Get to Know Jason: An Interview with Strength Running’s Jason Fitzgerald

Jason is the driving force behind Strength Running’s website, video channel, and podcast, but you may not know as much about his life behind the scenes. Today Jason gets interviewed about his history, advice for runners and entrepreneurs, his current aspirations, and more!

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As your coach and podcast host, Jason is usually the one doing the interviewing and trying to help you get the most from your running. But this week’s episode is a little different! Jason’s friend and fellow coach, Sara Manderscheid, agreed to spend some time talking with him about who he is behind the microphone.

Sara is a running coach and Boston qualifier with more than 15 years of competitive experience.  She hosts the Elevate Your Running Podcast and Elevate Your Running camps held in Boulder, Colorado. After Jason spoke at one of her recent camps, several campers requested to learn more about him personally.  So Sara and Jason sat down to discuss his history with running, how Strength Running came to be, and many of his favorite things related to the sport.

“A sport that lights me up”

Despite almost trying out for golf, Jason decided on running instead when he joined his high school track and cross-country teams. Thank goodness! The camaraderie the team provided, along with his constant drive to improve, helped Jason find a sport that lit him up then and has continued to do so for decades.

Jason started his career after college in the environmental field, but began to pursue his passion on the side when he purchased the domain name for Strength Running back in 2007. Two years later the website came to fruition, and by the following year he was blogging regularly to create more content for the site. Jason jumped headlong into podcasting in 2016 with the Strength Running podcast, which has become one of his favorite parts of his work.

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Whether it’s his work or his running, Jason has always been excited about the process of improvement. In running (and most things in life), you get out of it what you put into it. Whether it’s training for a marathon or building Strength Running to help thousands of runners, for Jason it’s about enjoying the journey and process of getting there.

Through running and coaching, Jason found a passion that has consistently given him the intrinsic motivation to continue to improve. He continues to keep an open mind about whatever the end product may be. Sara talks in depth with Jason about his career, his personal life, and of course all things running, including:

  • Mindsets and mantras
  • Favorite race distances
  • What he craves after a long run
  • Past training failures and what he wished he’d learned sooner
  • Favorite types of podcast topics
  • Advice for runners and entrepreneurs
  • His preference for super short shorts!

Enjoy their conversation to learn more about your favorite Strength Running coach!

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