Strength, Variety, and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you a creature of habit?

Training Variations

I definitely am. My training is predictable even though I know the serious benefits of variety in any program. I run the same trails, do similar workouts from training cycle to training …

Becoming Indestructible: The Building a Better Runner Giveaway

Would you like to run more and train harder with fewer running injuries?

If you have a time goal for your next race or want to run in less pain, of course you want to train more consistently!

Strong Finish

Last …

Don’t Let Your Engine Outpace Your Chassis: How to Build a Strong Body

I love this analogy: Don’t let your engine outpace your chassis.

How to Build a Strong Body

It’s a simple analogy that refers to your metabolic or aerobic fitness (endurance) vs. your structural fitness (bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles). I like to tell my …

The Standard Warm-Up: Video Demonstration

The Standard Warm-up is a dynamic flexibility and stretching routine that is done before you run. This series of light strength exercises and mobility drills help prepare your body to work harder.

What I love about this routine is …

Five Running Tips for Beginners – Strength, Recovery, and More

New runners often struggle with training because they have so many questions about day to day training.  Resources like Runner’s World and Active provide large forums for runners to get feedback but I’ve found some of the suggestions there …

The ITB Rehab Routine – Video Demonstration

IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most frustrating injuries for runners. But there’s a way to run pain-free again!

running with it band syndrome

I know a thing or two about having an injured IT band. After the New York City Marathon …

Developing Running Coordination and Athleticism (Or, Preventing One-Dimensional Fitness)

Runners can be in great shape, but most of them aren’t very athletic. Two of the worst basketball players I’ve ever seen were three-season runners. Ask most runners to hurdle, dribble a soccer ball, or cut back and forth …

How to Go From a 17:00 5k Runner to a 2:25 Marathoner: Lessons From an All-American

I sat down with my good friend Adam Fitzgerald (no relation) to talk running and got a helluva interview. Adam is a Division III Cross Country All-American who’s run 2:25 in the marathon. But his freshman year in …

Strength Exercises for Runners: It’s Time to Level Up Your Running

Running injuries happen for so many reasons – aggressive mileage increases, running too fast on your easy days, poor running form, muscle imbalances, and lack of recovery between hard workouts. Do you notice a theme here? All of these

Laying the Fitness Foundation: How to Skip the Intro Training Plan for Beginners

Have you ever met a successful runner who has only been running for a few months? I have. There are certain people who seem to jump into running and are able to perform at a competitive level. How do