It’s my birthday! Will you celebrate with me?

Yesterday I turned 32 and treated myself to an incredible trail run in the mountains of Colorado:

Of course, I had to justify the heaps of birthday snacks I treated myself to during the day!

In between running and eating, I kept thinking of how incredibly fortunate I am. I’m trying to practice more gratitude so I spent time thinking about everything I’m grateful for in my life.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about Strength Running.

I believe so strongly in this community – and you. Every single runner who I talk with via email, Twitter, Skype, or in person reminds me that running has the power to bring us together.

It doesn’t matter if you just started running yesterday and couldn’t make it down the block or you’re hoping for a sub-3 marathon soon.

Despite any differences in ability, what binds us together is our love of this sport. The passion we have for improving and becoming better versions of ourselves brings us together as one “team.”

And I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this community.

Just as important is the work we’re doing here together:

  • Injuries are common – but we know they’re not inevitable. The training at SR has kept thousands of you healthy – and we should all be proud of that
  • We know that conventional advice like, “follow the 10% Rule” or “beginners should never run fast” are incomplete and there are better ways to accomplish our biggest goals
  • We ignore training fads (CrossFit, anyone?) and gimmicks to focus on fundamentals. And the race results of the SR Team prove we’re doing good work here

I know there are a lot of people you can turn to for running advice – and I appreciate you being here, focusing on what really works, so that you can get stronger, stay healthy, and race faster.

Whenever I get a glowing note from a runner like Christie, Nick or Aimee (and there are so many more I don’t have time to publish!) about their huge personal bests or how much weight they’ve lost it makes my day.

I share your successes with my family at dinner – and I know it’s a good week when I have something to share every day! Please keep them coming 😉

And for those who haven’t yet had a breakthrough – please let me know how I can help. When you’re on the team, your success is my priority.

Birthdays are a unique opportunity to reflect on what’s coming down the road in the future. So today I want to share what’s next at Strength Running.

What’s Coming Soon at Strength Running

There are big, exciting projects being worked on at SR HQ. Now that we reach so many runners, we have the resources to hire video and content editors to help make this community even better.

You might have noticed some big projects and investments in SR throughout the year:

But there are also other projects – arguably a lot more exciting! – being developed right now. Runners on the team will be the first to know about these projects, but here’s a quick preview:

1. SR is getting smarter about how to help you more specifically. We’ve invested close to $10,000 in a new email system that will tailor the right training content for you.

And when I can give you the right training advice at the right time – with the kind of results we saw earlier – I know you’ll be a Strength Runner until you hang up your running shoes.

2. The new coaching program is almost here! Over the last year, I’ve invested over $10,000 into a new program that will make coaching more affordable, helpful, and (most importantly) effective at helping you reach your goals.

It’s taking longer than expected, but I hope to have more information in 1-2 months. If you’re interested, get on the early-bird list and I’ll send you all the juicy details when they’re ready.

3. Soon I’ll be focusing more on true beginners ­– runners who are brand new to the sport and may not be able to run for more than 5-10 minutes.

These athletes are the future of our sport. They’re the runners who will be lining up at Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Chicago, and every other major marathon around the world.

And I’m thrilled to help this next generation of runners thrive and succeed.

If you’re not part of the team on the Strength Running email list, then you’ll miss out on these projects so join us now. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m more excited than ever to share these with you!

It’s Time to Celebrate

Since I just turned 32, I want to ask you for an unusual birthday present: I’d like to know how Strength Running has helped your running.

Did you run a new PR? Did you stay healthy for a whole training cycle?

Maybe you fueled properly for your goal race and finished strong. Or focused on consistency and reached a new mileage record.

I’m really interested in the numbers – how big of a PR did you get? How long did you stay healthy?

This is all I want for my birthday this year and it would mean the world to me if you shared your successes. And you can bet that I’ll be reading every comment on this post!

If Strength Running has helped your running in any way, leave your comment below.

As always, thank you for being part of this wonderful community. I’ll talk to you soon.
– Jason.

