New Giveaway: Your Dream Race Weekend

Long-time Strength Running readers know that I do things a little differently here.

I put my email readers on a pedestal, giving them free resources, bonus running advice, and early access to new programs.

And if you’ve invested in a coaching program, you’ll get even more: not only early access, but often deep discounts on new courses and programs when they first become available.

Treating my “inner-circle” of runners like royalty just seems like the right thing to do.

I also take things a step further for giveaways. Have you ever noticed that giveaways are really popular? You can get a fancy water bottle, compression socks, or maybe even a pair of running shoes.

Those are great, but I like to GO BIG. Just the other day, I asked what type of running giveaway you’d LOVE to win.

And the responses ranged from:

  • Meeting Meb Keflezighi (winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon) for a run
  • Having me carry you to the finish line in 1st place (some of you are seriously over-estimating my strength)
  • Free coaching for a year
  • Socks (really?)

Some of these are a bit unrealistic… and some I’ve done before. And a few ideas were just too “small” – who really gets excited about socks, anyway?

Instead, I love to get runners jacked up about a giveaway so over the top awesome, it’s a no-brainer to enter.

In the past, I’ve given away:

  • A month of intensive, 1-on-1 coaching to give you accountability and get all of your questions answered
  • A custom training plan, built specifically for YOU, complete with a personal coaching call
  • A GoPro camera to help you document your running adventures

My giveaways always cost me hundreds of dollars, but it’s my way of saying thanks for reading SR and being part of this special community.

And today, I’m taking my prize game to a whole new level: I want you take a dream running vacation to run the race you’ve always wanted – and I’ll pay for the entire thing.

Check out the details and enter the giveaway here.

The Dream Race Weekend Giveaway


I want you to enter your dream race without worrying about the entry fee.

I want you to fly to the race, without worrying about flight costs.

And I want you to stay in a hotel the night before the race so you can sleep soundly with no distractions.

In the Race Weekend giveaway, you’ll get a chance to win all of that: the entry fee, flight, and hotel accommodations the night before the race.

Entry to this giveaway is completely free – just sign up here.

After you enter, leave a comment on this post and let me know what race you’d LOVE to run.

Ready? GO!

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  1. Jason, I’d love to run but I’ve been hampered by the notorious ITB Syndrome.. I have been following the tips on your site and I’d love to get back into it, but as a university student on an already tight budget, it is hard to muster up the money for your rehab program! I’d love to get back to it and run a marathon, pain free!

  2. Hi, just started running in july 2014, have my first half-marathon on March 8th 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany… Already entered Frankfurt Marathon oin October 2015… Would take your advice for any race if I win. Tha’s a lot ! (I am 52, lost around 12 kg since i run but gained muscle…). Feeling great 🙂

  3. WOW! I would love to run Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. Just to run along the ocean would be fantastic. This looks like a fun contest! Thanks for organizing it. 🙂

  4. I would love to run the Jackson Hole Marathon!

  5. Of course, BOSTON!!

  6. My dream race? So many! Probably Big Sur if I were to splurge!

  7. Steve Meyer says:

    I’d love to run Disney!

  8. I’ve run a half marathon, two 25ks, two marathons, a 50k, and a 50-miler. This year, I’m running a 24-hour race and a 100-miler.

    My parents haven’t been able to come to any of them. And they won’t be at my races this year either.

    You know what I want to do, Jason? I don’t want to go anywhere fancy. I mean, I do, but what I really want is to fly home to Minnesota and run the Minnesota Voyageurs 50-mile race so my parents can not only watch, but be my crew.

    They’ve both run at least one marathon, have chased their career dreams, have always, always believed in me, and have maintained a rock-solid marriage through it all. I want to share my running success with them, since they’ve inspired me so much to be a runner.

    So that’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing famous. Nothing far away. Just a chance to know that my parents are waiting for me at the finish line.

  9. Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon……Alaska

  10. I really want to run the Zion Half Marathon. It would be such a beautiful run!

    • Hmmm, changed my mind after spending the morning race day dreaming (plus Zion is next month and sold out). The Shipyard Old Port Half would be a great way to see Portland, Maine, a place I’ve never been. Also, the lobster.

  11. My son and I are training for our first marathon this year and have tentatively targeted the Savannah GA Rock and Roll event which is drive able for us. After getting a marathon under our belt a bucket list item is RunDisney’s marathon and the ultimate stretch bucket list is the Hawaii Ironman.

