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Welcome to the first episode of Q&A with Coach!

When I started running as a freshman in high school, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I wore mesh shorts and basketball shoes to the first practice…

The worst part? I thought I could do the high jump like track & field… but cross country is ALL running! There are no field events!

It’s adorable how ignorant I was about running back then.

But as a beginner, can you blame me? Of course not. All of us have to start somewhere and when we do, we don’t know a damn thing.

Flash forward to today: as a USA Track & Field certified coach who’s had 10+ coaches myself, now I know more about running than I ever thought possible.

More importantly, my job is to help you accomplish your running goals – whether that’s a shiny new personal best, a Boston qualifying marathon time, a new distance you’ve never run before, or even losing weight.

And I really want to pay it forward, so today I’m announcing a new web show called Q&A with Coach!

Today, the first episode hits the internet and I couldn’t be more excited because now I get to answer all of your running questions – so you don’t make my mistake of thinking you can high jump during cross country.

I get so many questions on Twitter and this makes it easier for me to give you more in-depth answers – not too much can be said in 140 characters, after all.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Tweet your question to me (@JasonFitz1) with the hashtag #RunQuestion
  2. While running (race strategy, fueling, injuries, training, etc.) is the focus of the show, I’ll make exceptions for great off-topic questions 🙂
  3. I’ll answer them as fast and furious as I can

Complicated, isn’t it?

Ok, here we go!

Q&A with Coach: Episode 1

In today’s episode, I talk about treadmill running before a marathon, how to prepare for trail running, and how to avoid falling on your face while running on technical terrain.

Show Notes and Extra Resources:

  • Ask Jason a question! (use the hashtag #RunQuestion)
  • 00:70 — How much treadmill running should you do right before a marathon?
  • 00:75 — THEY CALL ME BUM
  • How to run in the heat
  • 03:40 — What’s more important for trail running preparation, speed or leg strength?
  • 04:15  — The best way to get ready for trail running
  • Trail Running for Beginners
  • 07:35 — How to adjust your footing on trails
  • 09:10 — Proper form for downhill running
  • The Trail Runner’s Cheat Sheet
  • 11:15 — How to get your question on the show
  • 11:45 — Random blooper!

Want your question answered on the next episode of Q&A with Coach? Tweet it to me with the hashtag #RunQuestion!

And a big thanks to the three brave souls who volunteered their questions – let’s keep the momentum going!

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