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It’s My Birthday! Let’s Build a School and Change Lives

Today, I turn 29 and enter the final year of my youth.

Jason Fitzgerald


OK, I’m being dramatic: slowly losing my athleticism, hair, and boyish good looks doesn’t scare me. Really, it doesn’t.

But seriously, I think this is going to be my best year yet. And maybe for you too: today, I’m giving away a premium PR Race Plan that normally sell for $167.

Before we talk about the free training plan, I want to ask for a small favor on my birthday.

Will you help build a school in Guatemala and give hundreds of kids access to education?

The $25 Challenge

Joel Runyon is raising $20,000 for Pencils of Promise to build a school in Guatemala. Their goal is to build sustainable, long-term schools with a focus on partnerships within the community.

Here we are, worrying about what running shoes to wear or how to fuel before a long run. Meanwhile, we can easily help hundreds of kids who are worrying about not being able to read. Personally, that’s unacceptable.

Today, I ask that you donate $25 to Pencils of Promise. If 400 Strength Running readers give $25 (or the cost of a measly 5k race entry!), then the goal is reached and a school will be built for hundreds of kids who need education.

Think about how this will impact the world:

  • 800 students learn to read
  • teachers are trained
  • the community is strengthened
  • a school is built that will change lives for years

Better than an over-priced 5k entry, huh?

How to Donate (and win your training plan)

Let’s make this easy. Simply click here to visit the donation page on Pencils of Promise. Donate your $25 (or $250 – totally up to you 🙂 ) and you’re done with your daily act of generosity.

To enter the custom training plan giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post saying why you donated. We’re using the Honor Code here, so be cool.
  • Enter by 11:59pm on Monday, 11/5/2012. You only have 4 days, so don’t wait.
  • Extra Credit: spread the word via Facebook, your running club, or carrier pigeon.
  • I’ll announce the winner to my email list on Tuesday.

A reminder about the premium PR Race Plan: this is a custom-built, 100% personalized training plan to help you run faster and train smarter. Some use it for injury recovery, others use it for a specific race goal. Since it’s totally personalized, it’s up to you.

In addition to the full training plan for your particular goal, you get the Strength Running FAQ Guide (the most common running questions I receive), and a 30 minute jump start call on Skype.  I’ll answer your questions, explain your workouts, or simply chat about nerdy running topics.

Giddy up!

The Real Reason to Do This

Besides the chance to win a training plan, you have the chance to dramatically change the lives of little kids who have almost no future without education. One small act – by you, today – makes an enormous difference.

Will you step up and make the impossible happen? Click here to donate $25 and help build a school.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday by doing some good in the world today. It’s an honor writing SR and your participation here means everything to me.

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