Physio Brodie Sharpe on How to Run a New Personal Best (without injuries)

Performance and injury prevention are often two competing goals. To perform well, we often must push the envelope. But to stay healthy, we usually have to stay more cautious with our training.

Brodie Sharpe

Today we’re discussing the fine balance between the two and how to effectively progress in running.

Several tools mentioned in this episode are recurring themes here at Strength Running. We often highlight the importance of:

Our guest today shares more nuance about how to get the most out of your training plan, your log, and you body’s feedback.

In particular, we talk about:

  • How and when to modify your training plan (early and often!)
  • Understanding the signs that your body is giving
  • What to do if symptoms of an injury return
  • How to use loading when running isn’t an option

Brodie Sharpe Helps Runners Get Back to Running

Brodie Sharpe is a runner and a physiotherapist based in Australia who helps injured runners get healthy and stay that way. He is the host of The Run Smarter Podcast and has certifications from The Running Clinic, the Running Repairs Course, Sports Medicine Australia, and Athletics Victoria Run as a running coach.

It’s a pleasure to have Brodie as a part of our community. I was a guest on his podcast where we talked all about training plans and he was a prior sponsor of the SR Podcast.

In this episode, Brodie is sharing some of the biggest lessons he has learned about running a new personal best while staying healthy. 

And of course, we can’t cover this topic without discussing the common injury cycles that runner find themselves in. Brodie has a personalized approach that focuses on a gradual return to running based on symptoms.

For some runners, that may mean only a few days off while others will have to be slower in getting back to running. Even if you’re injured, Brodie suggests a smart approach to avoiding setbacks:

You can read all the details in his free ebooks and learn more in this podcast. Check out the full episode below.

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