Happy Birthday Strength Running! I have gifts for you…

In just a few days, Strength Running will turn four years old. What started as a little running blog that nobody read has grown into one of the largest running blogs on the web.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been featured in Runner’s World multiple times and am frequently tapped to contribute my coaching advice to publications like Competitor, Lifehacker, and Active.

Just last weekend I was a featured expert at the DC Fit conference, helping runners hone their training for the half marathon.

But none of this would have been possible without you.

Finish Line

Everything I do here has one purpose: to help you become a better runner. My job is to help you succeed and run a new personal best, make running a more consistent habit in your life, and stay healthy by getting far fewer running injuries.

As SR has grown, it’s been my privilege to help an even larger group of runners through the blog and my coaching programs.

The main reason that Strength Running has grown so rapidly among the sea of other coaching sites is because of your success. The progress that SR runners experience is unmatched.

Just read through the growing collection of transformative success stories.

Or see the eye-opening messages from runners who have accomplished more than they ever thought possible.

I love what I do because of you. It’s your success. Your progress. Your personal bests. Your healthy training. Nothing makes me happier. And as we continue to run toward our goals, I’ll keep building SR into your go-to resource for smarter, healthier running.

So today I want to celebrate Strength Running’s birthday, give this special community of runners a big high-five, and give out some birthday gifts.

Yes, I know you don’t give gifts on your own birthday, but it’s my site and I’ll do what I want 🙂

Birthday Gift #1: My First Book Sale!

There are two gifts I want to give you today. As many of you know, two years ago I published 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner: A Short Guide to Running Faster, Preventing Injuries, and Feeling Great

Yeah, short guide… long title…

It’s available for the Kindle – but you can also download it as a PDF if you don’t have a Kindle.

It’s purposefully priced at a ridiculously low $2.99 because I want as many runners as possible to benefit from the lessons inside – what I’ve learned from being a competitive runner since 1998, having over 10 coaches, and coaching thousands of runners.

When it was first published, it rocketed to the Top 50 Kindle Sports category on Amazon. And today, for the first time ever, I’m having a birthday celebration sale and cutting the price to just $.99.

For less than a buck you can read the lessons I learned the hard way as a college athlete, 2:39 marathoner, and coach to thousands of runners like you through SR. The book boasts a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars so I know you’ll love it.

Here’s what a few runners had to say about it:

“Crisply written, doused with humor, and packed with helpful information. Each tip takes only a couple of minutes to read, so it’s the prefect thing for when you have only a few moments to spare–on the train to work, during half-time of your kid’s soccer game, or in the check-out lane at the grocery store.

The best part of the book, however, is that the information is PRACTICAL–you can apply it every day, including the days you don’t run.” – Andy

“With so much info out there it was nice to read tips on running that I thought I could actually apply to my own training as an average runner instead of reading about what super humans do to be super human runners. Definitely a book to keep for quick reference along side my training journal.” – Miley

“Very good book! Fast and easy to read. Newbies, intermediate or advanced runners will love it! Good tips on a lot of subjects.” – Elyse

You can check it out on Amazon here.

If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries! Download it instantly as a PDF here.

Birthday Gift #2: A Month of Free Coaching

I’m feeling particularly generous today so I’m doing something I’ve only done once before: give away free 1-on-1 personal coaching to one lucky runner.

I want to help one of you run smarter, get closer to your goals, or resolve a chronic injury that’s been plaguing you for too long.

You’ll get a training plan custom built to your fitness level, goals, schedule, injury profile, and background. And for the first month I’ll be available to you with unlimited communication. Some coaches set limits on the number of emails you can send – not me. 

Let’s talk about how we can get you closer to your goals. Let’s strategize and plan to transform your running. I can’t wait.

If you’re interested, leave a comment on this post by Friday, 4/11 at midnight Eastern. Tell me one thing: how has Strength Running helped your running? The more specific the better – show me how you stayed healthy, ran a big PR, or qualified for an important race using something you’ve learned from SR.

This weekend I’ll pick the winner and start coaching you personally for the next month.

Again… Thank You

When I went full-time with Strength Running nearly two years ago, I never thought I was quitting my job to “work on a website.” Instead, I was dedicating myself to a group of runners who knew there was a better way to run.

