Rambling Runner Matt Chittim on Building Passion for Running and Lessons Learned from 500+ Podcast Episodes

Can we “life hack” our way in running? Shortcut the workouts, skip the warm-ups, and ignore the rest of the training? No! Like it or not, running well requires effort outside of the actual runs.

Matt Chittim

The dynamic warm-ups and post-run workouts, referred to as the sandwich method, are key to your running longevity. So is strength training, recovery, and sleep. And those are just the physical aspects.

Running is really a lot more than just the run. If you want to continue progressing in the sport, you can’t hack your way into it.

There are no shortcuts. Just smart training and the curiosity to keep going.

On today’s podcast, we have a guest who lives and breathes running. Yet he, too, has made mistakes in his training. He’s here today to talk about the lessons he has learned and share stories of running that will ignite the passion in all of us.

Matt Chittim Loves the Amateur Running Scene

Matt Chittim is the host for the Rambling Runner and Road to the Trials podcasts. He is a running coach and, of course, a passionate runner himself. He is enthusiastic about amateur runners and contributes so much to the community through his content.

In this podcast, we talk about his recent injury, what lead to it, and the lessons that Matt learned through this experience. He offers words of wisdom that serve as a valuable reminder to all of us:

We also talk about how we’re all special but not unique in our needs. Our bodies all require proper care to perform at their best. Though the implementation of training and recovery technique is specific to each runner.

I enjoy hearing Matt reflecting on all this for himself while offering insights to our community.

Our topics of conversation also cover:

  • The start and evolution of a running career
  • What leads to a running injury and how to recover from it
  • Importance of the proper training process
  • The difference between knowing the right things and doing them

I loved this raw and real conversation and I hope you will find it to be informative as well. Check out the full episode below.

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