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Healthy Knees Masterclass: Knee Health Myths & Injury Prevention with Dr. Howard Luks

As a runner, it’s almost guaranteed that somebody has told you, “Running is bad for your knees!”

Spoiler alert: It’s not. Dr. Howard Luks has the education and experience to prove it.

Howard spent more than 20 years as the Chief of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at New York Medical College, specializing in athlete care.

As a board certified orthopedic surgeon, he focuses on a variety of joints but focuses on knee health. His wisdom is game-changing for runners.

Howard Luks graduated with honors from New York Medical College. He completed orthopedic surgery residency before his fellowship in sports medicine at the Hospital for Joint diseases in New York City.

Howard’s also the author of the book “Longevity… Simplified” and is the cofounder of Simplavida, a platform sharing tools and tactics for simplifying longevity.

Although running isn’t bad for your knees, you can still suffer a knee injury.

Howard joined us on the podcast to help us consider the best injury prevention strategies. We also busted some common knee health myths.

Howard Luks on How Runners Can Have Healthy Knees for the Long Run

If all runners focused on knee health, Howard could work himself out of his job. But that doesn’t stop him from sharing knee health education for athletes.

In this episode, Howard Luks and I talk about:

  • Squats for knee health: form and variety
  • Functional strength training that mimics life activities
  • Assessing risk with knee pain or swelling, and whether you should stop running
  • The true cause of osteoarthritis
  • How running can actually help knee health and cartilage
  • Running types that put runners at higher risk for knee injury
  • Managing knee injuries through load management and smart exercises
  • Exercises to improve power and quickness for running on hills and trails
  • The effects of shoe choice and training surface

Next time somebody tells you that running will hurt your knees, send them this episode.

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