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  1. Christine says:

    Hi Jason, thanks to SR’s Injury Prevention I’ve learned how to avoid the hip, ITband and Achilles injuries that in the past would annually sideline me for 6-8 weeks. I’ve finally been healthy enough to train consistently and two weeks ago ran 21 minutes faster than the time I needed to qualify for Boston! The Injury Prevention program has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my running and I’ve recommended it to several friends.
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Hello Jason and Happy 32nd Birthday! I have really appreciated your sound advice and timely emails and blogs that you post regularly about injury prevention and the interviews you have done with many of the running worlds’ elite. I do have a question and if you have the time and could answer it I would very much appreciate it. I have been training for a half marathon(my first) for the past 24 weeks. I been running for 2 years or so doing just a lot of 5k’s. I decided to try the marathons so began training for a half that I will be running this Sunday Nov. 8. My question is that I will also be running a full Marathon a month after the half on Dec. 13 and was wondering what the best schedule would be for me to follow for the 5weeks between the half and full marathons to reach the best results? These will be my first half and first full marathons. I appreciate your time and all your advice, and pray you have the great birthday!

  3. Kevin Turner says:

    (Belated) Happy Birthday, Jason! Strength Running has been pivotal in my recovering from some really ITBS. Simply put, without SR, I would never have understood my symptoms, nor would I have gone to have a proper consultation and sports physio from a practitioner who understood the injury. Lastly, but most importantly, SR helped me believe I could come back and come back stronger.

    I ran the Men’s 10K in Edinburgh, Scotland yesterday after 6 months of injury and physio. SR was a part in making that happen. Hope you had a great day – I sure did!

  4. Just adding to the chorus of voices that say Jason is a wise, level-headed, insightful “virtual coach.” So many online fitness platforms are so clearly gimmicky and focused on quickly making a buck whether or not anyone actually becomes healthier. I haven’t seen this insightful, knowledgeable, practical advice since I ran track in college. I’m a sprinter turned “lifetime fitness” runner and I got injured with every training program I’ve started in the last 5 years. Until I found Strength Running. For my own 32nd birthday last month I PR’ed in the half-marathon by 20 minutes! Keep up the great stuff Jason. You have a lot to be proud of.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Jason.

    I think the biggest lesson that I learned from you that continues to help me to this day is the fact that a lot of what makes a runner successful isn’t just the running itself. It’s the little things – stretching, maintenance, injury prevention, etc. – that really makes the difference.

    Like many runners, I’ve often struggled with nagging, sometimes persistent, injuries but that was prior to really taking what you say to heart. In the past 6-months I’ve been sticking to my plan, doing the work that you recommend before and after runs, and keeping things focused and it’s made a world of difference for me. 6-months injury free. 6-months of excellent consistency. 6-months of really enjoyable running.

    Thanks for that. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Jason,
    First off it’s cool to know we share birthdays. I ran the NYC Marathon yesterday for my 41st birthday. While I did A PB it wasn’t what I had trained for sub 3:45 but it was not bad for having been injured and missing 3 weeks of training. During my training I incurred a stress fracture and used many of your tips, advice and videos to keep my hope and inspiration up. Yesterday at mile 20, despite proper nutrition up to and during the race, constant hydration and taking salt tablets I cramped severely at mile 20 and intermittently thereafter till 26.2. It was rough and the hardest run of my life. But I know I can do better. A lot better. With your help I’m willing to do the work. I want to qualify for Boston in the next two years and believe your advice can help. Your IT band routine is part of my routine as are the dynamic warm ups and many others. Look forward to the future of Also, Happy Birthday! ????

  7. Happy birthday, Jason! Just wanted to say thank you again for the training plan you created for me to help me run Boston 2016 with confidence and excitement, and just a little trepidation! I can’t wait to start! I love the exercise routines you have included, so I can continue to be injury-free. Hope your birthday was so memorable!

  8. HI Jason, and Happy Birthday. Custom Strength Running Training plans have been instrumental in allowing me to achieve PRs in the 10K, 10M and Half-Marathon, in all cases be 2 minutes or more. I’ve happily injury free, and ready for bigger and better things for next year.

    I’m in better shape than I’ve been in a long time. I “finished” up my race year with the Army 10 Miler as my “A” race, where I PRd my more than two minutes, and then, a week later did a Half Marathon just as a fun training run, and ended up with another PR, this time by more than 3 minutes over my previous PR, which had been earlier this year. Overall, I took more than 7 minutes off my Half Marathon time this year, and feel like there is still more in me. With Strength Running’s help, a BQ might actually be in the cards for me.

  9. Melissa Knous says:

    Happy Birthday! Your program has increased my confidence to run faster. I am half way to my full at Disney in January. I ran a half race in September to improve my seeding corral for Disney. I had my best half in over 2 years. More recently, my first 14 mile run had a half time even faster (by about a minute). My gps watch has recorded 2 or 3 10k times also. The 5k I ran with my couch to 5k group from church was at an 8:08 pace – definitely a PR there! I look forward to my half marathon race this weekend in Madison and hopefully a new PR for the season (or overall) – the weather always makes a huge difference in November races in Wisconsin… 🙂
    Thanks and happy birthday!
    Your work matters!

