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What I’ve Learned from Coaching 1,500+ Runners

2016 is the Year of the Team – and we’re learning why support and an encouraging team can help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


But why are so many runners struggling with inconsistent training, low motivation, and being “stuck” at the same race times or mileage levels?

Since 2010, I’ve coached close to 2,000 runners – and hitting a performance plateau is all too common.

We somehow can’t get past a certain amount of running without getting hurt. We jump from plan to plan, constantly wondering if what we’re doing is “the right thing.”

Is this the right way to plan for my next race?

Will these workouts help me keep improving?

Being trapped in your own head, wondering if you’re doing the right type of training can be frustrating. It makes you wonder why you put in all this work… only to watch it go down the drain with yet another month of inconsistency or injuries.

But just imagine how much more you’d love running (not to mention, how much faster you’d run!) if you had a like-minded team to push you forward and keep you accountable?

Instead of worrying about your training, you’d focus on accomplishing your biggest goals. Instead of low motivation, you’d wake up EXCITED to tackle your next workout.

The difference between being the runner you know you can be and another lackluster, inconsistent training cycle comes down to your support network.

I’ll soon be sharing more info about this – but make sure you sign up here to be the first to know.

Little Experience… to Running a 12-Day Ultramarathon

Take Marlon, for example. He’s a runner from Dubai that had little experience racing. But after a few short months, he completed the 7 Emirates Run – a 12-day ultramarathon covering 575km through the United Arab Emirates.

Marlon Ultramarathon

Marlon approached his running the right way – with a supportive team and coaching support.

The result? Well, it’s best to hear it straight from him:

I had so much confidence going into the 7 Emirates Run. I learned a lot from your coaching and it made be a better runner not just by improving my fitness but understanding the sport of running which turned me into a smart athlete.The coaching you gave me was the key to reaching my goal. I was never in doubt during the event as I have the tools whatever situation requires.

I didn’t have that experience in any of my previous races and it makes a lot of difference. My result was astonishing as well, my daily finishes were always PB’s, I was finishing strong in each race, never had injury issues/pain/soreness or tightness and the last couple of days I was even faster and stronger.

Overall, I am grateful that you accepted me in your 1-on-1 Coaching, so far I have achieved a lot in just a short time. Your training plan, advices, and guidance is very specific, to my profile, my goal and my race and it really made me feel positive and something to look forward. The 7 Emirates Run is a big deal for me and to accomplish it was priceless. Many thanks again Coach Jason! You are the best!

I’m still coaching Marlon today. And last weekend he ran a 50km over-distance long run to prepare for yet another ultra next month.

He’s feeling fit, healthy, and on track to reach his most ambitious goals.

Wouldn’t you like to, as well? Marlon’s results are impressive – no doubt about that – but they’re not a mystery.

The strategies I’ve used to keep him healthy, improving, and motivated to tackle his ambitious training schedule can be used by any runner who’s ready to work hard.

In fact, I’ve coached thousands of other runners to similar results:

“I found Jason intelligent, honest, very savvy and balanced. He pushed me when I needed it and encouraged and inspired me when I was dealing with inevitable highs and lows of the training process. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more from the process.

When my race rolled around, he sent me real-world advice on approaching the run. It was hugely helpful. Though I was dealing with a pretty severe illness leading up to the race and was feeling barely at 80% health for the race, the result was a 6-minute PR for 13.1 miles, dropping me from 1:58 to 1:52. For many folks, 6 minutes may not seem like an enormous PR, but for this 42-year-old runner-in-progress, it was a big deal.

After the run, he helped me through the recovery process. In short, Jason’s coaching paid off in spades.” – David

“I think you are the BEST coach I’ve ever had and I’m starting to believe you when you say that I am faster than I think I am. The more you pile on me, the better I’m doing and I’m getting more confident and I’m feeling so great – I knock my head and wonder why I didn’t sign up with you a long time ago! I really appreciate the guidance and am so excited about the shape I am coming into this spring. It is wonderful for someone soon to be 45 !!!” –  Jill

I share these stories because they show what’s at stake.

You can feel confused and not know what to do. Your race times will stagnate and you’ll always wonder, “But how do I keep improving?!”

Or, with the right support network and coaching guidance, you’ll confidently tackle your running with new motivation. And your race times will improve considerably!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share my own personal story of failure – and what you can learn from it.

I want to show you what not to do, so you’ll be able to get the support you need to finally reach even more personal bests.

Plus, even more actionable strategies to stay motivated, learn from world-class experts, and run the right workouts for you.

Soon I’m hosting a live presentation on what it takes to run faster. If you’re interested, join the early-bird list and you’ll be the first to know about it.

This new material has been 3+ years in the making and it will be fun to be part of something bigger than just doing your own training.

I can’t wait to share it with you.

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