Now, 20 months later, my excitement for the SR community continues to grow every day. Every time one of you shares an article on Twitter or Facebook, emails me about another personal best, or tells me that one of my programs has helped you finally stay healthy it really does make my day.

Like I said earlier, any success SR or I have had is a direct result of YOUR success. I hope you continue to train well, race smart, and stay injury-free.

Together, we can accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

If you’re new here, I invite you to join the Strength Running community by signing up here or in the box below. I share much more with my email readers and I hope that I can help you, too.

Run Strong!

– Jason.

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  1. I loved your video on how to do dynamic warm ups before runs. It is lover than any other warm up I’d done, but it really gets things oiled in a way that I hadn’t been doing.

  2. I’ve learned the importance of strength work other than just running more. By implementing additional strength work I’ve been able to nix running injuries, which has led to consistent running, and closing in on personal bests from the 5k to the marathon.

  3. Happy Birthday! Without you I wouldn’t be stretching at all before runs. I am a fairly new runner, I just completed my first 1/2 (Rock N Roll 2:47) in March and I am looking forward to many more injury free. Thanks!!!

  4. KForshew says:

    Jason – firstly thanks for the help you have provided so far! I am a triathlete and have struggled with achilles pain for years. This season I decided to try once and for all to stop the bad practices and try to follow a plan to stay injury free. Strength training, slow ramp up in miles, dynamic warm up and cool down, etc. I have never run a half marathon that is not part of a triathlon, but those that were part of tris I was always cramped and had terrible times – in the 9:30 to 11 min mile ranges. Last week I ran my first standalone half marathon in 1 hr 45 mins, at an 8 min mile pace, injury free. I know its not world class pace, but for a 46yr old part timer, I am stoked as you can imagine, and hope this will translate to faster times this tri season coming up. Thanks mostly to your suggestions for staying healthy.

  5. Starting several years ago as a very out of shape and overweight I lost weight and started moderate exercise. My oldest son was captain of his HS Cross country team and very encouraging and supporting, eventually talking me into some races. Of course I was hooked after doing decent in my age group and started training harder which led to some injuries.

    Eyeing our first 1/2 marathon this past November the increase in mileage with no cross or strength training was telling as small nagging injuries increased. Finally foot pain forced me to seek some help and from subscribing to some newsletters I found your site and subscribed to the very helpful newsletters. I have begun some strength exercises and although only started a few weeks ago I can tell a HUGE difference.

    Going it alone with no real guidance I have learned the hard way is not the best method and finding your site and newsletters has been a true godsend. Thank you for the amazing help and advice!

  6. I may not have as much experience utilizing SR but I can tell you this much.. I read the email blasts and most of all I’m motivated. Motivated to achieve my personal goals to get faster and stay healthy, not only for myself but my family and friends. I’m actually so motivated, I’m working on starting up an organization for the Everyday Runner in my town. All because of the motivation I receive from SR and Runners World!

  7. I found Strength Running when I was diagnosed with ITBS and my Ortho only prescribed me with rest and NSAIDs. I knew I had to do more. I had always lifted weights and worked out and having played lacrosse in high school and college, though I had figured it out. But I got a training plan from Jason for my first half marathon. I finished my first race in a respectable time, but was determined to more. My second race I beat the 2 hour mark and felt like I could have gone further and faster. One week later, I played 11 soccer games in a tournament.

    I never would have been able to do this without the lessons learned from Jason and Strength Running. I have my sites set on another PR and am hoping to shave another 5-10 minutes off my next half and am confident Strength Running will let me do this.

  8. I’ve only recently discovered your website, but I love the emphasis on things should be incorporated into your running routine to stay injury free. I have been running for less than a year and have my first half marathon coming up and with the increase in mileage it has been especially important for me to find way to improve strength and stay injury free. I have been trying out some of your warm-ups and strength routines and am working on how to incorporate them on a weekly basis without being overwhelmed with all of it. Thanks for the great resources!

  9. Kathleen says:

    I’ve just started reading Strength Running, so right now I’m using a Boot Camp membership as a carrot to motivate me to get back on track with my running and weight loss. This winter (with severe weather, travel, and illness) really knocked me flat and I’ve lost my motivation. I have plans for this year, though, so I need to get back on track!

