Mountain Runner Kelly Halpin on One-Hour Warm-ups and Well-Rounded Athleticism

No matter how much you love running, all runners should strive to be athletes for success and longevity in the sport.  Being well-rounded in pursuit of your goals can make you strong and fit for the long haul, both mentally and physically.

We’re all shaped by the environment we grow up in. For some of us, that means a childhood spent playing in the Grand Teton Mountains. This week’s guest on the podcast is a mountain runner, climber, hiker and snowboarder.  Kelly Halpin has a passion for exploring remote wilderness, often on her own. 

Kelly’s incredibly diverse background has shaped her into the athlete she is today. She has the distinction of earning 14 FKTs (Fastest Known Times) on routes throughout Wyoming, Montana, Utah and California. Most of them have been unsupported – meaning she did them with no assistance and carried everything she needed with her –  sometimes for multiple days.

Kelly Halpin on encouraging a passion to explore the outdoors

In addition to her athleticism, Kelly is a prolific artist who uses her talent as an illustrator to encourage others to explore the outdoors.  As a professional runner with so many unique interests, Kelly brings a unique perspective to athletes in a variety of sports. Her strength and tenacity and joy for the outdoors is inspiring!

Kelly and I touch on a number of topics that runners and other athletes can relate to, including:

  • Kelly’s breadth and depth as an athlete
  • How she balances her love for so many competitive sports
  • Advice for parents who want to expose their kids to a variety of outdoor adventures
  • How Kelly transitioned her love for the outdoors into a full time career
  • The way her athletic lifestyle influences her art.
  • The details behind Kelly’s extensive warmup routine

Enjoy my unique and dynamic conversation with Kelly!

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