What does “listen to your body” really mean? Q&A with Coach #15 has the answer

If you buy any running book you’ll see the phrase “listen to your body.” But what does this mean practically, on a day to day basis?

For new or beginner runners, it’s hard to listen to this type of advice. You don’t speak the language of your body yet, so how can you listen?

Knowing whether a certain pain is “bad” or harmless – or differentiating between fatigue and being over-trained – is a skill.

And like any skill, it takes time to develop and learn over time.

Listening to your body means translating the hundreds of signals you’re receiving:

  • The sound of your feet hitting the ground
  • How you’re breathing
  • The responsiveness of your legs
  • How the overall effort level of a given pace feels
  • The impact of terrain on perceived effort

That’s a lot to decipher, especially if you’re a new runner!

Since we’re celebrating the release of my new book for beginners Running for Health & Happiness this is a great question to answer today.

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Ok, let’s dive into today’s question.

How to Listen to Your Body

This topic features Q&A with Coach Episode #15 with my friend Scott Jones, a personal trainer, race director, and prolific podcaster.

I wanted to chat with Scott about this topic because he’s a runner but not a running coach and works with many private clients in the Denver, CO area as a PT.  This perspective added a lot of nuance to today’s show.

Remember these takeaways from this show:

  1. Listening to your body means translating the signals it is sending you
  2. Those signals come from heart rate, perceived effort, breathing, how your legs feel (responsive? lethargic? sore?), and your mentate status
  3. Interpreting these signals is a skill that takes time to develop
  4. Take inventory of the language your body is speaking whenever you are struggling and ask “why?”
  5. Listening to your body does not give you excuses to quit; it just gives you feedback that may help you decide it’s best to stop (or run harder!)
  6. The more types of stress your body experiences, the better you’ll be at deciphering these signals

My strong view is that running by feel, listening to your body, and paying attention to perceived effort and the many cues your body is relaying to your brain is the preferred way of training.

There are countless examples of top coaches adhering to this philosophy, like Mark Wetmore at the University of Colorado disliking heart rate monitors. Matt Fitzgerald has even wrote an entire book on the topic.

I encourage you to rely less on external feedback and instead rely more on internal feedback. It’s more subjective, but valuable, in the long run (pun!).

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