How to Plan Your Fueling and Long Run Nutrition

You can imagine the hundreds of emails I get every month from crazy runners. Just recently I saw this gem and had to share:


But then I got a question from Stacey, who saved me from wanting to  jump off a ledge. She asked how to plan her long run nutrition and fueling (in addition to adrenaline). Her question:

I’m training for my 1st marathon and don’t know when to start fueling on my long runs. My long run so far is only about 8 miles. I think I read somewhere to take in fuel every 45 min after an hour of running?  I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago and “hit the wall” at mile 11. Would this indicate that I need to fuel around mile 9?

Stacey actually asks three important questions:

  1. At what distance or length of time should I start fueling on my long runs?
  2. How often should I fuel during my long runs?
  3. When should I take in calories during a half marathon race?

Runners always have these questions because (unfortunately) there’s no clear, 100% correct answer. Every individual is different and long run nutrition is very personal. Some runners need calories in a 10k while others can run a half marathon with no fuel whatsoever.

Notice also how Stacey says, “I think I read somewhere…” which makes me nervous. We’ve seen before how training advice can be downright terrible. Be careful where you get your training and running nutrition tips!

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How Should Stacey Fuel her Long Runs?

In my book, I explain why it can be valuable to run fasted long runs occasionally and also how to top off your sugar stores right before a race.

But marathon training is different: the goal with your most race-specific long runs is to mimic the demands of the race itself. That means the distance is long (20+ miles), marathon pace is included in the later miles of the run, and also your fueling is similar to what you’ll do on race day.

So I recorded a video for Stacey answering her specific questions (note the framed picture of the 2008 New York City Marathon start in the background!):

A few notes from the video:

  • Take in calories (gels, 4-6oz sports drink, or whatever your stomach is comfortable with) every 30 minutes during a marathon.
  • You can eat fewer gels during your long runs, but at least 1-2 LRs should mimic exactly how the marathon will be fueled.
  • Most runners should eat 2-3 gels during a half marathon, spaced evenly throughout the race.

Great question Stacey – thanks for submitting it!

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