Tony Gentilcore on Why Runners Need to Lift

Is it surprising that I don’t think strength workouts are cross-training? Rather, strength work is just part of your training as a runner.

Strength Training

Cross-training is supplemental exercise that can be helpful to your running, like cycling.

But just like form drills, strides, or dynamic flexibility exercises, I consider strength training to be an integral part of how to train distance runners.

If you’re not strength training, then you’re not training.

And to help you get things right in the weight room, I invited a top strength and conditioning coach on the Strength Running podcast to talk about:

  • What are the benefits of strength training?
  • Do runners need to lift differently than other athletes?
  • How do you strength train without a gym membership?
  • What are the most common mistakes in the weight room?
  • Do women need to lift differently or tweak their programs?
  • What are the “little things” for weight lifters?

Even if you’re comfortable in the gym, you won’t want to miss this episode or our strength course here.

Tony Gentilcore: Heavy Things Won’t Lift Themselves

Tony Gentilcore

Cofounder of Cressey Sports Performance, Tony now owns his own gym outside of Boston and trains top-level athletes and everyone else.

A frequent contributor to major fitness and media outlets like T-Nation, Women’s Health, and The Boston Herald, Tony also runs a popular strength training blog.

Tony made my job easy as podcast host because he has a great sense of humor and can make exercise science seem easy. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did speaking with Tony.

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2017 is the Year of Fundamentals and we’re focusing on the bedrock principles that make good runners into incredible runners.

And lifting is one of those fundamentals. It is not a “nice to do” – it’s a must-do if you’re interested in reaching your potential and reducing your risk of injury.

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  • The many benefits you can expect from strength training
  • Mistakes to avoid (and workouts that are counter-productive)
  • Example exercises that prioritize power and explosivity
  • Our complete, end-to-end strength program

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