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Mark Cucuzzella, MD on A Comprehensive Injury Prevention Plan

Running injuries are the bane of every runner. Can you just imagine how you’d feel if you were strong enough to prevent more injuries?

Mark Cucuzzella Running

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella running in a pair of minimalist running shoes

Well, it’s not some pipe dream. Injury prevention is a top goal for every runner for good reason.

Stay healthy and you’ll…

  • Run more miles over the long-term (and more running is a surefire way to improve)
  • Run happier without having to sit on the sidelines, watching your fitness go down the drain…
  • Race more often, do more frequent workouts, and get in far better shape

But the annual rate of running injuries is alarmingly well over 60% for runners. More than half of us will get hurt this year!

What if you could substantially cut your risk – while improving your running?

How would you feel if you could build strength (and speed) while becoming a more robust, resilient runner?

You’d feel so good you might even put on some purple spandex and do a little dance…

These benefits are the result from effective, logical training. There’s no magic supplement, workout, or coach who can keep you healthy.

Truth be told, staying healthy is the result of dozens of factors at once:

  • The appropriateness of your workouts, long runs, and mileage
  • How hard you push yourself on easy and hard days
  • Daily movement patterns and level of sedentary behavior
  • Strength training (or lack thereof)
  • Training errors compounded over time
  • Lifestyle issues like sleep, stress, and nutrition

Improvements in each area will lower your risk of getting a running injury.

Like we recently discussed, some injury prevention strategies are better than others.

For example, that ice bath is nowhere near as effective at keeping you healthy as strength training!

To discuss injury prevention in a more holistic way, I invited Mark Cucuzzella, MD on the podcast to discuss his new book.

It’s a conversation that I’m still thinking about because it was so illuminating…

Mark Cucuzzella on How Runners Can Prevent Injuries

If you don’t know Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, you’re missing out.

He’s a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reservists. He designed the US Air Force Efficient Running Project and has presented running workshops on over 50 military bases.

Mark has been a national-level Masters runner, completed more than 100 marathon and ultra-marathon races, and is a two time winner of the Air Force Marathon. His PR? A staggering 2:24.

He’s also strongly involved in the local West Virginia running community:

Mark’s new book, Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy is all of his expertise and experience distilled into one manual for preventing injury.

He’s also on the Strength Running Podcast to discuss these topics in more detail.

We’re focusing on three main areas of prevention:

  • Running form: cues, mistakes, and big picture principles
  • Barefoot running: how to get started and avoid injuries
  • Lifestyle: what factors predispose you to getting hurt?

Listen to our conversation now on iTunes or on Stitcher.

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Thanks Mark for coming on the podcast, sharing your wisdom, and giving us a more nuanced, comprehensive look at how runners can stay healthy and prevent injuries. This is a conversation I won’t soon forget.

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