Dr. Amber Shipherd on Building Confidence, Self-Efficacy, and Positive Self-Talk

Are you your own best cheerleader? Or do you consistently doubt yourself and your running? The answer may dictate how successful you are as a runner.

Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is one of the most important concepts in the world of …

Professor Brian Zuleger on the Mental Strengths of Youth, Community, and Fun

Diving into the minds of collegiate athletes is fascinating. Especially if those days are behind you, it can be hard to remember how different our perspectives were in our late teens and early 20s. What can we learn from …

Mantras for Running that Boost Mental Toughness

Have you ever used mantras for running? A mantra is a personal affirmation that helps you focus and stay mentally tough. And they work!

mantras for running

This year, we’re celebrating the Year of Mastering our Mindset.

Yogi Berra said this …

Professor Shawn Bearden on the Science of Ultramarathons

Do ultramarathons seem to be reserved for ultra athletes? If you’ve ever wondered, dabbled in, or been curious about ultras – you’ll be inspired by episode 157 of the Strength Running Podcast.

Shawn Bearden ultra

Let’s break down ultramarathon basics first: an …

How Ultra Runner Lisa Tamati Goes All-in, Stays Mentally Tough, and Confronts Pre-Race Anxiety

Mental toughness is a prized mental fitness skill among endurance runners. And Lisa Tamati, one of New Zealand’s best endurance athletes, shows that it helps in all areas of life.

Lisa Tamati

As athletes, we intentionally put ourselves in mentally …

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff on Managing Fear and Reframing Adversity

What would you do differently if you knew that your biggest growth opportunities are during times of adversity?

reframing adversity

We all strive for a perfect race, a successful career, a happy family – that’s where you want to be. …

Mindset Traps: How Runners Mentally Self-Sabotage

When I first started running, the abilities of better runners simply stunned me. Their physical prowess was impressive, but their mental fitness was profound.

racing runners

As an eager 14-year old on my high school’s cross country team, I barely ever …

Master Your Mental Game with Pro Sports Psychologist Justin Su’a

We’re all seeking an edge in our running to reach new levels of ability. Today we’re exploring powerful ways to help you train your mind – and reach the final frontiers of your performance.

mental training

Mental fitness is much like …

Mental Toughness Training: The Allure of Mastering Your Mindset

In high school, my indoor track coach always told our team to “get out of your comfort zones!” This valuable mental toughness training always reminded us that racing is certainly not comfortable…

Jason Running - HS Track

Ain’t nobody clipping me at the line!

Mental Skills Spotlight: How Adam Became Mentally Strong

Runners are always focused on training their bodies with long runs, workouts, and strength training. But why don’t we formally train our minds and develop our mental skills?


Building mental skills and prioritizing our mindset may sound out …