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10 Running and Fitness Blogs to Help You Run Fast and Dominate Your Next Race

An Ocean of Possibilities Await You...Here Are 10

To be a better runner, you have to train well, stay healthy, and be absolutely dedicated.  How do you do all this?  Learn everything you can about running and leading a healthy lifestyle.  You’ll be able to design a great training program to get you ready for your next race, prevent injuries, and keep yourself motivated to continue training.

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, consider an online running coach.  But if you really want to learn everything you can, I want to share 10 running and fitness blogs that help me continue learning.  These are great resources for insights into training, recovery, and designing the healthiest life for yourself.

Science of Running is written by Steve Magness, an exercise physiologist and self described “somewhat fast runner” (he’s a 4:01 miler).  This site is a fantastic look into the underlying science behind improving running performance.  Steve often dispels convention wisdom when it comes to running (like how swiss balls aren’t effective) and digs deep into modern and historical training types.

If you have a scientific background or are interested in enhancing your running through the latest research, check Steve out. His articles always impress me.

Run Addicts is a running blog with a growing library of posts that cater mostly to new and intermediate runners.  Started by Davy Kestens, the site has an incredible design and hosts articles on starting to run, health and nutrition, and inspirational running stories to keep you motivated.

I recently wrote an article for Run Addicts discussing how competitive distance running can be part of a healthy lifestyle.  This site is going to be huge and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Nerd Fitness is a great site that focuses on getting in shape and how to “level up your life.”  I’m excited about Nerd Fitness because its author Steve has a great community of people dedicated to leading active lives and improving their health every day.

This month he’s going to launch his Rebel Fitness Guide which looks incredible – months of detailed workouts, a diet plan, instructional videos, and printable worksheets to help you with every workout.  If you’re looking to finally get in shape (or complement a Couch to 5k program), this is for you.

Running Quest is written by Clynton Taylor and chronicles his journey to rediscovering his passion for distance running.  Running Quest focuses on barefoot running and leading a more vibrant life – it even has a “12 Step Program to Run Barefoot” that’s great for runners wanting to make the leap.

Clynton is also a prolific Tweeter – follow him at @RunningQuest for his insights on training and minimalism.

Healthy Lifestyle Design is one of those blogs that makes you competitively healthy – its inspirational, practical, and can literally change your life.  Matt Gartland has put together a site based on his belief that “fearless healthy living is among the few true ways to maximize the human experience.”

Matt is releasing his Fearless Health: How to Thrive in an Unhealthy World on August 3rd (that’s right, TOMORROW as of this publishing) and it’s an awesome free report on how to achieve fearless healthy lifestyle domination.  Read an excerpt and sign up for his newsletter for more information – I already did.

Sweat Science is another site dedicated to the science behind running, cycling, and other types of exercise written by journalist Alex Hutchinson.  My favorite aspect of this site is that it synthesizes a lot of research that’s published and makes it easily readable.

If you’re wondering if you should go all-out during the bike leg of your next triathlon, or what the great Nike conspiracy is, Sweat Science will answer your questions.

Naturally Engineered explores the more natural side of fitness: barefoot running, eating a paleo diet, and promoting functional fitness.  Writer David Csonka shares his own workouts and experiences which really enhance my experience at Naturally Engineered.

One of my favorite posts is David’s  look at how Boca burgers aren’t food.  Even though I don’t eat a strict paleo diet (I run too much and need more carbs), his analysis is spot-on.  Check this post out the next time you’re told they’re healthy.

Coach Jay Johnson is written by (you guessed it) Jay Johnson, a former Colorado University distance runner and current coach of elite athletes Sarah and Brent Vaughn.  Jay has literally changed how I train on a day-to-day basis.  Seriously, he is one of the main reasons I have been healthy for the last year and a half (thanks Jay!).

Jay might be most well known for his strong views on “general strength” – routines and exercises designed to make runners stronger, more flexible, and athletic.  He once said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “To be a good runner, you must first be a good athlete.”  His site has a lot of videos which make learning his routines much easier.

Speed Endurance focuses on the runners out there who crave speed.  Are you a sprinter?  Are you fascinated by Usain Bolt?  Do you want to know how to develop killer speed on the track?  Speed Endurance is your resource.

Written by Jimson Lee, Speed Endurance has been featured by ESPN, the BBC, and Yahoo Sports.  Impressed yet?  If not, Lee has been called one of the top online speed experts.  Sign up to receive RSS alerts for the most updated information.

Runblogger is an awesome site for runners who like shoes.  Author Pete Larson has a running shoe addiction and is constantly analyzing the latest minimalist and barefoot trends, the most recent shoes to hit the market, and the implications of footwear on running performance.

What I really like about Larson’s writing is that he is noticeably obsessed with shoes.  He teaches anatomy at St. Anselm College and his expertise in biomechanics, anatomy, and the science behind footwear is apparent.  Thinking of buying a pair of Vibram FiveFingers or going minimalist?  Read Runblogger’s archives.

If you made it this far, you’re genuinely interested in getting faster, healthy, and becoming a better runner.  Way to go!  Show some love and start reading these awesome websites – your PR’s will thank you.

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