High Mileage Tips, Tricks, and Philosophy, with Boulder Underground’s Matt Meyer

Training your body to run high mileage takes time, patience, and perseverance, along with a foundation of strength to stay healthy. Not everyone can run 100+ mile weeks, but we can all learn from the training and mindset principles of those who do – like Matt Meyer.

As a new or seasoned runner, one of the best ways to improve your endurance is to run more miles. Of course this comes with a caveat – you can’t go from zero to 100 until your body is prepared to handle the increased mileage.  

Training with high mileage for the marathon – or any long distance event – requires a delicate balance of structure and flexibility.  You have to be willing to push yourself, but also know how to listen to your body and balance hard workouts with a high volume of easy running.

On the podcast this week I have Matt Meyer, a devoted member of the Boulder running community who has learned to thrive on impressively high mileage training. Matt is both a running and strength coach who works at Revo Physiotherapy and Sports Performance in Boulder. He owns an impressive 2:34 PR in the marathon, but is hoping to demolish that with a 2:25 in December at CIM (California International Marathon).

Matt Meyer on high mileage weeks and intuitive running


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Early in Matt Meyer’s running career, his talent and drive for running fast and long led to the critical mistake that catches so many runners: doing too much, too soon. While running 90+ mile weeks for marathon training he suffered bilateral stress fractures and couldn’t run for 3 months.

Although Matt’s injury history is an all too common one for runners, his comeback story is not. After extensive work with PT and being relegated to a maximum of 40 miles a week in his post-injury training cycle, Matt learned the importance of building durability before volume. 

With a strong foundation of strength work to rebuild his durability, Matt can now handle mileage that is pretty jaw dropping to most of us. Through his training that balances a strategic yet flexible approach, he has continued to get faster and run incredible mileage, week after week.

In our conversation, Matt and I discuss the the ins and outs of high mileage running, including:

  • The necessity of balancing very easy and very hard running
  • Why running requires having a continuous conversation with your body
  • How strength training builds a foundation for durability
  • The importance of seeing every training block as a stepping stone
  • How to pick the low hanging fruit when it comes to recovery (hint: eat and sleep!)
  • Why training PRs are just as important as race PRs

No matter how many miles you run each week, there’s a lot to be learned from my conversation with Matt.  Enjoy!

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