Movement Expert Todd Hargrove on Pain, Mobility, and Play

Runners are athletes that specialize in running. But because they’re athletes, they need to move well in a whole different variety of ways, too. How do you get started?

runner mobility

Just think of all the movements that contribute to your athleticism, injury resilience, and mobility. Our specialization in running doesn’t let us ignore the need to:

To help us explore our need to move and play, I invited Todd Hargrove onto the podcast. It was a wide ranging conversation and we started with motivation and the drive to succeed.


We then moved into mobility for athletes, how to practice a lot of different movement patterns as a runner (and why that’s important), and the origins of pain.

I hope you enjoy it – and if so, a review in Apple Music is much appreciated!

Todd Hargrove: How to Move Better

Todd is a former attorney turned manual therapist who scratched his own itch. After years of experiencing pain, he set out to understand what causes it, how to move better, and effective strategies for reducing pain and improving your athletic performances.

He has written two books, A Guide to Better Movement and Playing with Movement, which are interdisciplinary ways of looking at the problems of injury and pain. He brings in a broad diversity of disciplines like stress physiology to complex systems theory and then explains how that all relates back to athletes.

This conversation was wide-ranging and touches on subjects like static stretching, mobility, dynamic flexibility, how much of pain is mental, and strategies for having more fun in your training. Todd also gives us some tangible advice on:

  • Doing warm-ups as a sport specific activity
  • Ways to develop intrinsic motivation for running
  • How to approach a “balanced movement diet”
  • And where to start when looking to improve in your sport

I was also excited to hear that Todd is training for his first 5K. Tune in to hear about how the training is going for him!

I think you’re going to get a lot out of this episode, so get ready to take some notes. 

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