New Giveaway: Your Dream Race Weekend

Long-time Strength Running readers know that I do things a little differently here.

I put my email readers on a pedestal, giving them free resources, bonus running advice, and early access to new programs.

And if you’ve invested in a coaching program, you’ll get even more: not only early access, but often deep discounts on new courses and programs when they first become available.

Treating my “inner-circle” of runners like royalty just seems like the right thing to do.

I also take things a step further for giveaways. Have you ever noticed that giveaways are really popular? You can get a fancy water bottle, compression socks, or maybe even a pair of running shoes.

Those are great, but I like to GO BIG. Just the other day, I asked what type of running giveaway you’d LOVE to win.

And the responses ranged from:

  • Meeting Meb Keflezighi (winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon) for a run
  • Having me carry you to the finish line in 1st place (some of you are seriously over-estimating my strength)
  • Free coaching for a year
  • Socks (really?)

Some of these are a bit unrealistic… and some I’ve done before. And a few ideas were just too “small” – who really gets excited about socks, anyway?

Instead, I love to get runners jacked up about a giveaway so over the top awesome, it’s a no-brainer to enter.

In the past, I’ve given away:

  • A month of intensive, 1-on-1 coaching to give you accountability and get all of your questions answered
  • A custom training plan, built specifically for YOU, complete with a personal coaching call
  • A GoPro camera to help you document your running adventures

My giveaways always cost me hundreds of dollars, but it’s my way of saying thanks for reading SR and being part of this special community.

And today, I’m taking my prize game to a whole new level: I want you take a dream running vacation to run the race you’ve always wanted – and I’ll pay for the entire thing.

Check out the details and enter the giveaway here.

The Dream Race Weekend Giveaway


I want you to enter your dream race without worrying about the entry fee.

I want you to fly to the race, without worrying about flight costs.

And I want you to stay in a hotel the night before the race so you can sleep soundly with no distractions.

In the Race Weekend giveaway, you’ll get a chance to win all of that: the entry fee, flight, and hotel accommodations the night before the race.

Entry to this giveaway is completely free – just sign up here.

After you enter, leave a comment on this post and let me know what race you’d LOVE to run.

Ready? GO!

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