I want to buy you a new GoPro Camera

When I started running in 1998, I never thought that this wonderful sport would contribute so much to my life.

Running in high school introduced me to some of my best friends.

My wife Meaghan ran for the women’s cross country team in college (how could she resist my shaved legs and incessant demands to chant my name while I pounded beers?).

And running has allowed me to immerse myself in our most beautiful natural landscapes:

  • Ran up a mountain to see Fox Glacier in New Zealand
  • Listened to the cackling Kookaburras in the Australian bush
  • Run barefoot on stunning white sand beaches in Venezuela
  • Scrambled over volcanic rocks on Hawaii’s Big Island

Running is truly one of the best ways to see and experience the world. Just watch this trail running video (from last weekend):

Where will running take me next?

Today, I want to help you record your own running adventures – which is why I’m giving away a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera.

I want you to push yourself to new challenges, exciting trails, and to remember it all in glorious HD video.

You’ll be able to:

  • Show your friends your epic trail runs
  • Capture memories during your marathon (or any race!)
  • Bring it on vacation to document your adventures
  • Record your track workouts in sweaty detail
  • Help your friends record how they look while running

Entry to this giveaway is completely free – just enter here to win.

Then, leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d love to win.

Ready? GO!

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  1. I want to win because I am venturing into the world of xc running and would LOVE to record the stunning runs I’ll be doing in beautiful north wales!

    • I would love to win a GoPro so I can record the training and eventual wins of the street kids I work with on the weekends.

  2. Dave Stall says:

    This would be awesome to use to document runs in interesting places. I would love to document my next half marathon after having crashed and burned last week at my first attempt (ITBS both knees, would make a good cautionary tale some day).

  3. Great video! I’d love to bring a GoPro along when I do trail runs, mountain biking, and long-distance road cycling. I write a blog about my training, and being able to share video of parts of my runs would be fantastic.

    BTW, thanks for all your advice. I’ve learned so much about injury prevention from this website.

  4. Laura McElduff says:

    I’d love to win this! I do a lot of trail running, road running, obstacle races, and road races. Sometimes I want to capture the run/race, but stopping to pull out a cell phone to take a picture can interrupt a road race (who wants to lose valuable time?), and keeping a cell phone safe on an obstacle race is downright impossible. This would be a great way to capture those adventures!

  5. Deb Walker says:

    Jeff, It’s not that I’d love to win the camera for just myself. My 15yo daughter caught the running bug and has been running for about a year. I’d love to let her film her running adventures (she’s running two 10K races this fall). Of course, if she had one, I could borrow it for my runs, too 😉

  6. This would be cool to be able to make videos of my running. I’d like to be able to keep track of memories with something I wouldn’t purchase myself.

  7. As a college runner I get to explore the city and its tails daily with my teammates. Through these runs we discover new beautiful locations, we share in laughter, and make memories. I’d like the GoPro so I can document all these adventures. I can save these memories so we can look back at them as a team and lastly when me or a teammate is struggling or sidelined by an injury to be able to watch these amazing footages and remember why we love the sport so much.

  8. Would love to win to be able to take pics of the amazing places I run as well as my children running!

  9. I’d like to have a gopro so that a year from now I can look back at myself and laugh. There’s always something to laugh about even when times are tough, but life moves so quickly that we often miss the opportunity to find the funny in a situation. Thank goodness for camera phones, and a gopro would be a major step up in that respect.

  10. Love to win – to show my kids that a 54 year old mom can run!

  11. Travis Martinson says:

    I would LOVE to win this for multiple reasons…
    -2015 Ragnar – Great River (SO many crazy people, vans, scenery, etc…)
    -2014/15 Rehab running – after surgery (track progress)
    -2015 Get Lucky Run (so much green!)
    …to name a few!

  12. So far, online, I’ve been almost silent on my running. Few photos, little commentary (although I keep a detailed diary offline). This may be the incentive I’m looking for to begin blogging about running.
    I do hope so.

  13. I want to win a GoPro camera so my daughter and I can capture our runs and rides (horseback riding) and MORE on video!!

