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Q&A with Coach, Bundle Sales, and… I’m hiring!

There’s so much good stuff happening today that I feel like a coach cheering his head off during the final lap of a race. I’m just so excited!

I have a lot of announcements (this will be like a Team Meeting) so read on…

First, today brings an all-new episode of Q&A with Coach, where I talk about three awesome topics:

  • How to know if you’re running too much or over-trained
  • What’s the best way to transition to toe running? (hint: this is a trick question)
  • The best way to optimize recovery after a marathon

As always, this show is my way of connecting more deeply with my readers because I want to make sure your running is on track (see what I did there?).

But this episode is different.

Two of the questions are very unique: when I discuss foot strike, I also blast one of the biggest misconceptions about running form that’s out there. With so much attention on minimalism, barefoot running, and running form in the last 5-7 years I’m not surprised it’s so common. It’s the second question in today’s show so enjoy!

Next up is the topic of marathon recovery (read more about the reverse taper and specific recovery steps), a big question that was asked by Nicole – a woman I coached earlier this year and have since written several custom training plans for in the past six months.

I razz her a bit because I know her racing history (all in good fun, of course) and my goal is to always give you the most honest advice.

Are you making this same mistake too? Go to 11:05 in the video to see my response.

Show notes:

  • 00:35 – Show & Tell! I talk about my new book Faster, Higher, Stronger by Mark McClusky. It’s a must-read for running geeks like me.
  • 3:05 – How do you know if you’re running too much?
  • 7:30 – What’s the best way to transition to toe running? (or, should you transition at all…?)
  • 11:05 – How can you speed recovery in the weeks after a marathon?

Want your running question answered? Tweet it to me on Twitter with the hashtag #RunQuestion and you just might be on the show!

Get your Strength Running shirts!

Strength Running t-shirt

Today is the last day that you can get a Strength Running t-shirt. For this limited campaign, I kept the shirts classy with a simple design (check out the front and back here).

I’m also using the highest quality American Apparel shirt available – while keeping the price low as well. I’m making virtually nothing on each shirt because I want you to enjoy them without worrying about paying $45 for a t-shirt…

Show your SR pride if I’ve ever helped your running with a personal best or getting healthy from an injury. Pick one up here.

23 Guides, 80% Off: The NMA Bundle Sale

Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete asked me if I wanted to participate in a “bundle sale.” It’s a big package of digital programs that would normally cost almost $550, but Matt organized a crazy sale of over 80% off.

It includes Run Your BQ Essentials (the training plans and coaching lessons from Run Your BQ) and Discover Your Ultramarathon by Doug Hay, plus 21 more programs:

  • Marathon Roadmap, Half Marathon Roadmap, Triathlon Roadmap, 5K
    Roadmap, and Wake Up, all by Matt Frazier
  • 3 Month Meal Plan from Heather Crosby
  • 28 Day Food Change Challenge by Nicole Antoinette
  • 7 Day Refresh by Christy Morgan
  • Eat Awesome by Paul Jarvis
  • Jai Release Meditation and Jai Seed eCookbook by Rich Roll
  • and a lot more…

Check out all the details here.

While this bundle is mostly designed for plant-based runners, it’s not just for vegans. You’ll learn about healthy eating, productivity, habit change, and training for runners – at a huge discount.

Since the sale ends in just two days, I wanted to put this on your radar because it’s such a great deal. Get everything here before the offer expires on Wednesday. Enjoy!

SR is hiring! Want to work with me?

I’m hiring a part-time contractor to help coordinate the massive amounts of content that’s created for the Strength Running community.

This includes helping draft and edit articles and videos created for the SR blog, email newsletter, and other outlets.

Applicants will be required to complete a writing assignment in addition to the application.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

That’s it for today’s updates – thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂

– Jason.

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