  10. Happy birthday, fellow early November Scorpio!! I plan to celebrate my own on Wednesday in the trails and foothills here in San Jose 🙂 Anyway, you and SR have helped me continue to train hard, of course, but smart — and I think that’s what distinguishes you from so many other running sites online. I’ve been running marathons since 2007 and have been reading SR since early 2012 and — no coincidence — have been virtually injury free the entire time. SR has taught me how to get stronger over time and how important it is to pay attention to the “extra” ancillary stuff — that’s really not that ancillary after all — in order to keep running high volume year after year and race after race. I’m at just around 13 weeks postpartum right now and have used many SR tenets as I’ve mapped out my postpartum running plans, and once I feel like my strength is back, you better believe I’ll be getting after it again with the help of SR.

  11. Feliz Cumpleaños from Spain! Strength Running has helped my “weak links”, all on my left side, to stay uninjured and allowed them to slowly but surely gain in strength and resistance. A more even stride has further reduced fatigue to the weak ligaments, allowing me to train more regularly and keep up a good base mileage. I could never have imagined a year or two ago that I could keep up the miles with no relapses, while becoming faster, even at 50+ years old! Thanks for the good advice. I look forward to seeing how the next half-marathon plays out, I think I will be pleased.

  12. Happy birthday, Jason!! SR has helped me tons. I’m 65, been running for almost 40 yrs and don’t plan to stop. Ever. But I’ve had some recurring injuries in recent years. I researched a lot before settling on your program and I’m convinced I made the right choice. I have to confess that the post run exercises are the part I have the hardest time being consistent with, but when I am I can tell they make a huge difference. I’m pretty good at the rest–I ALWAYS do a good warmup now, I vary my distance and pace now, I just need to remember to do my post run work. I always plan to but sometimes the day gets in the way. Sometimes when others my age ask me about running they say, “But don’t you have trouble with your knees, etc.?” And I just say “Nope.” I come from a family with good long living genes. I’ll let you know how I’m doing when I’m still running at 90–like I plan to do???? Thanks for all your help. Peg.

  13. Happy Birthday Jason!

    I bought my first SR product just after Patellofemorol in both knees in January. This was when I just hit 5k in distance. I followed your teachings religiously and have been fairly injury free (one that spawned due to a surgery you can’t really count). I’ve since run my first 5k and then a good 5 or 6 more and PR’d virtually all of them. Less than a month ago I ran my first 10k with performance exceeding my expectations. Just over a week ago I took a shot at a half marathon(I wasn’t prepared for) knowing I was risking injury as my long run was 5 miles short of the race. I did it anyway hoping my diligence in training and injury prevention would prevail. IT DID!! Completed the whole thing without stopping or walking. I am positively full of joy and quite confident my training from your teachings is what carried me through to success uninjured!! You rule!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Jason! I’m not one to dive into results, but this question was fun to answer! Strength Running has motivated and inspired me to see that there are no limitations. There is a lot of power in that thought. I have been running injury free going on 9 months. Ten months before that I could not run without ITBS. Since I have started Injury Prevention for Runners, I have gone from an average 11:00/11;30 minute mile to running between an average 9:30/10:00 minute mile on my training runs. My best mile has been a 7:51! That is almost a 3:30 minute improvement, not too shabby. My longest run has been 9 miles on your 10K training program. In ten months of following Injury Prevention for Runners, your plan has guided me from a painful 2 miles to 9 miles pain free! The best part of all is I don’t even think about my ITBS anymore. I also recover better from long runs by following your advice in Runners Guide to Dead-Simple Fueling and Limitless Energy. It’s interesting what brings people together, and sometimes a personal challenge can bring a huge blessing in life! Happy Birthday, and thanks for blessing all of ours!

  15. Lisa Holman says:

    Dear Jason,

    Happy Birthday! I am elated to inform you the training plan you laid out for me had me on the track for a huge PR at the St. George Marathon this October 2015. With the injury prevention articles, success stories, stretch routines…I found myself truth and proof that it really does work. I not only got a PR, but I went out and beat the time I was shooting for. In fact, I felt so good (no infamous “wall-hitting” for me!) I could have pushed myself for an even better time but I didn’t want to be selfish so I conserved. This PR gave me what I set out for – BQ time!!!