  14. I want to win a free camera, because hey! Free Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. John W. Scott says:

    I would like to win because I found myself and my peers talking about what it would be like to record some of our long runs just this past Saturday. Ironically, I saw this email and decided this was a perfect opportunity to potentially do just that! 🙂

  16. Free camera? What’s not to like … but, I haven been thinking of recording some rides and runs to see what they look like played back at high-speed.

  17. I would love to win the GoPro so that I can show my non-running friends and family exactly what they are missing.

  18. I want to win this camera because I want to take many good pictures while running.

  19. Jeff Barnes says:

    I’ve always wanted one. It would be a great way to capture my love of the trails!

  20. I’d like to win the camera so I can show everyone how great it is to be active and do things outside.

  21. I want to win a GoPro because I would look sexy with a camera mount on top of my head.

  22. I want to win a GoPro so my kids would think I’m cool 🙂

  23. Sam Butler says:

    Are you kidding? 🙂 With as much fun as we have running, it would be a blast to record it. How else am I going to remember all the crazy stunts that my friends pull like running in blue jeans and eyeliner and rolling in mud puddles. Let’s not forget the epic long run in the rain where we couldn’t see where we were going, chasing deer out of the road, and emergency pit stops in the woods. The best one is falling down on the trail while drooling over one of the guys that passed by us. Hey, I might be able to use this camera, and embarrass my friends for better Christmas presents from them……. With friends like mine, running is always a blast.

  24. Scott mindel says:

    This would be awesome to record our adventures as my wife and I continue towards our healthier future!

  25. on long trail runs, it would be great to catch the odd bobcat, fox, or even the rare mountain lion on camera!

  26. I want to win a GoPro because running all over the country/world is the best perk of a travel-heavy job, and I’d be able to use the GoPro to capture all the beauty, grit, snow and sun!

  27. I want to win so I can take videos of the beautiful scenery in my state- NM.

  28. Drew Martin says:

    I want to win so it will give me a sweet reason to hit the trails more often!

  29. Julie Lyness says:

    I want to win a GoPro camera so I will have hours and hours of footage of my running memories to watch when my body no longer readily handles the miles it does now.

  30. I want to win because some of the best trail running in the country is just a half-mile from my doorstep

  31. Jennifer Rohan says:

    When I tell people some of the things I see when I’m running, they don’t believe me. This camera would help!

  32. I want to impress my family and friends with my new GO Pro camera….particularly my teenage daughter! A great way to document all the ups and downs (no pun intended) of running , training and enjoying the great outdoors.

  33. Brian Vinson says:

    I have moved to Zambia, where every run is an adventure. I’d love to take videos out here!

  34. Stephanie says:

    I want to win a GoPro so I can record all my awesome runs, especially trail runs, and hikes and travels. My state (NC) has beautiful mountains and shore and I’d love to have records of that for when I’m old and infirm and can’t move quite so much anymore!

    I’d also love to have an easy way to record myself and my runner friends and look at our form – cell phone cameras are ok but they have their limits.

  35. So I can share all the gorgeous, majestic, intricate, wonderful, and amazing people, places and things in God’s creation that I get to meet and experience. I am eager to share them with my friends, family and others who otherwise couldn’t even begin to imagine what many on this site already are fully aware of about the joys and benefits of lacing up and hitting/making the trails!

  36. I would love to bring a GoPro to the next team relay. It’d be a blast to condense 30+ hours of running/ cheering/ scenery into a 3-minute video!

  37. JD Eddins says:

    I want a Go Pro so I can share runs with my daughters and improve my coaching. We have recently started a running group in my town and I could see the group loving the camera. We also do some ultra relay races, like Ragnar, and most of the time we are too sleep deprived to remember all of the crazy things that happened along the trip. I also coach two soccer teams, so be able to help the girls gain the perspective I have as coach would be super helpful.

  38. i get stupid when I run races, as in I can’t multiply by 2 stupid. I also tend to not remember as much as I want to about my race experiences. Having this camera would help me be able to relive my races (and my runs, which I do slightly better at not forgetting, lol) and also share things with my friends and family that I am utter rubbish at recalling on my own.

