Escape Injuries and Run a New PR: A Behind the Scenes Coaching Call

Injuries are like a central governor to your training: they hold you back, limit your potential, and drag down your performances. How can you escape that injury cycle so you can accomplish more of your goals?

Running Marathon

A long time ago, I used to get injured all the time.

In college, I had a variety of repetitive stress injuries that prevented me from running like I wanted:

In hindsight, if I were able to escape that destructive cycle I would have been able to run higher mileage, complete more workouts, miss fewer races, increase my confidence, and train more consistently overall.

That means I could have been a lot better.

One of my goals with Strength Running is to prevent you from making the same mistakes that I’ve made in my own running career. Because I’ve made almost all of them!

Some of my “favorite” mistakes have been:

Now, my coaching philosophy is more balanced. There’s less pressure on any one individual workout and more on the total body of work completed during a training cycle.

And today on the podcast, I want to show you what that looks like in practice.

How to Get Healthy & Keep Improving

Brian Marathon

Brian putting in the miles training for his next marathon

Recently I asked the Strength Running community if anybody was interested in coming on the podcast to discuss their running.

And Brian stepped up!

Brian is in his mid-40’s and started running about five years ago. He’s run a variety of races but only one marathon. A big reason why is that he’s had a lot of injuries from knee pain, glute problems, and IT Band Syndrome.

And his only marathon wasn’t hugely successful. While he made it to the finish line, he did so with pain and didn’t run as well as he was hoping.

In this episode of the podcast, our goal is to keep Brian healthy and make his second marathon a cause for celebration.

We’re discussing:

  • How Brian typically prepares for the marathon
  • His background in other sports
  • The steps he can take to prioritize healthy, pain-free running
  • Marathon training fundamentals

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Thanks Brian for sharing your running life with us!

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