    I had not run a marathon in 3 years. I battled with ITB issues, but was able to continue to run half marathons and other shorter distance runs. With this training plan, I had a 35 minute marathon PR.

    In reflection, it was trust in the process. I am confident this supported me in my goal of running Boston in 2017. So, I thank you!



  16. I stumbled across strength running randomly one day when searching for a remedy for ITBS. Not only did I find a solution for the issue I was having I found a wealth of fantastic information. The e-mails from strength-running are consistently inspiring and insightful. Thank you Jason for being you who are and helping us all to run happier and healthier.

  17. Happy Birthday Jason! The comments here are fantastic and I am so glad to be a part of this running community that you have built from the ground up. When we first started working together, I had been dealing with ITB pain for TEN straight months and could no longer run more than 1 mile without pain. This was beyond frustrating, as I had previously been running for 7+ years on my own, with 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon under my belt.

    Over the next 10 months of one-on-one coaching from you, I am now stronger and faster than I have ever been in my life—despite being a 37 year old physician and mom of two young kids! I have PR’d in my 5K (by 2 minutes), 10K (by 1.5 minutes) and half marathon (by 3 minutes– in the hills of San Francisco).

    What is even more important to me beyond the numbers is the knowledge I have gained about how to be a “Strength Runner.” I have learned how to treat injury, how to prevent injury, how to push out of my comfort zone, how to taper and how to recover. You have given me my hobby and my “therapy” back and I could not be more grateful. Cheers to another fantastic 32 years ahead of you!

  18. Hi Jason and happy birthday! For me the best thing about strength running is that it makes running fun. As it focuses on a few fundamentals there is no need to spend hours on the Internet trying to find the latest fad to turn you in to an Olympic athlete. Instead do a dynamic warmup, different training run based on your training schedule and core exercises afterwards and you will see massive progress. I’m new to running but without this website I would not be enjoying it as much as I am.

  19. Happy birthday Jason! I’ve bought several training plans from you. You wrote about my huge Half Marathon PR – I took 34 minutes off my time after following your training schedule. I also completed a marathon that same year. again with one of your training programs.

    Strength Running has really helped me stay enthusiastic about running and strength training, when so many people I know choose one or the other. I do both, and enjoy seeing how all my training comes together to make me faster and stronger. I’ve spent the last four months slowly returning to running after having a baby. following your advice of always taking the time to do a dynamic warm up has really helped me come back strong. I’ll be running my first post-baby race in December and I think it’s going to go great!

    Thanks for providing such wonderful information and energy through your blog and coaching programs. And I’m glad you’re enjoying living in Colorado – I also live on the Front Range and I think it’s one of the best running locations in the world! Hope your birthday was amazing!

  20. Happy Birthday Jason, I had a PR on a 10k I did a couple weeks ago. I thank you for your ITBs exercises, it helped to fight off some bursitis I had. I am also using your core strength program some. Also, I am learning more about nutrition for before and after runs. Now I just need to keep becoming more aware in regards to nutrition and running, so I can lose some weight.

  21. Dear Jason, “Happy birthday to you” I feel even happier knowing that we both have the same birthday day. I got to tell you that my running has got stronger, and two weeks ago I had to do 10 miles, but I just didn’t have it in me that day, but I didn’t give up so I walk in the soft sand doing big straight for an hour and I returned walking by the waves in the ocean doing different leg work 50 each leg. When I finished, I said Thank you Jason for inspiring me.

  22. Happy Birthday. As a masters runner, I have been following Strength Running for years and it is one of my go to sources. A few years ago, I won a free month of training with Jason and it was extremely beneficial. Jason was able to help me recover from a stress fracture and teach me how to remain injury free. At the time, I was a 2:03 half marathoner. After following his principles for 2 years, I have a 1:37 half marathon PR, completed my first marathon, and completed my first 50 K ultra. The change has come from consistency and remaining injury free. Although recently life has given me a few setbacks, I’m back on the roads/trails and targeting a summer marathon.

