How a Physical Therapist (and 2:24 Marathoner) Prevents Injuries

Inside information is often a key competitive advantage. When it comes to the stock market, that advantage is so large it’s even illegal!

Verrelle Wyatt Physical Therapy

But when it comes to running, inside information isn’t illegal or even frowned upon. In fact, it’s encouraged!

That’s why I urge you to…

Each opportunity to learn makes you a more formidable opponent. With every juicy tidbit, factoid, theory, and new strategy comes a better understanding of how to structure your training and inch closer to your goals.

These experiences give you a firmer grasp on how to train effectively, prevent injuries, and break through a performance plateau.

Today is a unique opportunity to get some of this “inside information.”

That’s because I recently sat down with a physical therapist who’s also a high-performing runner.

Combining real-world knowledge of how to train, race, and improve with the professional background of a physical therapist, my guest on the podcast today will give you a deep understanding of how to get faster while staying healthy.

Verrelle Wyatt on Injury Prevention

Verrelle Wyatt

Verrelle Wyatt is a 2:24 marathoner, 4:18 miler, and an Athletic Hall of Famer for his high school. He received his doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Walsh University in Ohio.

He has two medical licenses in both Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy in addition to being certified as both a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).

In this conversation, we discuss a lot:

  • His experience working with Cirque du Soleil athletes
  • How having a doctoral degree in PT has informed his running
  • The training that led Verrelle to a 2:24 marathon
  • How to avoid the common injury mistakes that land runners in his office

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