Your Running Questions, Answered: How to Set a Goal Time, Warm-up Routines, & More…

How do you set a realistic goal time for an upcoming 5k? Is it ok to do your easy runs on a technical trail if you’re training for a marathon?

These questions – and more – are answered in today’s episode of Q&A with Coach.

For those of you new to Strength Running, this web show is where I take YOUR running questions and answer them on video.

Simply tweet them to me on Twitter (my handle is @JasonFitz1) with the hashtag #RunQuestion and I’ll do my best to answer them on the show.

Not on Twitter? No sweat – just email them to me at support at strengthrunning dot com.

Ready? Let’s watch the show:

Notes from today’s show:

  • 00:25 – a big THANK YOU! But here’s why I’m not 100% satisfied…
  • 1:55 – what the hell are we talking about today?
  • 2:23 – what dynamic warm-up can I do when I can get on the snowy ground?
  • 4:03 – what type of training is best for mid-season cross country?
  • 9:00 – can I do my easy runs on technical trails if I’m training for a road marathon?
  • 11:33 – how do I choose a goal time?!
  • 17:10 – my challenge to you…
  • 17:55 – thanks and happy holidays!

How did your running go in 2014?

At the beginning of the year, I declared 2014 to be the “Year of Injury Free Running.”

I challenged you to run more consistently than ever, to stay healthy, and to become more successful, faster runners.

So… how’d you do? I’d love for you to let me know (just leave a comment on this article).

This year saw many big changes at Strength Running headquarters. I released the most comprehensive program yet designed to help you run healthy long-term, aptly called Injury Prevention for Runners.

The results are incredible, with Franzi and hundreds of others seeing dramatic gains in fitness, huge personal bests, and far fewer overuse injuries. Just look at what Mike, Danae, and Sunny have told me:

“If you are having any issues with ITBS, skip the straps, inserts, blaming your shoes, rollers, and please don’t try to run through it.

Leading up to my transformation I couldn’t pull off 3 miles without discomfort but after 4 weeks, I completed a 12 miler with no pain at all, in the shoes that I was told caused it, and with renewed confidence. It’s proven that Jason really knows his stuff – thank you Jason!” – Mike

“The Injury Prevention for Runners program has been everything I needed. As the mom of three young boys it saves my sanity to be able to go on a run because I feel like I am accomplishing something–it’s my ‘me’ time.

Being able to run consistently without injury has been a huge gift. The program is totally worth the price! It has made me a more confident runner knowing the causes of injury and how to now prevent them.” – Danae

Injury_ITBS Testimonial

What’s incredible is that these runners used to be chronically injured! Just like you perhaps, they seemed to be hurt all the time.

But it’s not productive to jump from injury to injury. Being stuck in the “injury cycle,” never able to string together a consistent period of training is a surefire way to stagnate and never improve.

It means so much to be able to help runners who are ready to take action on their training. If you’re struggling, please let me know how I can help. (or sign up here for more injury prevention advice)

A Christmas Thank You

From the bottom of my heart,  thank you for being part of the Strength Running community. I wake up EVERY day so excited to get to work (ask my wife and she’ll tell you I’m obnoxious about how much I love working…).

This holiday season, I want to thank every person who reads my coaching material, subscribes to the SR email list, or has invested in a coaching program. You’re the reason why I love my job.

And 2015 is only going to get better.

In the next four months, there are going to be THREE huge announcements that will change how this site helps you with your running goals. I can’t wait.

If you’re not already on my email list, hop on here and you’ll be the first to know about all new coaching lessons, running programs, and an application I’m working on that will change how you train forever.

Thanks again for being here – and I’m PUMPED to help you next year. Get ready!!

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  1. I’m trying to work thru groin and abductor longus pain, which has been going on for 3 months.I have been doing active release massage and going to sport chiropractic for hip flexor. I have job where I sit in car 60% of time and they claim this is the cause. Can you help me with this pain or injury.

    • Hey Ken,

      Have you been doing any exercises as well to help strengthen those muscles?

      I have been going through a little pain that area as well. Even though I feel a little pain in those muscles I still did some specific exercises to strengthen them. I believe you can have some pain when doing rehab exercises, but it has to be controlled.

      Getting a theraband will help.

      I was wrapping it around my ankles and standing next to a wall for support, and extending my leg out in front of me slowly and straight with my foot rotated out. It really seemed to target the muscles near the groin that were giving me an issue.

      Sorry that your job requires tons of sitting, but making sure you work on hip strengthening exercises is key when your in a situation like that. Jason actually talks on that topic in his injury prevention book.

      Hop this helps!

  2. Ended 2013 with an injury (early Oct) to the glute; strained a small muscle doing hill sprints while training for my 2nd half marathon (ran it in Nov anyway, of course). Have struggled through all of 2014 first with hamstring rehab (Doc thought I pulled the hammie) in Jan/Feb then on to ART therapy (my idea) from Sept to early Dec (ran out of funds!). Finally quit running with the last 3 miles on Oct 26. Lately, started doing beginner’s yoga and hip/glute strengthening as my body allows. Funny thing, hiking 10 miles thru the Ozark hills doesn’t bother it! Planning on seeing how things progress before seeing the Doc again. New year, new lessons to learn.

  3. Jeff McCloud says:

    I’ve run relatively injury free except for a sciatic nerve issue this past spring, which visits to the chiropractor took care of. At my age (45 this Sunday), warming up is important, and I work hard at that. Even so, in the last couple of days I’ve had some pain in my right glute. I did a run with lots of hills on Thursday or Friday, and I think I might have injured it then.

  4. Recurring ITB issues on both legs ended my 2012-13 seasons. I vowed to make it through 2014 injury free and armed myself with SR’s Injury Prevention for Runners and 1/2 marathon plan (stretch goal!). Added regular strength sessions to my training (itb routine, core workout, weights), dynamic warmups and cool downs, and rotated through three different pairs of running shoes.

    The result- I made it through 2014 injury free, averaging 40-50 miles per week and almost PR’ed my half. Thanks Jason for all the excellent content and sage advice on Strength Running!

  5. Thanks for answering question in Q&A with Coach! It was great advice. I came across your website when looking for ITB injury prevention exercises and I love it. I have been running injury-free for the longest period since I’ve been running regularly again (after recovering from a serious hip injury). Knowing that injuries are not inevitable keeps me going. Thanks for the great content!


    PS: Any plans to add dates to your posts?

  6. Jacob Simpson says:


    I really enjoy your emails and videos!

    I would like to suggest that you have your video camera set up on a different surface than the one you are resting your arms on. That will help cut down on the shaking motion that the viewer experiences when you set your arms on the table or accidentally bump it with your foot.

    Hope this was helpful!

  7. Jason,
    I thought that I had injured my hamstring, but now I think that it’s actually periformis. I have purchased your Injury Prevention for Runners and am wondering which of the strength routines is best for helping with performis. Also, I have been able to run, but I definitely have a lot of discomfort in my leg. I also think that it has affected my gait. Because of this, should I stop running or cut back? I really have enjoyed your blog! Thanks for all of the great running advice!


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