  39. I’ve always wanted my own GoPro to take on events with me!!! My husband has one, but I’ve not been able to convince him to let me use it in a race! They are wonderful little cameras, and the stills are just as amazing as the video! I run in costume most of the time, so having a GoPro on me during my run would go far to doing selfies (with the extender stick) and getting other folks involved in my picture too!!

  40. Ross Wise says:

    I would like to win because no one believes me when I tell them that I have raced Hawks 10 feet over my head or deer both on foot and on my bike. I never win these races but what an awesome experience to share with others!

  41. I want to win a gopro! How awesome would that be?

  42. Criss Henderson says:

    Thank you for the chance to win a GoPro camera which would allow me to view and share with others the trails I have been following on my path to health and wellness!

  43. Criss Henderson says:

    Thank you for the chance to win a GoPro Camera. With all of the features available it will be an inspiring way to view and share my trails on my path to health and wellness!

  44. Well, because I think they are amazing and I’m too cheap to buy one. Just being honest!

  45. I would love to win this to record my first marathon. The sites of San Antonio would make an amazing 1st marathon memory. And then I could start a library and call it, “Running Texas and beyond”. Thank you for this chance to win it. Happy Running!!

  46. I would love to win this so that I can show everyone where I have been, and what I have seen.

  47. I’d love to be able to share my runs with my family!

  48. I want to win because the running trails in the Midwest deserve to have some good screen time.

  49. Would love to record trail runs and the amazing things seen along the way!

  50. I am not sure I would leave it for posterity. You how it would go.

    Me:”Yes that was the hardest hill I have run! It was snowing, and I had to run uphill both on the way out and back.”
    Son:”Lets watch it. Uh, dad, you are running down on a beautiful sunny day…”

    Maybe better for just memory, because they always get better with time. 😀

    Seriously, after running two Spartan beast races, and not remembering orders of obstacles, and other experiences, it would sure be fun to have. All the sweaty, muddy glory of it all. And all the other on and off road runs.

  51. If only we had trails like that around London…

  52. I’d love to win a GoPeo camera because they’re totes amazeballs, obvi. Lol. Seriously speaking though, I’d love to win to be able to better record the awesome places running takes me.

  53. Kenny Grantham says:

    I have been wanting one to see through the eyes of my 9 year old son as he runs cross country and does his 5k and 10k races. It’s because of his interest in the sport that my wife and I have gotten back into running. We would like to have the memories of our time together and his triumps along the way. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  54. I want a Go-Pro so that I can document all of my trail and exploration runs. I love traveling and hiking and use running as a way to see more in less time.

    I’ve also had injury issues due to a back disease and gait problems so it’d be great to wear to see my form and the form of my teammates as we run.

  55. I would love to win the camera to document my workouts and to help me explore new trails with less fear of getting lost! Cell phone cameras are too cumbersome much of the time, especially when you are still perfecting your form, as I am 🙂

  56. Because I’ve seen some crazy things on the trail, and no one believes me…

  57. I would love to win because A) you helped me overcome a miserable IT band injury that had me limping across the finish life of a half marathon in which I was fundraising for She’s the First, to send girls to school in developing countries – http://www.tammytibbetts.com/running/finishing-a-half-marathon/

    B) I recovered and learned how to train the right way so I could run my first marathon, the NYC Marathon on Nov 2nd. On my first shot, I got a spot via the lottery. So far, so good. I completed my 20 miler last Saturday.

    C) The week before the marathon, I am traveling to Guatemala for work, and I will meet one of the girls I am sponsoring through the fundraising efforts of this race (http://runtheworld.shesthefirst.org/tammy) This is my taper week, but I still have 3 mile runs to do, which the staff of our partner organization has offered to run with me as my guide! I would love to use GoPro on my last runs before the marathon in Guatemala, to capture that for my donors – and then during the NYC Marathon, to capture that for the girls we are sponsoring around the world!

    I will then share my GoPro with my colleagues, Christen and Kate, who travel the world working with our Scholars, so that they can capture more compelling footage for our documentaries like this: shesthefirst.org/magho

    See how running + girls’ education go hand in hand here for our mission!

  58. I want to win because our Sunday morning trail running group runs are my most favorite thing to do. At least one of us falls each time we go out and it would be so much fun to catch our falls on camera!