  10. I’ve been a reader of SR for about 8 months. I read everything you post and feel that I’ve learned a lot. I appreciate the efforts you put into all your research. I’ve just recently returned to running from an injury and have used the dynamic warm up routine and ITB recovery routines to help me. I’ve purchased the injury prevention bundle and have enjoyed the workouts with those as well. I’m behind where I’d hoped to be at this point, but looking forward to a strong finish this year with your tools.

  11. Dani Vsetecka says:

    Your IT Rehab Routine helped me recover faster than ever before from lingering IT band pain! I was able to PR in a half-marathon this winter and take 2nd place overall female! 🙂 Thank you!

  12. I need a Strength Running rehab! You wrote my first marathon training plan and I crossed the finish line healthy! Well, now I am an injury train wreck! Help! 😉

  13. Happy Birthday SR!
    Your site definitely keeps me motivated and helped me incorporate some much needed strength work and now, I never skip a warm up and cool down.
    I am looking forward to evaluating the progress in an upcoming race!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday! Your website has helped instill the concept of consistency in my training. Knowing that has helped me improve my running form and develop a consistent training schedule. That being said though I would love one month of one-on-one coaching!

  15. Meredyth says:

    Have often referred back to your 101 Ways book on my mobile. Especially after a particularly mentally challenging run. I have been running off and on for about 8 years but the last two something really clicked and I truly believe that strength training is the key. It has allowed me to be more consistent, to work through injuries quicker, and to avoid the usual pitfalls of training. Honestly this year is just different. My races, my training runs, my training and my attitude. I feel stronger and I know I am stronger.

  16. I found Strength Running a couple years ago when I was dealing with an IT-band injury. The ITB strength routine helped me get over it and it hasn’t been back since!

  17. Dawn Chan says:

    I found you by accident on an Active.com post on running injuries. I am 53 years old and have been an inconsistent runner–I love to run when I am motivated and uninjured. I found your site when I injured myself (yet again) by running too fast, too soon. I realized from your blog that I have been trying to “just run” rather than focusing on hip strength, glute strength and core strength. I really love your IT Rehab routine and your warm-up routine. What I really like, though, are your “advanced stick figure drawings” to keep me on track. I don’t need to wear my reading glasses to keep track of what I need to do next!

  18. Lorette Pretorius says:

    Hi Jason
    It is a pity the lucky draw for a free 1 month coaching program have to be in by the 11 April. I have followed your program (1 on 1) that you sent to me in February and this month the 19 April I am running my big race (Two oceans ultra – 56 km in beautiful Cape Town). I really hope that you plan to run this race once – it is a must. Before your program I had injuries from January 2013 – December 2013. By divine intervention I managed somehow to do a 42 in February (first in my life) and prayed for direction re my running and found your name in your own book – 101 ways to be a better runner. It was really a God send as that has transformed my running! Where I could never run a 10km below 58min – I did 52 min last week in a training session. This weekend was the last of my long runs and I ended up doing a 35km in 3h 26 which was the best time I have ever done for such a long distance. I had a bit of niggles here and there, but just kept going with my strength programs and the running distances as per my program and now I am tapering for the race of my dreams…….will send you a follow up mail, after the 56km. Running is not only for me a sport, It is a celebration of life and the God given ability that I have to be able to run and walk. Talk soon. Forever grateful. Lorette

