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3 Delusional Ideas About Training – And My Brutally Honest Responses

Isn’t it funny that some people KNOW what to do with their running – when they’re actually totally wrong?

Bad Idea

Some runners think sprinting 200’s is a great workout for the marathon. [More bad marathon advice]

Or that they …

ASICS Gel-Blur 33 Review: Too Much Cushion?

I used to run in the ASICS Kayano – a supportive stability shoe that weighs 13oz. I’m thankful those days are now over.

ASICS Gel-Blur 33

Today I prefer lighter shoes with less stability and more groundfeel. Even though I have low …

3 Simple Ways to Banish Race Anxiety: How to Build More Confidence

Running a Personal Best requires an extraordinary effort that goes beyond your previous limits.

Race Finish

You’re in uncharted territory. With a good race strategy – like the ones in the free ebook 13 Lucky Racing Tips to Run Your Next

Video: How Do I Avoid the Infamous “Marathon Bonk?”

The 2008 New York City Marathon was one of the worst experiences of my life.

I was cocky even though my training was sub-par. I under-fueled and ran several tough miles too fast (fine… WAY too fast).

After the …

New eBook: 13 Lucky Racing Tips (plus, a $200 prize)

Do you want to run faster in your next race? Maybe you want to finally finish strong or run a new PR?

13 Lucky Racing Tips

But easier said than done. Runners always have a lot of questions about race strategy:

How do

Skora Form Running Shoe Review: It’s Time to Run Real

Skora…what’s a Skora? It’s a running shoe! And a beautiful one too:

Skora Form

According to Skora, their goal is to make shoes that encourage running that’s as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference.

Over the last 6 weeks I …

How to Plan Your Fueling and Long Run Nutrition

You can imagine the hundreds of emails I get every month from crazy runners. Just recently I saw this gem and had to share:

It’s My Birthday! Let’s Build a School and Change Lives

Today, I turn 29 and enter the final year of my youth.

Jason Fitzgerald


OK, I’m being dramatic: slowly losing my athleticism, hair, and boyish good looks doesn’t scare me. Really, it doesn’t.

But seriously, I think this is going …