Running Form Expert Matt Phillips on Gait Retraining and Cues

Proper running form is a hot topic. And for good reason! An economical stride helps you run faster – with fewer injuries.

Running Gait

But running form is also complex. While simplification is usually preferred, most coaches will answer “it depends” to most questions about gait retraining, form cues, and other aspects of efficient technique.

That’s because much depends on your:

  • Training age
  • Strength and ability
  • Experience and injury history

Without knowing more about you, specific questions about gait retraining are often difficult.

But there are certain principles and frameworks that apply to everyone. So even if you aren’t sure if adjusting your running stride is necessary, our goal today is to help you figure that out.

Because not all runners even need to tweak their form! If you’re healthy and improving, it’s probably best not to interfere with what’s working.

Fortunately for us, we have a running form expert with us on the podcast to help us think more deeply about the topic of running technique, how to improve it, and which form cues help the most.

Matt Phillips on Gait Retraining

Matt Phillips Gait Retraining

Matt Phillips is a running injury and performance specialist from England who’s written for most major media platforms and has spoken at numerous international conferences. You might recognize him!

He’s a massage therapist, video gait analyst, and is also the host of the Run Chat Live Podcast (I was recently a guest here!).

In this conversation, we’re covering a lot:

  • When is gait retraining a good idea? Who should consider it?
  • What are the risks of trying to improve your form?
  • Are the risks of prolonged sitting substantial? How can we work around this?
  • Can you reinforce proper running technique without trying to?
  • What aspects of this topic have changed in the last 10 years?

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If you’d like to reinforce proper form, improve your efficiency, and make running more economical you can do so using “form cues.” They are simple to implement ways of automatically improving your gait.

See my three favorite form cues here!

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