  19. Strength Running has helped me get faster AND stay injury-free…just like the website claims (go figure)! I am a 36 year old mom of 4 kids under the age of 8. I have always been what people would call “a runner.” But after my school running years (which did not include college) I ran solely for fitness. After my 3rd child (3.5 years ago), I decided to start doing local races for fun and fitness. Between the fall of 2010 and 2011, I completed a 3 miler, 8.5 miler, 5 miler, and half marathon. All I did to train was run. Paces were always 8:47 – 9:24 range, and that’s just what I thought my pace range was. After having my 4th child in 2012, I decided a marathon would be quite an achievement. I printed off an 18 week training plan, and ran. That’s it. During the 18 mile long run week, IT band syndrome hit me. Having invested so much time and money in the race, I decided there was no way I wasn’t doing it. I got to the start line and hoped for the best. By mile 14, the pain was awful. I basically limp-ran and walked the rest, and finished in just under 5 hours, 1 hour longer than I had hoped for. I took 3 months off from running, hoping for my knee to return to 100%, which it didn’t. This is when I decided I WAS going to run again, and when I found Strength Running (because of the IT band rehab routine, which I came across trying to find the miracle solution to my knee problem). I read countless old posts on your site, bought your 101 Ways book, started strength training, foam rolling, consistently doing dynamic warm-ups and warm downs (static and dynamic), regularly incorporated core work, trained at different paces and introduced minimalism as a tool. I set my sights on a mid-March half-marathon. I used a 20 week training plan, giving myself more time to build up, and was up countless mornings this past winter at 4 a.m. running in temperatures typically below 0. The race ended up being cancelled due to weather and unsafe road conditions. BUT, I am happy to say that I had a chance to see if my training paid off, and just did a 10 miler, placing 3rd in my age group and 4th female overall with a 7:24 pace! I NEVER thought I would see times like that! Aside from my own motivation and hard work, I give Strength Running the credit. Every way I have changed as a runner is something I’ve learned from here and incorporated into my running lifestyle. I even use articles to inspire me before a race, and even just for positivity before training runs. *Grimace!* I would love to see what 1:1 training could do for me! Thanks, Jason!

  20. I have loved reading all your articles on increasing endurance and speed, more specifically through increasing consistency. I was able to PR my 5k time by 7 minutes using the articles you have on the site. I love it and refer my running friends here all the time! I am now training for my first half marathon and am looking forward to CRUSHING it!!! Thank you for all you do!

  21. I found Strength Runner last fall amidst my training for the Phoenix Rock N’Roll Marathon. I embraced your strength routines and exercises and felt strong and ready for the race. I ran a 3:21, which was a 46 minute PR from my previous marathon and let me place 3rd in my age group. That being said, I seem to constantly battle random injuries (right now I’m working on eliminating IT band issues 🙁 ) and would LOVE the chance to work with you!!!

  22. Just the general idea that strength training is vital to remain a long-term runner without injury. It’s been a big help!

  23. Happy 4th Birthday! I would be thrilled to win a month of one-on-one coaching with you. I came to Strength Running both because I had an IT Band injury last year, and because I wanted to focus on running-specific strength training. I’ve incorporated both your IT Rehab routine and Standard core routine into my training, although admittedly not always as consistently as I’d like. I also bought and read your book (101 Simple Ways…) last month and have remembered some of the important points while I’m runnIng (my favorite tip was about how to pace up a hill). I *love* running and am very serious about getting stronger & faster! I just had a nice PR at the Cherry Blossom 10-miler yesterday and am hoping that contributes to a PR at my next half marathon in a month.

  24. Muskadobbit says:

    I have a couple of favourites from your website.
    Love the cheat sheet with the little character. I can pin up the sheet and see it without my glasses! He/she encourages me to do my dynamic warm-up EVERY time I head out for a run.
    Also loving the strength training emphasis. I’ve moved from lame rehab exercises to sqats with some serious weight and I can go out and crush those hills. Also skiied this winter out west and havn’t skied that well in decades.

  25. Robin Shell says:

    I started your site when I was having IT band issues and your IT workout really helped work through those problems. Now I do those workouts as preventative measures. I also learned a lot about hill work. Thank you so much for all you give to the running community.

  26. merritt moore says:

    Jason..strength running has helped me prevent injuries and recover quicker from the time I joined. I am running more races and recovering quicker thanks to your advice. I am running my first marathon in October in Columbus and am excited to participate and with your advice and coaching I believe I will be a success. I am 58 years young but with your help I look forward to many more years of enjoyable running. Keep up the good work! Thanks. Merritt Moore

  27. Angella Sigler says:

    Last year, I started getting sciatica nerve pains in my legs. I could not sit, swim, run, or even jog without causing pains. After months of physical therapy. I never thought I would run again. I found your core workouts online and they worked faster than anything I was spending months on in therapy. Within two weeks I was back to running every other day. Your core workouts and warmup routines have allowed me to get back to running and my mile time is one minute faster than last year. I am not fully back to running half marathon distances that I was prior but I hope to get there this summer by continuing these workouts

  28. Kristin Einars says:

    Happy birthday on this website. I have read your website and your great posts for a year now and I love it. I have been running for 7 years and been in and out of injuries for 5 years. For the first time I think Im getting over it, and It is you to thank for that. Your strength training workouts like your ITB strength routine have opened a new world for me. I do strength train, and have done for very many years, but these routines are much more specified for running. Thank you for your great work, best regards from Iceland 🙂

  29. I discovered Strength Running while searching for how to remedy several years of ITBS flare-ups. I, like many others I’m sure, have spent countless hours researching what to do for injury prevention. Nearly every website and resource falls short in one of two areas—they seem to misunderstand the fullness of the injury, or they give superficial solutions to problems they explain in detail. Not so with Strength Running.

