How to Fall in Love with Running

How many of us absolutely love running and hitting the road for our “me time” – but for some reason, can never run consistently enough?


Today, so many of us talk about breaking that 2-hour half marathon time or losing those last ten pounds. We buy the latest GPS watches and running apps… then they gather dust because we simply can’t string together a few months of consistent running.

It goes on: for some reason, we can’t bust through that plateau. We can’t seem to get faster. We’re plagued by running injuries that make us sit on the sidelines, while we watch our friends race and stay fit.

I talk to runners every day about these struggles. And I also help runners beat these struggles – so that they can finally get faster and take their running to the next level.

It’s not a “magic workout” or a super secret coaching hack. Because I’m laser-focused on your tangible results, I don’t waste time on minutiae. We focus on the “big wins” that transform your fitness.

Take James, for example. He’s a real runner from the UK who’s finding his training a lot easier now:

Inspiration from other team members is very helpful – some of the crazy elevations the other people put in is both awe-inspiring and encouraging.

And it’s refreshing to see that I’m not the only person who struggles to fit in their strength work or sometimes struggles with bad runs.

What’s really going on here? James’ feedback shows us that when we band together, we accomplish more. Every difficult task is easier to accomplish when you have support.

In other words, don’t be a lone wolf.

Or, as Paul said:

I have a much greater degree of confidence and I feel part of a team as opposed to someone blindly working alone. I no longer wonder about what I should be doing and have learnt a great deal already about why I should be training a certain way.

No more second guessing myself!

When we are inspired, encouraged, supported, confident, and educated about what we love then it gets tremendously easier!

This week, I’m going to help you fall in love with running all over again. Because if our hard work inspires a feeling of love and inspiration, then we’re going to be faster and more fulfilled.

To start, let’s see why two professional runners love running.

Kimber & Travis: Why We Love Running

Travis Macy is a professional ultra-endurance athlete who’s completed over 120 ultra events in 17 countries.

Travis MacyHis book The Ultra Mindset and coaching course are invaluable resources for runners hoping to get the most from their bodies and minds. He’s the course record holder for Leadman and has more podium finishes than I can count.

I reached out to ask him about why he loves running. And his answer rings so true for me as well:

“I love running because it brings me and my family to cool places around the world, introduces me to great people, shows me nature’s beauty every day, and turns me into a completely different, rejuvenated person when I’m feeling down.  Running makes me a better person; it makes my life fuller.” 

Whenever I felt frustrated or down with my running, I remember all the amazing things that have happened in my life because of it:

  • I competed in Puerto Rico in 2003 in the 1500m
  • Running brought me to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and more states in the US than I can count
  • My best friends – including nearly everyone in my wedding party – were once teammates
  • I met my wife!

I also asked Kimber Mattox about her love for this great sport. She’s a world class trail and obstacle course runner with national victories in both arenas. She told me:

Kimber Mattox Obstacle Racer“I love that running is such a simple activity that can be so many different things to different people. For me, running is a source of energy and an outlet for competitiveness and stress, but more importantly, it’s a curious adventure.

I love that running is one of the most pure ways to challenge our bodies and put all the pieces of a puzzle together to explore what our bodies are capable of. One of my favorite years as a runner was in 2014. I spent the Summer and Fall training hard and trying new things with no expectations. I did my first obstacle course and trail races. In both types of races, I had moments of realization that a weakness could become a strength and that within a single race, run, workout, or training block, we can focus on goals and challenges beyond the overall outcome.

I also discovered the energy, sense of accomplishment, and new skills that can be gained from these small successes along the way. I love that running gives us a whole lot of shots to play to our strengths and improve on our weaknesses.

I love that running is a way we can be competitive with ourselves for our entire lives and gain a sense of accomplishment every time we put our shoes on and head out the door.

I love that running can be a curious adventure in so many ways. It can take us to new places, teach us lessons, challenge us in unique ways, and help us be more balanced people.”

I love Kimber’s approach to running as a “curious adventurer.” No doubt that this has helped her succeed in so many different areas.

And it reminds me that trying new things is paramount to success. There’s no way I would be as passionate about running if I hadn’t tried the steeplechase, triathlon, duathlon, cross country, and obstacle course races.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things in the name of your love for running is a powerful way to keep things interesting and your fitness improving.

Fewer Problems = More Love

If you take the “problems” out of running (fewer injuries, more accountability and guidance, smarter training, and more fun) you’ll undoubtedly love the sport even more.

With a few simple – but powerful – tweaks to your training, you can make running more manageable, motivating, and consistent.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a strategic approach. And it starts with injury prevention.

My goal is to be your virtual coach – helping you get more out of this incredible sport than you thought possible.

Would you like to…

  • Run a faster personal best in your next race?
  • Always know you’re doing exactly the right thing?
  • Run more mileage than you thought possible?
  • Stay focused on your goals… while having more fun?!

It’s possible if you prioritize injury prevention – and will likely mark a big turning point in your running career.

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