  23. Happy birthday! I spent your birthday running my third marathon. I used your RYBQ intermediate training schedule and trained for 18 weeks without injury.
    I had a 4 minute PB. Number wise that may not seem huge. But when you consider the following, it was quite an accomplishment:
    – I was sick the entire last week before the race and still not 100% on race day
    – due to GI issues I lost more than 5 minutes because of porta pottie stops
    – we ran more than half the race into headwinds of 35 – 60km winds on rural, unprotected roads. I have never run into such strong winds for such a distance. Every experienced marathoner I spoke with said it was the windiest race conditions they had ever experienced.
    I think this PB is less about the time and more about the fact I was strong enough to finish thanks to a great training program.
    Looking forward to hearing about your new plans for your coaching program – I will be seriously considering joining.

  24. Jason…
    I have tried to add warm-up and core routine into my running…I have some health limitations with my bladder.I am prone to get infections..i am 55 and have been running/jogging for most of my life…i just feel i need to train for shorter runs like 10k….my last organized run was very hilly half marathon….just not healthy enough….my question is what is best way to scale back but yet run and train uptempo for 10k??? Happy BDay Jason!!!

  25. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  26. Happy Birthday!!!
    SR has helped me a ton! I have learned valuable information and I love learning about running. I too have suffered from injuries and have learned lots about prevention. Im still work in progess.

  27. Jason –

    While I have never been directly coached by you, your site has been an invaluable resource in my training. From injury prevention to nutrition, I have found a lot of information to help me along my path and tips (no tricks, no gimmicks, thank you!) or ideas to use to further my fitness.

    Five years ago I ran my first marathon in a time of 4:28, earlier this year I ran in my first Boston Marathon and have a current PR of 2:52:17. The content on SR has been of immense help and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you have put into the site!

    Happy Birthday!

  28. Happy birthday.

    I had tried and enjoyed running two times in my life previously but always after running for about 4 months have it away due to terrible burning knee pain. This time I have been added in your leg strength routines after I run as well as the warmup and have now been running for 18 months. I ran my first 10km race last May.

  29. Happy birthday! You introduced me to good warm up techniques– banishing old school pre-run stretching, and I’ve been injury free for over 8 years. Thanks for your commitment to the sport.

  30. Happy Birthday, Jason!! SR has helped my running in a number of ways. From the online resources to working with you directly, my running (including warmups and strength routines) has structure now. You have given me the confidence to incorporate more challenging workouts and to attempt more aggressive paces than I would have done on my own. I’ve learned about warming up before a race (which previously consisted of just lining up at the start!) and when to start a little slower or a little faster. And yes, this has lead to some nice PRs at various distances, but more importantly it has made the training so much more enjoyable and purposeful.

    And, I am really looking forward to hearing about the new coaching program when it’s ready!

  31. Trish Giangiulio says:

    Happy Birthday, Jason! I wanted you to know that I am grateful to SR for helping me get back on track after weeks of IT/hip issues. I started your IT rehab routine in late August, when I was certain I would have to defer my entry to Marine Corps Marathon and other races I was planning to run this fall. I can say that I got to the start of MCM fully prepared and healthy. It was not my best day, but that was for a variety of reasons other than my health. And I ran a half marathon 6 days later, finishing with a PR! Thank you for all the help getting me back to running healthy!

  32. James Reeves says:


    Happy birthday from the Ozarks. I work at a local specialty shop, Rush Running Co. and as you can imagine we get plenty of questions from customers about injuries and training. I have suggested SR to countless folks as a one stop shop for their questions. Simple, straightforward and effective advice. Thanks for being a great resource for so many.


    Red Dirt

  33. Alex Windham says:

    I’m a freshman in high school and run cross country along with track on varsity and all of your tools such as your books and other training tips have really helped me along the way with little bits of advice that have made a difference in my running and made me a more efficient runner

  34. SR has certainly helped me become a stronger, faster and more injury free. I found the website before my first half while recovering from ITBS. I was able to do my first in 1:49. My 3rd was 1:37 a little over a year later and then I finished an Ironman, also taking SR advice for strength work. This year I’ve ran 1:32 and 1:29 really using RunyourBQ plans and a training schedule Jason made for me last winter. Trying to BQ this weekend around a 3:07 I hope!!

