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How to Run for Decades Without Burning Out

When I started running in high school, I had no idea I’d still be at it 19 years later. I thought it was just a way to meet girls (and my mom thought it was a good way to keep me out of prison).

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But here I am, conquering summits and ripping up the track in my mid-30’s (I stayed out of prison, too!).

Are you the same way?

For a lot of runners, what started as a way to get in shape or lose a few pounds turns into a lifelong passion.

Soon, you’re going on running retreats and flying across the country to run a marathon. What did we do with all of our free time before running?!

Alas, not every runner gets to experience a lifetime of running bliss.

Some of us over train, burn out, or get so injured that we simply give up. But I will not let that happen to you!

Instead, let’s learn from lifelong competitors who are still running after decades of workouts, long runs, and races.

These are athletes that have discovered the secret to unlocking a lifetime of racing, trail runs, and workouts (in other words… a lifetime of FUN!).

And Jonathan Beverly interviewed 50 of them to help you run for decades.

Running Longevity 101

In his new book Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race, Jonathan Beverly discusses the universal principles that promote lifelong running.

He spoke with 50 “lifetime competitors” like:

But more importantly, he interviewed a lot of normal runners! Not just Olympians or previous Boston Marathon winners – but average runners who don’t have elite genetics.

That’s why this podcast episode is so important: it’s what works for all runners – not just the best runners.

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