How Sam Plans to Escape His Cycle of Injuries

Learning from the best is important – because “the best” are, by definition, the individuals at the top of the game.

never stop learning

This paradigm is noticeable everywhere:

  • Entrepreneurs read biographies (I’m reading Buffet right now) and join mastermind groups
  • Aspiring academics learn from PhD’s
  • New runners join a team and get a coach

Experts understand the nuance of their field – and the most helpful are usually those who combine technical expertise with the ability to teach it to everyone else.

But sometimes, you don’t necessarily want to learn from the industry’s most sought-after expert.

Sometimes, we want to hear stories about people just like us.

And that’s what we’re doing today on the Strength Running podcast – helping Sam escape his cycle of chronic injuries.

Sam is a member of Team Strength Running and is able to talk over these issues with me on our live coaching calls.

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Sam’s journey might sound like yours: formerly overweight, he started running and soon fell in love with the sport. He started running more, seeing some success, and actually won some races.

But then the wheels fell off and the injuries started coming fast and furious: plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome seemed to plague him every few months.

If any of this story sounds familiar, you won’t want to miss this episode of the podcast.

“When I got injured, I was only running”

Sam Team Strength Running

Sam started running in 2002 to lose the weight he put on in college. But his training really picked up years later when he started racing more in 2015.

He told me:

I set a goal to run another marathon in December, 2016 with a goal of a BQ. I dumped weight lifting  and boot camps, to focus on running. I jacked up my miles going from running 10-15 miles and week quickly to running 30-40 miles a week.

Leading up to the marathon I developed plantar fasciitis but was able to train through it. A week before the race I developed ITBS and ran the marathon anyways. It was a horrible race that left me sitting on the side of the road at one point.

But I finished (actually setting a PR in 3:30) and could barely walk afterward. After 2 months, I started training again and decided I wanted to try triathlons.

I jacked up my miles and completed a Half Ironman. But I didn’t take time to recover and developed ITBS. And I’ve been battling with issues ever since.

Listen in as we strategize how to get control over this injury cycle so Sam can focus on racing faster.

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A big thank you to Sam for joining us on the podcast, opening up about his running history, and allowing us a small glimpse into his life.

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