Strength Exercises for Runners: It’s Time to Level Up Your Running

Running injuries happen for so many reasons – aggressive mileage increases, running too fast on your easy days, poor running form, muscle imbalances, and lack of recovery between hard workouts. Do you notice a theme here? All of these reasons for injury are preventable.

The Rebel Fitness Guide - Level Up Your Running

What if I told you that you could improve your running form, increase your stride power, handle more mileage and harder workouts, prevent injuries, and recover faster? With specific strength exercises for runners, you’ll accomplish all of this.

One of the biggest mistakes that runners make is not including enough strength work in their training. Beginner runners often include no strength work in their program – and their injury rate proves how costly this decision can be: about two-thirds of runners are hurt every year! Some estimates put this number as high as 80%.

But you don’t have to be.

I used to be injured all the time: achilles tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, chronic lower-back pain, and plantar fasciitis. I’ve made one simple change to my training to include more strength exercises, and I haven’t had a major injury in a year and a half!

In addition to strength exercises, eating right is a challenge because of the misinformation out there (especially in grocery stores). Packaged foods labeled as healthy are often crap. I used to feel like I needed a translation tool to figure out what was healthy when I went shopping. If you’re looking to prevent injury and run at your best, a healthy diet is crucial for recovery and fueling your workouts.

But most runners just don’t know where to start. There is so much information out there on the best strength exercises and diet rules that it’s intimidating: How do you squats properly? What about expensive gym memberships? Will I have enough time? Aren’t health foods more expensive?

Strength Exercises for Runners Made Simple

The Rebel Fitness Guide answers all of these questions – and more. Created by Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness, it’s a massive package including the Rebel Fitness Guide, Rebel Diet Guide, the Rebel Food Fighter, and six separate Workout Exercise workbooks.

The Rebel Diet Guide - Nutrition Made Simple

I’m usually skeptical of these products because they’re normally filled with hype and generic advice. So I was surprised when I looked at the Rebel Fitness Guide. It’s packed with value – over 130 pages of content that will help you get stronger, resist injury, and develop unconventional health. If you are unsure of how to build a strong fitness foundation before a block of hard training, you’ve found your answer.

I only promote products that I trust and in fact, I’ve personally purchased the latest Rebel Strength Guide for myself. I know a lot about strength exercises for runners but I wanted a detailed program to work from. The videos of every exercise also help for some of the more complex movements.

These guides are a complete program to “level up your life” and will provide a remarkable fitness foundation to injury-proof your running. They cover:

  • How to mentally and physically prepare for your workouts
  • Fast workouts that burn fat – instead of spending hours in the gym
  • Definitive steps to dominate your diet and the grocery store – no more guesswork
  • Strength exercises that will last you six months – including video demonstrations!
  • Different experience levels to fit your level of fitness – with ways to track your progress

What I really like about the Rebel Fitness Guide is that you can use it on your own terms. Go at your own pace and explore each workout. With video demonstrations, you won’t stress over how to perform each exercise and you can play it back anytime. Some strength exercises for runners are complex but this feature helps break it down for you.

The Diet and Food Fighter books are alone worth the price – print a few pages and bring them to the grocery store. You’ll save money by not buying alleged “health food” in disguise and boost your health. Everyone wants a healthier diet and these resources make it easy to save money in the grocery store, increase your recovery time with good nutrition, and supercharge your workouts when you’re properly fueled.

The Rebel Food Fighter - Dominate Your Diet

A huge part of building your running fitness foundation is being at a healthy weight. I won’t sugarcoat this for you: if you are over-weight then running will put more stress on your joints and muscles (making you more likely to get injured) and you’ll run much slower than you normally would.  The Rebel Fitness Guide will help you get down to your healthy weight, build lean muscle, and finally make running easier.

This product is for you if you want to lose some weight, you’re a beginner runner, or you’re overwhelmed by strength exercises. But if you’re  already in superhuman shape and know your way around the free-weight section of the gym, then you’re probably too advanced for the Rebel Fitness Guide.

If you’re interested in creating a healthier and more fit lifestyle, the Rebel Fitness Guide is for you. Feel good knowing that you’re doing the little things (that aren’t so little). Get in control of your running and stop stressing over what type of strength exercises to do every day.

Are you ready to improve your diet, get stronger, and injury-proof your running? Learn more about the Rebel Fitness Guide.

Just know that this guide isn’t for everyone. If you are already in great shape, then I’d recommend the Rebel Strength Guide over the Fitness version. The Strength version will help you cut weight and get ripped or build bulk and develop a ton of strength. I opted for the Strength Guide because I wanted to do more advanced exercises with heavy weight.

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