World Mountain Running Champion Grayson Murphy on Long-Term Injury Recovery

We often read about elite runners when they are at the peak of their sport, so it’s easy to forget that they face the same challenges with injury that we do. Just as we can learn from their training, we can also learn a great deal from their injury recovery process.

Grayson Murphy

Even when they are short-lived, injuries are frustrating and stressful for runners who just want to get out and enjoy their sport. Runners can get trapped in an injury cycle when they don’t allow enough injury recovery time, or fail to change the training mistakes that caused the initial injury.

As much as we never want to be side-lined by injuries, they can act as a wake up call and force you to do a better job tuning into your own body. The more you learn to listen to your body’s small niggles, the better you’ll be at addressing problem areas before they turn into a long term problem.

Even when you are young, strong and fit, injuries can still find a way to wreak havoc on your racing season. This week’s guest on the podcast is an elite runner who had come off several successful years on the track, on the roads, and in the mountains, only to face a setback with multiple injuries.  

Grayson Murphy on Injury Recovery (over months and months)

Grayson Murphy is a five-time Division 1 All-American, the 2019 World Mountain Running Champion, and the 2019 and 2021 US Mountain Running Champion. In addition to her racing success, Grayson is working on her Masters of Sustainable Natural Resources at Oregon State University. She also has her own small business selling a self-designed training log and planner.

Catch her contribution to Episode 160: 5 Of The World’s Fastest Women On Injury Prevention & Recovery!

Grayson and I discuss her year of injuries, and she shares how she has approached her injury recovery both mentally and physically. Her openness about dealing with injury is a tremendous resource for all levels of runners. Some topics we touch on include:

  • Her sequence of injuries, from her plantar fascia to her hip
  • How cross-training both hindered and helped her recovery process
  • The importance self-assessment along with professional help
  • How a written training journal can help with injury prevention and recovery
  • What she learned about recognizing different types of pain
  • How she is beginning to trust her body again post-injury

Grayson’s thoughtfulness and self-reflection on her recovery process will help any runner, whether injured or not!

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