Olympian Alexi Pappas on How Not to be Boring

Have you ever been around somebody who’s downright fascinating? They’re a never-ending stream of hilarious stories, wise observations, and boundless curiosity.

Fun Run

Anytime I find somebody like this, I hold onto them forever. These people light up the world.

These days, I rush to get them on the Strength Running Podcast to share their insights with you:

These people inspire me because of their drive, creativity, ingenuity, passion, and tenacity.

And now, we can add one more to our growing list: Alexi Pappas.

A Greek athlete who recently represented Greece in the 10,000m (and set a national record in the process), she’s also the co-author and star of Tracktown:

Alexi’s talents extend far beyond the track and screen. She’s been a…

  • columnist for Women’s Running Magazine
  • improvisational comedy performer in Los Angeles
  • author of a one-act play

As you can see, Alexi has done a lot more than just running. That’s why, in this interview, we don’t talk much about running.

I didn’t ask her what it was like being a multiple All-American for Dartmouth College. Or how it felt to set the Greek Record at the Rio Olympics of 31:36 in the 10,000m.

Instead, we talk about what it’s like to pursue so many goals, what she’s reading, and how she differentiates between her creative pursuits and being an elite athlete.

Alexi Pappas: Renaissance Woman

Alexi Pappas

This conversation will show you how to pursue many goals and interests (while still prioritizing what’s most important to you).

Alexi is a boundless source of quotables and wisdom that I found refreshing. I hope you enjoy this episode.

And please, don’t criticize my Haiku poem at the end of the show. I’m not a poet!

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