  59. Because I’m going to Australia in November and will be running an adventure race in Sydney – this would look so cool!

  60. I want to win so I can record my club’s workouts and races and put together a cool “year in racing” montage.

  61. It would be fun to win one so I won’t have to record with my phone anymore.

  62. Love to get go pro! Would love to shoot my kids doing funny things, and my trail running.

  63. So others can see how much they are missing out!

  64. I want a Go Pro camera because I am new (3 years) to running and it’s my new favorite mental release that I have grown to look forward to every run! I would love to share my experiences with my friends and family and hopefuly encourage more to take up running!

    My 9 year old daughter has recently shown interest in running through her school and shows real potential in becoming a great runner. I would love to strap the Go Pro on her during her next race to show her how amazing she is! 🙂

  65. james Nganga says:

    Hi Jeff,wait a minute! I didn’t know that I can take a video of myself running.:) thanks for your posts,you encouraged me to my jogging.I started following you when I was searching a solution for shin split some a year or two ago.im in kenya love jogging and would love to win the camera.bless you

  66. My mom and I ran Disney’s Dopey Challenge last year and I videoed all four races and compiled a video with the highlights (and lowlights, since I tanked at mile 23 on the marathon) of the races and our trip. Carrying around my iPhone was a bit of a hassle, so I would love the ability to have a smaller and more portable camera to use for video. We’re doing the race series again this year, and having the GoPro would be better for making another video, with its portability and high definition video and photo capabilities.

  67. Brian Barber says:

    I would like to win because my kids are now at an age and ability level where we can do lots of cool stuff together: running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and skiing. I want to capture these events to turn them into memories.

  68. I’m a running newbie, and it would be great to be able to document my progress with such a good camera!

  69. Would be great to win the GoPro not only to take it running but also mountain biking, hiking and scuba diving.

  70. Dan Powell says:

    I want a go pro to put on my rc plane and have my brother film my first marathon from an aerial view while I film from my running point of view to compose an inspirational video to share with others who have similar goals

  71. I just really want to win this! I am a cyclist and a runner — and the mother of four children. My youngest son, age 15, is a budding filmmaker. He has been making short films while riding his bike, by attaching his camera to a pole. He’s even made a youtube channel to share his films. Having the GoPro will take his work to the next level. I want to win this for him! Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. I would like to win the gopro because a lot of the running I do is fun and interesting to watch. I currently use my phone whenever I record a run, but would like to have my hands free.

  73. Wow! A Go Pro! What an awesome prize! I could use to film while running and riding on the beautiful trails in the Wasatch Mountain ranges of northern Utah. The trails and scenery are amazing here.

  74. Have you ever seen a run from the eyes of an infant? From a point of view where we all started from? I’d love to document my runs with my newborn throughout our races together. This will also allow me to have two hands available in case he ‘runs’ away =)

  75. Great photo, wishing I took advantage of time I lived in CO. Scared for you on the cliff there and loved the slide towards the end.

    I’d love the Go-Pro (after all it is my bday 🙂 ), however, others would deserve it more since they have more trails around them than I have here in Houston.

    Still, I could use it in Boston or Big Sur next year.

  76. I’ve taken up running and entered a one really fun event so far. It would have been great to capture the excitement on camera. I plan to enter more events in the beautiful Pacific NW.

  77. I started walking to get to jogging to get to running last year as a challenge before my 60th birthday. I’ll slower than slow, but every weekend during my long run with a friend, we find something to take a pic of . A horney toad, Mississippi Kite, wildflowers or horses watching us watching them. We live in West Texas so it doesn’t take much to impress us. Just think what fun nature films we can create with this fancy, dancy technology!

  78. Why win? So my teen-age daughter will fall in love with running when she sees what I SEE doing marathons in some of the most beautiful places on earth, ie. Big Sur, the NC mountains, NY. Also, I’d like her to show me what jumping over ledges looks like (as the jumper) when we ski out west. Maybe Dad can GoPro his golf games? Finally, I’d like to share with the WORLD my gardening expertise from this back yard in Georgia! Stay tuned for the excitement. 🙂

  79. To capture life’s endless adventures be it trekking up a mountain, bombing down the other side on my bike, Paddling down a roaring river, or nailing a new acroyoga move!

