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How to Use Your “Training Age” to Plan Smarter Workouts

Do you know your training age? Most runners don’t – but once you do, planning your racing and training becomes a lot easier.


Training age is a critical part of planning a runner’s overall training program. It’s why …

Injury Prevention for Runners is Now Available!

The day is finally here: Injury Prevention for Runners is now available!

After two years of research….

Nearly every running book consulted…Injury Prevention for Runners

Exhaustive testing on myself, hundreds of other runners, and comparisons with other “expert” advice…

Today I’m thrilled …

The Untold Story of my IT Band Syndrome Treatment

There’s something I haven’t told you: treating my IT band syndrome didn’t just revolve around the ITB Rehab Routine.

IT Band Syndrome Treatment

Effective IT band syndrome treatment is much more involved than doing a 10 minute strength routine a few times …

How Brian Recovered From 20 Years of Chronic Injuries (and rediscovered his potential)

Last fall, I opened a special 1-on-1 coaching program to a small group of runners who were frustrated with injuries.

For six intensive weeks, they received coaching material with one goal: to prevent injuries and finally get them healthy. …

Healthy Running = Happy Running (you guys are so inspiring!)

2014 is the Year of Injury Free Running. And this month, I’m focusing entirely on injury prevention, publishing more than ever on the blog and my email list.

Earlier this week I showed you why you’re injured, …

This is Why You’re Injured: Risky Treatment, Bad Advice, and Laughable Coaching

Over the last several years, I’ve been on a mission to learn the most effective training for runners – so I can help runners like you race faster, get stronger, and stay healthy.

Running Race

I received my coaching education from …

Happy 2014! Welcome to the Year of Healthy, Injury-Free Running

Happy New Year! 2014 is going to be YOURS – are you ready?

Every January I like to reflect on the annual highlights and set goals for the next 12 months. And 2013 was our best year ever.

New Year

How …