  12. You asked us to think big, so I would LOVE to run the Diagonale Des Fous on Reunion Island in the Idian Ocean. I would also love to get into Western States or Hardrock Hundred, but you have to qualify and make it through the lottery for those.

  13. Hands down, the Fire and Ice Ultra in Iceland.

  14. Karen Norvell says:

    having entered the competition I think I may not be eligible … being based in the UK … it might be over your prize budget to fly me to the States to run a race there 😉 I would take any marathon to be honest … although any of the Disney runs would be amazing, just for the medal you understand!!
    Good luck to all the entrants

  15. My DREAM race, #1 on the almighty bucket list, is to run the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. It’s a huge stretch financially, but one day, I hope to make it happen!

    More realistically (financially at least) I would love to run Big Sur 🙂

  16. I would love to run the LA Marathon. It’s an incredible city (despite the traffic), and the race ends at the beach. More importantly, my family is there, and after all of the times my mom has traveled to see me run, it’d be great to save her that trouble. Also, LA has been on my bucket list for several years.

  17. Big Sur or LA in 2016.

  18. I’d love to run in Arizona or Utah so my parents could see me run! Thanks for the chance to win; what an awesome, inspiring, practical, and generous give-away. Thank you! And if my phone had a running emoji I’d totally leave it right here!

  19. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to run really any race in the pacific northwest since I live in the mid-Atlantic, but the Crater Lake Rim Marathon in Oregon has definitely caught my eye!

  20. Awesome give-away! Lots of great races to choose from! I’d pick Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon in Alaska. 🙂

  21. Not sure what race I’d want to run yet, but I’m thinking the Pacific Northwest probably something on trails.

  22. Susie Burns says:

    Six months ago this would have been an easy decision, any race in Colorado would do. But since I live here now I’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m hoping to do Athens Marathon in 2017. I’d be happy to let you pick up the tab for that 🙂

  23. Portland Half Marathon. My best friends just moved out there and I’d love to run with them again.

  24. On the short list is the Twin Cities Marathon but ideally Boston. Gotta get to qualifying of course.

  25. Get me into the Chicago Marathon, lol.

  26. Chicago Marathon for me!

  27. Would love to run the half at the grand canyon

  28. I’d love to do a race in the Northeast (hopefully by 13 second BQ is good enough for Boston 2015?!), or step out of my comfort zone and do something new like a 30K trail race in a mountainous location.

  29. The Catalina Island Eco Marathon. Super beautiful.

  30. I’d LOVE to run the Big Sur Marathon. It’s definitely on my bucket list.

  31. I’d love to run the NYC Marathon!!!

  32. Mount Mitchell Challenge! The Black Mountain Marathon for sure.

  33. I’m not up to Marathons yet so I think that I would like to do the San Diego St. Patrick’s Day 10K since I’m freezing here on the east coast.

  34. Just ran Marathon in Florida this weekend! I want to run a marathon in every state! I’m not fast but I start and I finish…just got a new PR! Chicago, Boston or any race on the East Coast!

  35. i would love to run the NYC marathon.

  36. My running group has a race meetup for the Portland Marathon and half marathon – I’d love to go!

  37. I’d love to run Cascade Crest 100 in 2016. Thanks for the great give away opportunity!

  38. Reykjavik marathon. Iceland is on my travel list.

  39. The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in December!

  40. My dream marathon is the Great Wall of China race. That’s would be an amazing experience.

  41. LITTLE ROCK MARATHON 2016…nothing like a giant medal as motivation to finish my first marathon!


    One should not need material gifts to win one over to you service.
    We all want to improve in shape or form right. We all run for on reason or another, mostly I’d say we all want to run faster.
    A month of personal coaching with results should be enough for anyone to realize the training plans you offer work.
    This improvement should be enough to motivate you to keep on running to your goal.

    • Are you upset I’m giving away an entire race weekend experience? It seems like you’re having a bad day – I hope things improve for you. Until then, please don’t bring your negativity here.

  43. I’do love to run the Wineglass Half in NY, because, wine!

  44. Jason, you are so generous and supportive. A great contest….have been dreaming of Patagonia, Ireland, Austria but would be happy to run Disney Florida, Bluegrass country in Kentucky, Columbia Gorge, Canada….so many runs so little time

  45. Would love to run some race along the coast. My race dreams are on hold right now as I recover from 2 hip surgeries for torn labrums, but I’m determined to get back to running before the end of 2015, even though the odds are strongly against me!