  80. I would love to win for 2 reasons. 1. I love doing OCR races and getting that on GoPro would just be amazing. 2. I have an “I Run 4” buddy named Danny. He’s 19 months old and has a lot of physical problems. I dedicate all my runs to him and would love for him to experience running through my perspective. GoPro would really help with that.

  81. This is so cool. I’d love to win mainly because now that I’m running in college (and healthy again) I’d love to be able to film my trail runs and all the different place we go and run at. Plus this way maybe people would actually film me running instead of trying to fumble with their cell phones!

  82. This would be a great way to push me out of my running comfort zone; taking the Go-Pro along would open doors to many new adventures!

  83. I would wear this when I finally qualify and run in Boston.

  84. Nicci Ramirez says:

    WOW!!! This would be INCREDIBLE to win! I am a newbie – crippled by fear at times and I have wanted this camera for several several months now – to be able to reflect back on the beauty of progress, perception, and perseverance. To capture pockets of time would be amazing for me and I would love to win this! Thank you for the chance!!

  85. Who knows what I’m missing when I’m just trying to get through that last mile or even the first mile! Plus my husband would love to use it while hunting 🙂

  86. I would love to record my trail runs and random adventures.

  87. I would love to win it to surprise my husband, because he’s been talking about getting one.

  88. My high school XC team and I would love one to make videos for the banquet, show form videos, video cool runs, and post stuff to are cross country website to share with parents and family’s.

  89. royalrunr says:

    I want to record my four year old twins and all their adventures

  90. Jami - FitSano says:

    I’ve been talking about wanting one of these cameras for a while now, but just don’t have it in my budget right now. I love photography and videography, and to be able to combine that with my love of running, biking, hiking, just doing stuff… and also to do videos for team RWB – it would just be awesome. You’re pretty awesome for giving one away! 😉

  91. This sounds like so much fun! I’d love it to capture the amazing things I sometimes see while out running, but don’t want to stop to take a picture of. Not even just when running In really interesting places (although it’s the best way to discover interesting new places, in my opinion) but just when out in the early morning, my favourite time to run. The world looks different at 6 am….

  92. Oh yeah bring it on! I would love to win this camera, so that I can prove to my boyfriend that I actually do run and do not spend all the time chitchatting with my running buddy Kate 🙂

  93. Guy Jr Pilon says:

    I’ve been looking at the GoPro for a while as a “I wish I could” type of thing. It would be a great addition for many reasons: film our training sessions at our trail/obstacle training site, easily film clients and friends while they are running to analyse their technique with them and record events in which I and my kids participate!

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  94. I would love to win one because I video document my adventures and I’d like to use something other than my phone!

  95. For the past two summers I’ve played in a local beach volleyball league. So running and trail running and all that would be cool with a GoPro, but my first thought was “First-person volleyball game footage!”

  96. What joy! I would record some trail runs from my dog’s point of view and project it on the wall in front of my treadmill so I would run/watch it during bad weather. She’s not going to be around forever.

  97. I’d love to win so I can show all the guys on my high scholl cross country team how much fun running on trails and switching up the terrain can be! Running roads definitely have their place but as cross country runners, we need to get used to running trails and hills which we don’t get enough of either in on our easy runs. I could use the videos to show the beautiful scenery trails offer!

  98. My husband spends more time on the trail than I do and he’s been wanting one of these for a while. I think it’s a great idea and I love all the places running takes me as well.

  99. I want to win to be able to show all my non-running friends what great adventures and spectacular views they are missing.

  100. I’d love to win because I do a lot of outside activities (including running). I see beautiful sites which would be so awesome to capture on the GoPro and to be able to share them with friends and family! Thank you!!

  101. I would love to win so I could show my friends, family, and community the world around them and the sights that lie within their reach.

  102. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this camera because one-I took up running seriously about a couple of months ago and it would be great to have this to record my new journey. Two-my bestie is in the military, I hardly see her anymore, she will be visiting soon and we entered a run or dye event and it would be great to capture it before she deploys and 3-I want to win a raffle lol.

