatment advice in the community for ITBS, Achilles Tendinitis, and Plantar Fasciitis, and 7 key strategies you can implement today to get healthy.

Even if you can’t run right now, you can get inspiration in the forums, get your personal questions answered in a Q&A video chat with us, and read through all of our marathon training articles. I think it’s win-win!

“What makes Run Your BQ different?”

You might think that RYBQ is like a stock marathon plan that you get in on a website. You typically get a schedule to follow that includes mileage and workouts. When we built Run Your BQ, I purchased a premium Boston Marathon stock training plan from a respected coach to see what else was available. It gave the basics: total mileage, workouts, and a short description of each workout.

Run Your BQ is entirely different: our training plans are more detailed and give you the exact warm-up and core exercises that you need to prevent injuries. Plus, our members enjoy video demonstrations of every exercise and background articles on successful marathon training (we have 25+ videos and 40+ articles).

But far more than the library of training plans that you can choose from and all our videos, Run Your BQ is a community. You’ll have unlimited access to the RYBQ forum where you can talk with all of the members, and of course Matt and myself.

Every month there’s also a live video chat where we talk about a new, important aspect of marathon training and take your questions — so you know exactly how to customize your training or run a workout. This is your opportunity to get your running questions answered.

“Am I good enough for this? How fast do I need to be?”

There’s no minimum speed required! In fact, most of the hundreds of current members have not qualified for Boston. Some are more than an hour away from their qualifying time. But they know RYBQ has lifetime access and they’ll have it for the months and years ahead.

There are a lot of training plans so you can start running wherever you’re comfortable. Plus, you have access to the website forever with a lifetime membership so you can always use the plans when you’re in better shape, when you’re not so busy, etc.

Our goal is for you to qualify for Boston so there’s a baseline level of fitness that you’ll probably need to start one of the RYBQ plans. We recommend that you’re comfortable running at least 15-20 miles per week – which is what most runners are already doing now.

If you’re running less and need an “introductory” program, we have Out-Season plans that will work to help you get in better shape. These help marathoners recover after their race, but they can also be used to gradually build your mileage to a higher level. We have many different options available for different fitness levels.

“I’m a busy mom and can’t run 7 days per week – I work long hours. Can I alter the plan to my own needs?”

Every runner has a different schedule, family commitments, goals, and time constraints. We understand – that’s why you’ll be able to customize your plan 100%.

You’ll be able to download every plan in a pretty PDF that’s easy to print or an Excel file that you can edit to your heart’s content. Plus, we have multiple lessons describing the training plans, how to adapt the program to your schedule, how to choose the right plan, how to train after your marathon, and descriptions of every type of workout.

The bottom line: everything is fully customizable and we provide the support to help you run your fastest marathon.

Check out the video tour and all of our new features here: We look forward to seeing you as one of our newest members, but don’t wait too long, we close this Friday!

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