  46. Jason, my dream would be to run a 10K or Half Marathon at Walt Disney World, not because of the destination (before having children, I would have rather plucked my own eyeballs out with a spoon than vacation in Disney World – and I’m not exaggerating), but because it would bring together my passion for running with my passion for my children. Having a broken childhood lead me to promise, above all else, that I would be a true model for the way to live your life for my children. My husband, Jamie and I have two girls, age four and two. Knowing what it’s like to be girl in our world, I am resolute at building their confidence, determination, and ability to build and live their dreams. I started running after the birth of our 2nd daughter and, after a battle with some postpartum issues, it saved my life. And I also found a natural, innate athletic ability I’ve had that was never fostered until now. When I run, in the dark of the early morning, I come home when my girls are waking up, and they see me, in my balaclava, all bundled up with tights, gloves, hat, and jacket, and they always say, “How was your run? What animals did you see? Are you going to have your egg sandwich, mommy?” Last fall, my oldest daughter came to my husband and I, asking if she could “race like Mommy” and ran her first kids’ race at a college nearby. I am truly blessed to be the mom of our two girls. To be able to have them watch me run, after watching me struggle to come back after injury, and cheer me on, alongside of their buddies, Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy, would mean the Walt Disney World to me.

  47. Honolulu!!! Because who doesn’t want to run in Hawaii???

  48. Lucas Collins says:

    Although I’d have to qualify first, my dream race wouls be the Boston Marathon! (Boston-bound 2016!!)

  49. NYC marathon!

  50. Diane Bowdler (@DianeBowdler) says:

    I would love to run Big Sur!

  51. I would love to run Maui.

  52. I’m torn on what I would run if I won! Erie, PA because I could see my parents and old high school buddies. But then there is the Mt. Taylor 50K in Grants, NM, which would be my first Ultra.

  53. I would love to run San Fransisco marathon. I could see my daughter an run a beautiful race at the same time!

  54. What an awesome contest! I think a big race would be fun, but I would I think I would end up trying something smaller like Shiprock, Catalina, or Jackson Hole. Big Sur would be pretty cool though.

  55. Key West Half Marathon!

  56. I would love to run the Boston Marathon! I have my qualifying time for 2016…

  57. Kareen Lawson says:

    ING Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, CA

  58. NYC Marathon. Where I grew up and where I started to run (in Van Cortlandt Park). Or, maybe the Australian Outback Marathon! Just seems like a cool race.

  59. Loretta Hayden says:

    I wold love to run the Ohio State Four-Miler on September 25, 2015!

  60. James Reeves says:

    You said go big… Transylvania Trail Traverse by Lost Worlds Racing.
    106km with 8,500m of elevation gain. Big enough?

  61. Dale Hayden says:

    Ohio State Four-Miler October 25th

  62. What an awesome giveaway! Well I’d love to run an international race – Medoc marathon in France looks like a lot of fun, the Great Wall of China would be amazing, or the Safaricom marathon in Kenya would also be a once in a lifetime trip. Closer to home – New York is definitely on my running bucket list, and Big Sur or the Grand Canyon (also on my running bucket list) would be incredible experiences.

    Huh, now you’ve got me thinking of all the places and races I’d like to run! Thank you :o)

    In the meantime, I’m training to qualify for Boston within the next 2 years. I love your site. It is full of helpful guides and information and is very inspiring. Again, thank you.

  63. I don’t have anywhere picked out but my sister has done some half marathons in Ontario…I would have to check with her first to see if she’s doing another one!

  64. I’d pick Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon in Alaska.

  65. I’ve only ever run half marathons but I would LOVE to run the full at Disney World!

  66. Honoulu or Chicago!!

  67. I would love to run the New York Marathon.

  68. I would go somewhat low key with Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota on June 20th. I’ve heard a lot of great things, plus its fairly close to home.

  69. Zion 100k in 2016! I’m going no matter so would be good to go for free.

  70. i want to run the 5k at the Rainbow Cup on 13th June 2015.
    The Rainbow cup is a multisport event, including triathlon, open water races
    The location is Tobago in the West Indies.

  71. Anything out west.

  72. My biggest bucket list race would be the Great Wall of China Marathon. Forget a PR. I would love to run and experience the beauty of history.