  103. It would be exciting to win the camera because then I would be able to later review what “I” missed as I concentrated on staying upright on my feet while running the dream! 🙂

  104. Erica Moorw says:

    I want a GoPro camera to show my sedentary friends and family how awesome trail running is. I want to inspire them to get out and enjoy the majesty of our beautiful world!

  105. My daughter started me on this journey of running mid January of 2013. She has been running for awhile running half and a full marathon. Anyway she challenged me to my first 5k in April 2013. It was tough but I did it and have been running since. Since my daughter is my inspiration, I would like to win the go pro camera and give it to her to record her awesome journeys.

  106. I would love to win the gopro because after becoming dissatisfied with my career, I took a big leap of faith and decided to go back to school to become a physical therapist. The gopro would enable me to film my practice sessions with my fellow students, and record adventures in the woods when I’m not hitting the books. It would both be an invaluable learning tool for me, and a great way to document my life. Thanks for considering me.

  107. It would be fun to have a go pro – to show my husband John where I go running, then we can go hiking there so he can enjoy the scenes as well.

  108. Where do I start? Running, would be nice to document some of my bigger events. I’m planning on a marathon in 2018 – my second (the reason for the long breaks in between is a marathon is quite different to my normal competition load). I’ve been using GPS logging for several years, adding video would take it to a new level.

    Cycling, record some rides into interesting areas. I also want to get back into rogaining and orienteering, where there would be some spectacular scenery.

    Competition training. Having a GoPro embedded in training will give new feedback in places where a normal camera or phone simply can’t go (without being dropped or smashed to pieces!).

  109. Marilyn Isaac says:

    My first thought as to what I’d like to use the camera for, is, the New York City Marathon, that is happening in one month and one day from now. I am a Canadian, so running with 50,000 people, and being able to document it on a GoPro would be cool!!!!

  110. Namita Patel says:

    I want to remember what my life was like, many years from now. I want my loved ones to remember my joys and sorrows. And these recordings will be there for me to cherish in the future.

  111. My girlfriend and I run whenever we travel, all over the world. I’ve run in 20 different countries, and my girlfriend and I have run together in 5. We would love a GoPro to help us document our international runs. We recently traveled to Turkey, and made a short video of one of our runs in Cappadocia using a GoPro camera. We would love to be able to upgrade to the newest camera to document our runs and share with the Strength Running community.

    Love your site Jason, keep up the great work!

  112. I want a GoPro to annoy my friends with video of me doing to most routine tasks imaginable. Also, to film some extreme adventures.

  113. I’d love to record all the deer, birds, snakes (ewww), and other crazy things I see on my early morning runs. Sometimes I try to explain it to my non-running friends and they just don’t believe me.

  114. I run with a crazy bunch of people every week, through urban and trail. The GoPro will make our adventures more memorable and fun.

  115. I’d love to win because go-pro makes adventures awesome.

  116. Bob Deloso says:

    The beauty of the early morning long run can be captured!!!

  117. Started running 3 years ago for health benefits and to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. As of yesterday I’m officially off of my heart meds!!! Woot woot!!! This last year I started trail running…Love it!!! Running my first Ragnar Trail run this November and would love to capture the scenery and memorable moments so that I can go back and reflect on how far I’ve come and the joy the journey has given me! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog and the GoPro would be a push in finally getting it started. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly win one 🙂

  118. I would LOVE to win a GoPro to record my running adventures so I can relive them and share the experiences with others. I need one for the up and coming adventure Marathon which will capture beautifully the beach, the rain forest trails and cane fields! And then for my future adventures on the trails…

  119. Jim in Maine says:

    I am lucky enough to run in some beautiful locations (my next marathon is MDI in a couple of weeks) as well as ride my ElliptiGO on some great routes. I’d love to Go Pro both my own and other athletes’ adventures and then be able to share them.

  120. I want to win because it is hard to run with SLR and tele-zoom 😉

  121. I live in an area where the trees in the fall are gorgeous! I would love to be able to capture that beauty while I am running. Fall is such a fabulous time of year to be a runner!