  35. Happy Birthday, Jason!
    I found the SR site last spring – as I was still thinking about running “something”. With about 12 people at my work, I signed up for a half marathon and began training. I worked by myself, embarrassed I was so out of shape (I was unable to run 2 miles without walking when I started). As time passed, I began to look forward to my morning runs and my solitary, long runs on Saturday mornings. The runs got longer and easier, I lost some weight, and I felt better each week. I sent an email about 3 weeks before the race to find out who else was planning to run a 9 minute pace. Most people didn’t respond, but those who did thought I was bragging about my time. To me, 9 minutes seemed like a good goal for a first half-marathon, and I felt I could do it. Only one guy, a 23-year old “kid”, had a goal of anything faster: 8 minute pace.
    The morning of the race, it was just me and the kid who were actually going to run the half – everyone else failed to train or lacked the confidence to run the half and decided to run the 5k. Well, I felt great through most of the race, realized I could’ve/should’ve trained on more hills, and finished in 2:02:54 (277/586 – 155/240 M – 41/63 M40-49) – and the kid beat me by less than seven minutes. Not my goal time/pace, but I am definitely satisfied with that result.
    I have now taken a couple weeks off, and will start training for a 10k with the goal to run another half- and full marathon next year.
    Thank you so much, Jason!

  36. Hello Jason!

    Happy Birthday!

    SR has helped me in so many ways. From Jan 2015 to date, I got sick about 4 times and normally it’s at least a dozen. I think this is because I put less stress on myself – my hard workouts were hard and my easy workouts were easy. Your ITB rehab routine helped me bounce back into running after just 2 weeks! Incredible! I’ve learned how to listen to my body but also use HR training, how to properly put together a sprint workout and what strength exercises are the best bang for my buck.
    Thank you! I’m looking forward to all of your future advice and success!

  37. Neil Willis says:

    Happy Birthday. I don’t remember how I discovered Strength Running but reading everything about this website made sense to me. I had Jason make a plan for me with my half marathon in August. Went from a PR of 1:46 to 1:31 with Jason help. What Strength Running help me with the most was the “strength” part. I just ran before this. Now I do drills, stretches, yoga, and cross train. Thanks again Jason and I hope you had a great birthday

    Neil Willis

  38. Rob McConkey says:

    Hey Jason, happy birthday ????. Thanks to SR, I’ve stayed healthy by following your advice and strength programs. New PB’s this year in the 5k, first time under 22 minutes. New PB in the 10k, first time under 45 minutes and more than 1 1/2 minute improvement. New PB on the half marathon from 1:50:12 (which was a 2 minute pb in May) to 1:42:34 in September. I can’t thank you enough!

  39. SR made me realize my capabilities as a runner! Prior to SR, I felt like I could never push past running 30 miles per week. I also had no clue how to follow/develop a structured training plan. With a plan from SR, I was able to PR my second marathon by 34:30 MINUTES!!!!!!! I also learned a tremendous amount about warming up and cooling down, as well as new exercises and types of runs. SR made me fall even harder for running, I can’t wait to get out there and continue to push myself! I have never, ever felt stronger as a runner as I do now. Also, completely injury-free! Maxed out at 44 miles a week and felt great.

  40. Charlotte Card says:

    A year and a half ago I had to have bilateral total knee replacement surgery. My doctors told me I would only be able to walk; not run or jog. One of the major reasons for my surgery, aside from being able to walk normally and alleviating the pain, was to be able to once again engage in a sport I loved and come out of the depression I was in because I couldn’t. I came across your methods for quick recovery after a run and They Worked!! I have now completed 5-5ks and 1-10k. My doctors can hardly believe it. I passed my last checkup with flying colors. There was no swelling, no disintegration or misplacement of the implants. I also have more nerve return than any of their patients before me. I’m also shaving off a few seconds with each run. They are amazed! Strength running has worked wonders for me. Thank you!! By the way, I’m 65 years young…….

  41. Happy Birthday Jason! Man, I wish I could wind the clock back 20 years and be 32 again! I found your site about 3 months ago but wished I would have found it earlier. Thank you for the great advice that actually works! At 52 years old, I ran my first miles in about 3 decades in April this year. It was a struggle to finish one mile under 12:30. I kept plugging away at it all summer and finished my first half marathon this past weekend at about 1:55 and change. It’s not exactly setting the world on fire but to go from struggling to complete one mile to be able to string 13 miles together in 6 or 7 months and break the 2 hour half marathon barrier was a great victory for me. I’m going to recover for a week or two then get back at it. Running the half marathon was a great experience. It showed me my strengths and exposed my weaknesses. I know I have a lot of untapped potential left in me to improve my times and following your advice will help me exploit it. Thank you for what you do.

  42. Happy Birthday! Your content is very interesting for someone (like myself) who needs to increase their cardiovascular health, and are looking for tips on how to do so effectively

  43. arvind basaiawmoit says:

    Many Happy Returns, your site is great, wish there was more stuff on runners above 45. Hope to see something on seniors once in a while.