    It doesn’t take long to see that Jason understands the injured runner. He grasps the confusion, frustration, and emotions produced by recurring injuries partnered with inadequate solutions. Combining his own injury experiences with those of the runners he’s coached, Jason provides confidence and real-world, thorough solutions to chronic injuries.

    I haven’t successfully made it back to my pre-injury fitness levels, but I haven’t given up—a fight in itself! Thanks Jason for embracing and reaching out to the injured runner! I would love your help in creating a lifestyle of injury prevention.

  30. Christin says:

    Your emails got me through my self-training for my first half-marathon and now they’re getting me prepped for my second and third. Thank you!

  31. I won a free month of coaching a few years ago and have never been the same runner.

    Although I have been running for years, I learned that I had fallen into doing the same old workouts and bouncing back and forth between injuries. I found that I had shin splints during my month of training but the pain was not enough to hold me back.

    Since then, I have recovered and learned the value of cross training, warm ups, and staying flexible. I also vary my workouts by terrain, distance, and effort. Since my recovery, I have used what Jason taught me and have been injury free for over two years. My easy pace has dropped by at least 2 minutes a mile and my half marathon PR has dropped by 14 minutes. I am looking forward to applying these skills to finishing my first marathon this fall at the MO Cowbell marathon.

    I have also given this site to countless other runners who I’ve seen struggle with many of the same challenges.

  32. Mark Durst says:

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I am just an old dog who runs a couple of 5Ks a year, but advice from you helped me point myself properly through problems with one Achilles tendon a couple of years back.

  33. Lori Mosser says:

    At the end of 2012, I suffered through the worst ITBS ever. I reached out to you, just asking a simple question: will I be able to run a marathon in seven months? You said “of course!” and just offered advice, not trying to sell me anything, something a true coach would do. I was impressed, so I followed your ITBS routine and subscribed, reading all your coaching tips, finished my marathon, and have been injury free for over a year. Another milestone: at age 38, I PRed all of my races last year, from 5k to 13.1. This year, I have already PRed my first race, beating my fastest time 4 years ago! I have six to go, including another marathon this fall. I am excited to see how your help will continue to make me faster as I approach the big 4-0. Thank you, Jason, for this blog!

  34. Darren C says:

    Happy birthday SR! You’ve changed the way i run!

  35. William K says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Strength Running has taken my running to a level that I haven’t seen in nearly 15 years. I ordered a PR Race Plan in the Fall of 2013 and followed the training plan to the letter. I PR’d in the Quarter Marathon, 8k, 5k. I improved my 5k PR by nearly 2 minutes. I am feeling stronger every week I run and reference the website all the time. I just ran a 7K 2 weeks ago and went through my 5K 45 seconds faster than my previous 5K PR. I could never have done this in the matter of only 20 weeks without the help of the PR Race Plan and Strength Running. I am now starting a training block to try and walk-on to a NCAA Div. 2 Cross Country team. Keep up the awesome posts and the great information.

  36. There’s a good reason for all the success of the SR site. Jason knows what he’s doing and has helped me as he has so many others to get results and stay injury free! As others have said, the secret isn’t just more miles – it’s the combination of running smart workouts and building the right kind of strength to meet your goals.

  37. I have been endlessly grateful for the ITB Rehab Routine. It is how I discovered Strength Running, and has been the perfect combination of exercises to keep me strong. ITBS sneaks up on me at the worst times if I don’t stay on top of it.
    Also, I keep coming back to the blog for all the great info that helps me continuously refine my training. I’m all about staying healthy and injury free. 🙂

  38. I’ve visited your site a few times in the past year as I’ve dealt with an ITB injury, but shame on me, I didn’t start your rehab routine until about a week ago (after 3 different PTs haven’t been able to help). I’m optimistic that this is what I need, and I’ve since subscribed to SR email updates and RSS. I’ve been looking at coaching to help me navigate a healthy return to running – it would be great to try this out if I’m the lucky winner. Thanks for such a great resource!