  122. I’m excited at the possibility of documenting my running experiences and helping others see what it is Im so passionate about. Maybe I will even blog about it!

  123. Dustin Moody says:

    Awesome! I’d love to win this, because I also just moved to Denver and have a LONG list of trails and adventures to try!

  124. Two reasons I want a GoPro, one is purely for selfish reasons of wanting to document the incredible places I run or bike! The other is actually for safety/documentation while riding my bike because I’ve been harassed or almost hit by vindictive cars and would love to be able to document it or have evidence if anything bad should come of it.

  125. I live in Austin, Texas and just got into trail running and mountain biking. I would like to use a GoPro to document some of my runs and rides in order to start a blog dedicated to mapping trails in the Austin area. The blog could then be used as a resource for local trail runners like myself.

  126. I am in need of some new thing to motivate me to get out running now as the days get shorter, the rain more intensive and the temperatures lower. This could certainly be it!
    Thanks for a generous give-away!

  127. I would love to win so I could record the beautiful Ozark scenery that I am lucky enough to enjoy along our local trails. As you know, there are some stunning views to be gawked at back in the woods!

  128. Great to motivate and see the world while you get in shape. To capture the beauty of the views and to see yourself grow as well

  129. I run trails and scuba dive.

  130. In final year of university and would love to have this camera to record some great memories from this year! Showing friends what they are missing out on when I’m out running in the beautiful countryside that we have in Ireland would be a big bonus!

  131. I have ZERO running friends!!!!! Completed my first ultra last weekend!! Maybe if I can show them what it’s like, they would be inspired to run!! I remain hopeful …and still running!!! Thank you!!!!

  132. I’d love to win one because I learn better from seeing that listening to words… so, if I can see what I’m doing, then I can improve it. Also, it would just be fun!

  133. I just started trail running this past spring. I am lucky enough to live where there are tons of beautiful trails (So Cal). I was always so afraid to venture out there “off the beaten path” but once I did, it was a life-changing experience. It brought a whole new joy of running to me. When I am out there on those quiet mornings, I feel like screaming to the world, “YOU ARE MISSING THIS!” Now I can show them, at least the people who put up with me, exactly what I am talking about. 🙂

  134. Christopher says:

    I want to win because I’m tired of my current sluggishness. I actually used to be fit. But now I’m always tired and I worry about the example I’m setting for my kids. I’d love to document my health and life improving.

  135. I would love to make awesome videos with it! Taking it on runs would be fun as well as filming my kiddos.

  136. Hi Jason,

    As I am a German living in Spain for more tan 30 years, I would like to win the camera because I am beginning a blog addressed to german and other nations audiance for to show them “my Spain” with information about culture, country, customs, history and economy you cannot find in official media, also with alternative products and crafts you cannot find in normal (online) shops from people on the country side etc. A nice way to discover this different spanish world would be through running routes with films and a nice photography for to encourage these people to discover this country and its great nature this way by their own.
    Up to now I try it with my iPhone but I think a higher quality would help more.

  137. Francis Garcia says:

    I would love to win because when I run in the woods I don’t bring my phone (always leave a note!) so if I ever saw Bigfoot or Sasquatch I wouldn’t have any proof. This would solve that problem.

  138. I think it would be cool to make a montage of all the outdoor sports I do with my family and friends. It could be running races, biking, mountain climbing, trail running, skyjumping….. add some music and be inspired!!

  139. I follow GoPro on twitter, and every day I get amazing new ideas for how to use a Go Pro!

  140. Often when I run I don’t even notice much of the outside world because I’m very much inside my head with my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone else does this. When I ran the Chicago marathon I don’t recall running through China Town – how could I miss something so iconic?? So, winning the GoPro would be excellent because I could re-watch my races and runs and actually see all the places I’ve been :o)

  141. To prove to my triathlon running brothers that I have been running.

  142. Would love a GoPro to film obstacle races and trail runs in San Diego (pleasure) AND to shoot racket sports tutorials (business). Hope giveaway promo nets you thousands of new readers and coaching clients! Keep up the great work at Strength Running!

  143. To record the adventures with my daughter. At age 3 she has an immense love of the outdoors and, especially, running.