Strength Running Turns 6 Years Old!

Six years ago, I published my first article on this site. What started as an experiment has exploded into the running community you see today.

Team Strength Running Locations

We’re now 56,000+ runners strong from all over the world. We could sell out Madison Square Garden… more than three times.

And over the years, I’ve learned more than I could imagine about what makes runners tick. While being on a team of 30-40 runners in high school and college was an incredible learning experience, it couldn’t prepare me for Strength Running.

Now, I write for hundreds of thousands of runners. And after working with thousands of runners individually, I’ve earned a “backstage pass” into the goals, dreams, and frustrations of everyday runners.

These insights have allowed me to help you in some unique ways:

  • Running can be confusing and even irritating (I’m talking about you, running injuries!), so I’m always responsive if you email me (most coaches won’t)
  • I pour months and sometimes years of research into our coaching programs to make them the best
  • SR programs are so successful (see here and here) that I can pour more resources into better technology, design, and consultants to make the experience even better for you

Not all coaches operate this way. But I’m damn proud to offer 95% of my coaching material for free on the blog and through my emails.

You’ll never see ugly banner ads for dubious supplements or shake weight scams.

You’ll never see 300-word, “linkbait” articles designed only for pageviews.

Taking the high road and focusing on the highest quality content possible is my only goal for this blog right now. Putting you first just seems like the right thing to do.

Because I know that when I do, you’ll be a Strength Runner for life.

If I’ve helped you get over a nagging injury, set a new personal best, or make running more fulfilling in some way, then I know you’ll keep coming back for help reaching your next “impossible” goal.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. We’ve accomplished a lot – and we’re just getting started!

I have a lot of updates for you today. Let’s get rolling.

SR Around the Web

I’ve contributed to quite a few organizations recently. In case you’ve missed some of the action, don’t miss these posts:

Are you making these marathon training mistakes? (Competitor)

Training for a marathon isn’t easy. But it’s also not that difficult if you have a good foundation of training and know what to do.

In this article, I outlined some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen runners make as they prepare to run 26.2 miles.

7 Things Runners Know That Will Make Your Training Seem Less Impossible (Elite Daily)

In my first post for Elite Daily, I shared some of the timeless lessons to help new runners establish success early in their running careers.

Hindsight is 20/20, so use these principles to improve your training rather than learning the hard way (like I had to!).

Cookie Monster to Altitude Master: How I Upgraded My Diet and Never Felt Better (fANNEtastic food)

Smarter nutrition will fuel the next big leaps in running performance. But I’ve been known to “crush a sleeve” of Oreos…

In this post for Anne Mauney’s (a Registered Dietitian) blog, I talked about the change I made to my diet after working with her and how that impacted my own running.

7 Exercises to Treat and Prevent IT Band Syndrome (MapMyRun)

Here I shared the ITB Rehab Routine with the MapMyRun crowd – the same routine that helped me beat my six-month case of ITBS.

If you struggle with IT band syndrome (pain on the outside of the knee), then start doing this routine as soon as possible!

Even if you’re healthy, this is a fundamental routine that focuses on hip and glute strength. I think every runner should do this routine 1-2 times per week

What’s New at Strength Running HQ

As always, there are lots of interesting projects and events happening behind the scenes. If you’d like to get more involved with SR, here’s what’s been happening.

Team SR Registration

Last week I opened Team Strength Running to a small group of runners – and was blown away by the response.

More than three times the number of runners joined than I anticipated. I’m humbled by the feedback and can’t wait to help so many runners achieve their goals.

And we’re kicking things off tonight with our first coaching call (we do two every month). Team SR members… check your inbox!

If you missed the registration, just sign up here and I’ll let you know when we open the team to new runners.

In case you’re not familiar, you can read more about Team SR here and here.

Meet me in Boston?

Finally, I’ll be in Boston this weekend for the marathon. If you’re running the race or will otherwise be near the city, I’d love to hang out!

I’ll be at Dillon’s from 3-5pm on Saturday, April 16th. Dillon’s is right across Boylston Street from the Hynes Convention Center where the marathon expo is held so it’s a convenient place to meet.

I’ll be in the back room on the first floor filming a live Q&A with Coach, enjoying an adult beverage, and talking with other runners.

Taking things offline and into the “real world” is a lot of fun. This will be the fourth year that I’ve hosted a meetup and I can’t wait to meet some of you!

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