  73. Hmmmm….so many to choose from and so little time! I would like to run a half (not sure if I really want to try a full yet) somewhere in southern California. No, wait! Hawaii, yep Hawaii is my choice. Thanks for the offer Jason. I hope I win!

  74. Big Sur or any scenic locale. This Iowan can’t handle elevation though.

  75. Ethan Money says:

    My dream race would have to be the Bahamas marathon. I have never run a marathon but I think the Bahamas would be a great first one.

  76. What?! I can’t believe this. I’d love to run the Pine to Palm 100!

  77. I am hoping to run the VIctoria Falls Marathon in Zimbabwe/Zambia this June. Don’t worry about airfare – I live in Zambia and I would definitely drive. But as for hotel… now that would be nice.

  78. Cape Cod Marathon! I have a huge crush on that place, and can’t wait to go back!

  79. Boston of course! Hoping to qualify and using your RYBQ plan for the first time.

  80. in no particular order…Big Sur, Antarctic Marathon, and Dublin. I know, keep dreaming!

  81. The Dopey Challenge at Disney World

  82. Antarctica Marathon!

  83. Miami or Big Sur – All about the ocean front ones!

  84. Kristen Winne says:

    I’d like to run one of the wine country halfs in CA!

  85. Andrew Lingard says:

    Thanks for doing this, Jason!

    I live in the UK but would love to run a half-marathon in Germany, a country I’d love to visit – two birds, one stone! Maybe one in Berlin.

  86. Greg Tappin says:

    The Bird In Hand Half Marathon. What’s not to love about the Amish countryside race, horseshoe finishers medal, and s’mores bonfire the night before the race?!

  87. Even though I’ve lived just outside of NYC all of my life, I’ve never run the NYC marathon or even dreamed about it. All of my 6 full marathons have been smaller ones in other states. That being said, my dream race weekend would be the NYC marathon! I would love to win! By the way, if I were to win socks I’d be super excited either way. 🙂

  88. The Cabot Trail Relay Race in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada. An incredible running and racing experience in one of the most beautiful places in Canada/North America/the World!

  89. I would love to run the pittsburgh marathon because I could run with my friend Jenna from StopDropandBlog

  90. London, Paris, or Rome…. send me to Europe please.

  91. Running Races only? Or do triathlons count? Challenge Roth would be my tri choice, or probably the Berlin Marathon.

  92. Garry Crossland says:

    Atacama Crossing in Chile (4 deserts & 250km)

  93. I’d love to run the Ft. Lauderdale Half!

  94. I just started long distance running this year. I was born in Peru but have lived in the U S since 1995. I would love to go back to where I was born (haven’t been back since 1997) and run the Lima Half Marathon (Media Maraton de Lima) in August in front of my family.

  95. I thought I was set on the Disneyworld Wine and Dine Half-Marathon, but having read through all these comments there are too many other fantastic ideas to choose from. It’s too tough a decision now… 😉

  96. I think I would choose the Disneyland pixie dust challenge…10k then half marathon the next day. I have never done races two days in a row before, and that is something I am wanting to try. Flying to Cali for the race and the high race entry fee is probably a bigger splurge than I would make on my own running fun right now though, so winning entry and travel in the contest would be a dream come true. 🙂

  97. Big Sur or Hawaii,,

  98. Gayle Baxter says:

    Big Sur Marathon is the next big race I want to run.

  99. Loreen Crockett says:

    I have run Chicago already and someday hope to cross the other five world majors off my list! NYC would be an awesome treat, but not sure if I am in the running for this giveaway (pun intended) since I am in Canada! Looks like Big Sur is a pretty popular choice, too. may need to look into that one 😉

  100. I would love to run Berlin marathon 2016, it’ll be my birthday weekend!

  101. Definitely want to begin progress on running all of the world marathon majors. So far I’ve run zero of them. Probably start with Chicago, or NYC since my kids are too young to come along with me to Tokyo, London or Berlin. 😉

  102. Wow! What a generous offer. I think I would have to go for either Alaska or Iceland. Mind you, in less than 5 weeks I’m heading to one of my dream races – the Prague Half Marathon, so I’m already feeling pretty lucky.

  103. There are too many to choose from! Off the top of my head I would love to race London and Berlin. Sticking stateside, I would love to run Eugene…tracktown USA!

  104. I guess I’m simple guy and a runner newbie. I just dream of finding a way home to see my big sister in upstate New York and run the Color Run with her.