Pregnant & Postpartum Running with Dr. Rachel Selman DPT, CSCS

Misconceptions and misunderstandings abound when it comes to running and pregnancy. With the research constantly evolving it can be tough to keep up, but patience in the recovery process will ultimately pay off in the long term.

From the time a woman finds out she is pregnant to the postpartum period and beyond, a woman’s body goes through an intense array of changes. If you’re a runner who is pregnant, planning on a pregnancy, or trying to get back to running after giving birth, you may have gotten limited or conflicting information about what activities are appropriate and when.

Thankfully, we have moved beyond the idea that a woman’s uterus will fall out from running!  But the science of what activities are healthiest for pregnant and postpartum women has been slow to evolve. Until the past few years the recommendations have been more restrictive than necessary during pregnancy, and often the opposite extreme after the 6-week postpartum period.

Dr. Rachel Selman on Running and Pregnancy

This week’s guest on the podcast is here to help you make sense of it all.  Dr. Rachel Selman is a physical therapist based in Georgia who specializes in pregnant and postpartum athletes. She is also a mom and a runner.

Rachel is certified as both a Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner.  She is a wealth of information for new and expecting moms who are trying to figure out how their running will be affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and running is admittedly not my area of expertise. But Rachel is here to help! She talks in depth about what to expect during each of the trimesters of pregnancy, and the best way to help your body heal and get strong again after giving birth.

We discuss a number of important topics for pregnant and postpartum women, including:

  • The importance of core strength leading into pregnancy
  • Focusing on maintaining rather than building fitness while pregnant
  • Learning to run by rate of perceived exertion (RPE) to guide your activity level
  • What we’ve learned in the past few years about running during all three trimesters of pregnancy
  • Red flags to watch out for when you are running while pregnant
  • How it can benefit your body to take up to 12 weeks before you start running again

If you’re a new or expecting mom, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Rachel.

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