How Ultra Endurance Athlete Damian Hall Runs 250+ Miles (and you can, too!)

Curiosity about your running ability is one of the biggest drivers of success. Ask yourself: how fast can I run that distance? Can I beat my record? How long can I go? Can I run even further?

Damian Hall

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Being curious about your abilities is the initial step of breaking through your own limits. Here’s an example of that inner dialogue:

Can I run a sub-4 marathon? I’m not sure, but I can run a 2 hour half. That works out to a 4:11 marathon, so I would need to shave off 11 minutes. That means my pace has to be about 25 seconds faster per mile than I may be able to run now. But I also need to work on my endurance. To get there, my training should include…

You see the pattern. Asking questions of what’s possible leads to action, which yields progress.

This is how today’s guest got from running his first half marathon to setting ultra records. We talk about the journey, the drive, and the mistakes made along the way.

Damian Hall Shares About His Long Runs

Damian Hall is one of the best ultra endurance athletes in the UK. He has represented Great Britain at the trail world championships, holds 7 records or Fastest Known Times (FKTs) and he has competed in the Sahara Desert and the Arctic. All this in less than a decade-long running career.

Damian recently wrote a book called In It for the Long Run, which depicts his 2020 Pennine Way record attempt and details of his midlife crisis.

In today’s conversation, Damian shares about his most recent Wainwright Coast to Coast FKT and the hallucinations caused by hyponatremia (decreased sodium concentrations due to over hydration). Damian highlights the importance of drinking to thirst, rather than hitting drink targets, as is often suggested.

We also talk about the lessons learned that apply to life, in general. Hear Damian talk about his love for the sport and what he gets out of it in the clip below:

In this episode we also talk about:

  • How to prepare for days of running
  • What drives someone to run for hundreds of miles
  • How to know when you’re ready… for anything in life

To hear the entire episode, click the link below.

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