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Thanks for being an affiliate for Strength Running’s coaching programs! We create the most effective, easy-to-use, results-oriented running programs on the market and we’re proud to have you as an affiliate.

To help you drive more sales, there are resources below that can be used in blog articles, emails to your audience, and social media posts.

Remember, you get a 50% commission on any level of these programs (ranging from $49 – $169), so an effective sales campaign can work quite well for you if designed properly.

How to Sign Up for the Program & Get Your Affiliate Links

The affiliate program sign up link is:

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you’ll be able to see your reports, payment info, and special links that will credit you for referred sales of SR programs.

Anytime you link to the program, you should use your unique affiliate link to ensure you get all commissions deserved.

Injury Prevention for Runners Images

Below are images associated with the Injury Prevention for Runners program:

Injury Prevention for Runners

Injury Prevention for Runners books


Video Image


You may also pull any images from the Injury Prevention for Runners sales page.


Nutrition for Runners Images

Below are images associated with the Nutrition for Runners program:

Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition Logo Transparent


Jason and Anne


You may also pull any images from the Nutrition for Runners sales page.

Examples of Successful Affiliate Campaigns

The posts below highlight products that I am an affiliate for that did very well.

— (guest post from the product owner) (interview with the product owner) (interview with bonus offer)

A few lessons to be learned:

  • A shallow review of the program will not generate many sales.
  • Always provide as much value as possible, with the product being the “next step” in the reader’s education.
  • If possible, offer a bonus if a reader purchases the program through your affiliate link for a bigger incentive.

The best way to sell a product is with an email sequence 3-5 emails long over 3-5 days (one email per day). In an example 5-day sequence, the topics of the emails will be:

  • Email #1: Explain why the topic is so important and highlight the benefits of the program (without mentioning the program). I.e., what is the benefit of staying healthy and injury-free?
  • Email #2: Address objects to purchasing the product and give advice on the topic
  • Email #3: Provide extra value and then introduce the program
  • Email #4: Tell a story and remind the reader about the special offer (give away a bonus!)
  • Email #5: Send a short reminder that the bonus offer is no longer available after today

Additional Resources

I am here to help! If you want me to write a guest post for your site, do an interview, be on your podcast, or whatever then please just let me know.

Often, having someone get to know the author/creator of a program is a great way to build trust and generate more sales. I’m happy to help your campaign be as successful as possible.

You can always email me at support [at] strengthrunning [dot] com. I’m available to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks, as always!
– Jason.

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