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What questions do you have about diet and nutrition for runners?

Last week I shared that my diet isn’t always that great. Fine, that’s sugarcoating the issue: sometimes, my diet is HORRENDOUS.

Diet for Runners

After a bowl of ice cream that would give the Biggest Loser trainers a heart condition, I often wonder if I’d have more energy, be properly fueled, and have a better body composition if I ate healthier.

And the answer is of course, a resounding yes!

Obviously I would feel better. Of course I’d have more energy and recover faster. And of course my body composition would improve. Dialing in proper nutrition has enormous benefits, especially for runners.

Remember: we’re athletes. We can’t ignore the food that fuels the sport that we love.

So I’ve been eating healthier – but not just in a general sense. I’ve put specific strategies in place that help me feel more energized than I ever have before (even while running a lot of miles).

And with the holidays over, it’s been interesting to see the changes in my energy, running quality, and sense of well-being when my nutrition is on point.

Compared with how I feel when I’m snacking at night or under-fueling because I’m a guest at somebody else’s house, the difference is STARK.

After using this nutrition system – and finally seeing how powerful a high-quality diet can be – I’m hooked. I’m a believer.

And soon I want to bring it to you. But first…

What are your top nutrition questions?

I’m putting together a special bonus interview with Anne Mauney for those of you interested in the topic of diet and nutrition.

NOTE: Anne and I have already completed two Q&A calls – and you can get both of them for free! Just sign up here.

Anne has a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian (RD). She has taught at George Washington University and her work has been featured in Glamour, Runner’s World, The Washington Post, and Health Magazine.

We’re working together to answer your toughest questions about food, fueling, weight loss, and diet for runners. Like:

  • I have zero appetite after a workout but know I need to fuel. What should I do?
  • How do I eat enough to fuel my workouts but also maintain my goal weight?
  • Why do I always get nauseous after using gels during a long run?

If you struggle with losing those last few pounds… can’t control your snacking… or want to better fuel for your workouts (without feeling sluggish), this is an opportunity to have a running coach and RD collaborate on figuring it out for you!

I’m looking forward to seeing your questions. Sign up here and you’ll get the first Q&A session in less than an hour!

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