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P90X Creator Tony Horton on the Power of Exercise to Change Your Life

It may sound trite, but running and fitness have the power to change lives. Today’s guest is here to remind us never to underestimate the value of your lifelong health.

There’s nothing like a great run to make you feel your best for the day, both physically and mentally. Even if your path to fitness takes a route other than running – such as biking, yoga, or weightlifting – the power of exercise and fitness to lift you up is real.

But to improve in running or any other sport, you have to develop consistency. Without regular practice, improvement stagnates and motivation often fades with it. Staying healthy and fit for life requires a goal and a plan with a driving force that goes deeper than appearance. This week’s guest on the podcast discovered the intrinsic motivation to maintain his health and wellness through the past 4+ decades.

Tony Horton on the tremendous power of exercise

When it comes to health and fitness, Tony Horton needs no introduction. For over 40 years he has been involved in the fitness industry, and continues to be a model of health well into his 60s. Tony became a household name with the development of P90X, and has worked with a number of celebrities including Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

Although Tony does not run competitively, he explores his local California trails on the run each week as part of his regular fitness routine. Tony has long emphasized becoming a well rounded athlete in body and mind, and his training reflects this.

My discussion with Tony Horton focuses on the mental and physical benefits of fitness. Without both elements, the journey is less valuable and meaningful. Some of the topics we delve into include:

  • How Tony got immersed in the world of fitness
  • The early impact of fitness on both his body and mind
  • The development and evolution of the popular P90X training system
  • How Tony has continued to evolve alongside the fitness industry
  • Why consistency and flexibility are key to making fitness a lifelong practice
  • The importance of optimizing essentials like sleep, diet, and recovery as you get older

Tony’s message is valuable and relatable for all athletes.  Enjoy our discussion!

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