What’s the Best Running Cadence? How to Know Your Ideal Step Rate

In 2010, my obsession with running form peaked. I started caring about things that I never thought of before, like running cadence, foot strike, and how shoes impacted our form.

Jason Running Cadence

Working on my turnover in the mountains of Colorado

How Should Runners Plan Strength Training? 2 Critical Ingredients

Runners have a nearly endless selection of exercises, routines, workouts, and classes to plan their strength training. But how can they decide how best to get stronger as a runner?

weight lifting for runners

Having fun with my strength training…

When you try …

Mental Toughness Training: The Allure of Mastering Your Mindset

In high school, my indoor track coach always told our team to “get out of your comfort zones!” This valuable mental toughness training always reminded us that racing is certainly not comfortable…

Jason Running - HS Track

Ain’t nobody clipping me at the line!

Mental Skills Spotlight: How Adam Became Mentally Strong

Runners are always focused on training their bodies with long runs, workouts, and strength training. But why don’t we formally train our minds and develop our mental skills?


Building mental skills and prioritizing our mindset may sound out …

Performance Psychology for Runners with Dr. Justin Ross

Performance psychology for runners promises to turbocharge your training so you’re able to get the most out of your body on race day. But how does this field of psych relate to endurance running?

performance psychology for runners

Looking back over my running …

2020: The Year of Mastering Your Mindset

Happy 2020! Welcome to the Year of Mastering Your Mindset – when we focus on our mental fitness and develop the confidence, focus, and mental toughness to reach our biggest running goals.

Mental Fitness

Before we explore our new theme for …

A Confession About 2019: Why There Was No “Year Of”…

Every year on Strength Running, I announce a theme that helps us focus on a particular topic throughout the year. But that didn’t happen last year…

This is a tradition that goes back to the very beginning of Strength …

Can I Help You Build Your Mental Fitness?

Running is a physically demanding sport – there’s no question about that. But your success is just as driven by your mental strength as well as your physical prowess.

Mental Fitness

A foundation of mental fitness helps you push through tough …

Elite Mountain Runner Peter Maksimow on Public Lands, IPA’s, and Plogging

Peter Maksimow has running in his blood. Maybe that’s why he’s so immersed in the trail, ultra, and mountain running communities.

Peter Maksimow

Photo by Adam Williams

A member of the 2015 silver-medal winning World Long Distance Mountain Running team, Peter …

How to Become a Competitive Trail Runner with Abby Levene

Trail running helps runners in so many ways that every runner ought to be asking themselves, “How can I add more trails to my training!?”

Abby Leven Trail Running

Abby Levene trail running to the top of the world. Photo: Daniel Bichler

Getting …