Dimity McDowell: The Cofounder of Another Mother Runner

The most rewarding aspect of running might be its community: come for the PR, stay for the people!

Beers with Bart

Beers and fun with Bart Yasso (the Mayor of Running) and other runners

Runners are some of the best people you’ll ever meet:

  • We support each other’s goals, even if they’re different from ours
  • If you fart next to us on a run, we won’t judge
  • Yes, we’ll meet you at 5AM for your run…
  • No, your black toenail doesn’t weird us out

And when it comes to community, very few people have done it better than Dimity McDowell.

You see, Dimity is the cofounder of Another Mother Runner – one of the largest communities you’ll find for women runners.

Besides the blog, the AMR ecosystem includes a helluva lot:

It’s a community for women runners, by women runners. And even as a guy, let me tell you that their content is superb because I think it’s great for any parent – not just mom.

I’m publishing this episode as an excerpt from Team Strength Running (if you’re not sure what that is, sign up here and I’ll give you all the details next week).

Dimity McDowell on Running like a Mother

Another Mother Runner Dimity McDowell

Dimity is on the Strength Running podcast today to talk about the many issues that are more unique to women. As you can imagine, I’m not the best person to address this topic.

As a man, there are a lot of things I’m simply not aware of or privy to in the sport of running.

It’s not just women’s issues; I bring in outside experts on everything that’s outside of my wheelhouse:

And I’m thrilled to introduce you to Another Mother Runner and the great work they’re doing for the running community.

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Like I mentioned, this isn’t the entire interview. The full, uncut version is available to any and all current Team Strength Running members.

Team SR is how members of our community can get regular, ongoing access to me as their coach – affordably. I firmly believe that every runner who wants to get better, should be able to:

  • have access to a coach
  • get a sound training plan that makes sense (this is actually more rare than I thought after looking at the plans you can download online…)
  • rest easy knowing you’re doing the right thing as you chase your goals

But it’s not just the training – it’s coaching. It’s getting your questions answered when you have them.

It’s about getting clarity when you’re confused so you can waste less time on indecision and spend more energy on your actual running.

And it’s about being a part of a team. Something bigger than you. A place where you can share your running stories. Or get motivation or support from other runners just like you.

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