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The Best Running Shirts Ever

As a proud running geek, I have an assortment of running shirts that I love wearing:

Running T-Shirts

Ok, that last picture is just me wearing a tutu with Steve Kamb from last year’s Camp Nerd Fitness. But I look good, right?

ANYWAY, I just love my running shirts. My “This is my gym” trail running shirt is a personal favorite. But how can you not love a Boston Marathon performance tee and a “Just Say No to EPO” shirt?

They’re classics – and they make me feel like a real runner.

But alas, my favorite running t-shirt store closed. It was called Run Fan Shop and they had niche, interesting shirts that appealed to my inner (not so inner?) training nerd.

I scoured the web for interesting shirts, but none of them had the same appeal.

It’s been awhile since I got a new shirt. I was lost. I thought I had to wear the same crummy race shirts forever.

But then I asked myself: “Why don’t I open my own t-shirt store?!”

So I did.

Announcing: The Strength Running Gear Shop!

Right now, there are only t-shirts. But we’ll be adding more gear soon.

Check out some of our designs:

Running t-shirts

They’re bold. You’ll stand out. And you’ll probably walk around with a grin on your face the entire day.

There are even more designs coming out in the next few weeks so stay tuned. I’ll also be adding different shirt styles – so far, we have:

  • Men’s Performance t-shirt
  • Men’s Tri-blend t-shirt
  • Women’s Performance t-shirt
  • Women’s Tri-blend t-shirt
  • Women’s racerback tank

For each style of shirt, there are also several color options (including bright pink!). There were some Team SR members who didn’t love white for summer running, so we added more colors.

See all of the designs here.

And if you rock one of our shirts at a race or an epic run somewhere, please tell me about it! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter or email me a photo of you wearing a SR shirt.

I’d love to feature you here on the blog. Strength Runners will soon be taking over road races everywhere!

Now, I’d love to hear from you: what style is your favorite? What other types of gear would you like to see? Any other feedback?

T-shirts are new for SR and this is a learning process. I appreciate your input!

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