  39. The recommendations for ancillary work routines has been unbelievably helpful for me. I have always struggled with what kind of strength work to do/how much/when, ect. The ITB rehab routine is my favorite and I’ve come to actually enjoy doing it.

  40. SR Has shown me that I can push to go faster / longer, without injuring myself, if I do it smartly. When I first started running I couldn’t see how I could ever get fast enough to do anything more that finish before the time cutoff. Now with smarter training I find myself being able to push and am starting to place reasonably for my age group, all without putting myself on the sidelines with an injury.

  41. Annie H says:

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned through SR is that no one is invincible and injuries plague even elite runners (like you Jason), but that there is hope that injury-free running is possible. I’m not out of the injury phase yet, but truly do have hope that lots of healthy miles lie ahead of me!

  42. Christine says:

    I am a newbie here. I just started running a year ago. An overweight stressed out mom. For most of the summer it was hard work, but awesome. I couldn’t believe the benefits I got from my running! Right at the end of the summer, right before my first race, I got a knee injury! I ran the race, but couldn’t run after that. Every time I’ve tried to get back to running, it flares up again. The treatments and exercises I have tried have not helped for the long haul. I just found your website when searching for more answers to help my knee. Hoping to dive in with some of your recommended exercises. I’m so scared to start running again because I don’t want the same flare up that left me limping through life for months!

  43. nancy gette says:

    Happy Birthday (and many more)!
    Jason, you’re helping me with my first coached HM plan. what I’m loving is the fact that I’m held accountable for not only the running, but also the warm ups and cools downs that keep the joints moving in all directions. I cannot skip the IT band or core routine without feeling guilty knowing that this is what I need to do to keep myself healthy and to continue running. As I’m running I’m always talking to you in my head asking if this is where I’m to be right now. Yes, I’d love the one on one coaching!

  44. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Congratulations on such a successful blog! I haven’t been reading your blog very long, but it has helped me tremendously. Your post on consistency and core strength (one which I read on the art of manliness) was by far the most helpful. This is the area that I have been struggling with the most. With a full-time teaching job, and two young children under 3, it is very easy to skip planned runs and catch up on housework, schoolwork, or sleep. I fully understand the importance of consistent training…I am a coach to young HS runners and I stress that running is a lifestyle, and a sport that you work at all year long. However, it is hard to practice those same lectures when one is juggling all of the above.
    For Christmas, I received a GPS watch, and it came with an advanced half-marathon training plan. I consistently stuck with it, adjusting schedules, meetings, etc…so that I was running 6 days a week, and at times, two a-days when feasible. I also completed your core routine at least 3-4 times a week.
    The results were astounding. I even ran a 14-15 miler in the frigid temperatures, no sweat! I recently raced a half-marathon two weeks ago…a pr of 127:29! This was a 4 minute improvement!
    I still struggle with listening to myself and my body. Why is it harder to train yourself than to train others? I know there are others who would have a greater need for a one on one coaching program, but I am curious what level I could actually reach with your coaching tips?

    • It’s harder to train yourself because you’re not objective. I struggle with this myself (and it’s why I hurt my Achilles in January). Coaches provide objective feedback and can tell you when you need to back off, when you just need to be patient, and when you should dig deeper. Thanks for the question Jennifer. I think one of the best ones I’ve ever received!

  45. Strength Running has helped me remember how wonderful distance running is – even when I get “too busy.” I’m grateful for that.

  46. Happy birthday SR! My running and your blog share a birthday. Same age, too! Your programs have taught me the importance of basic things that I probably should gave known. Things like not pushing myself to go too fast because I think I should, and having a consistent routine. I’m half-way through your beginner half marathon program, and for the first time I’m actually optimistic about being able to finish it 🙂 thank you!

  47. Janette Dwyer says:

    With 3 half marathons completed last year, I PR my second which was shortly after an overseas holiday where training continued (but was not perfect). But due to the fact that I had been sandwiching my runs consistently both before and after the holiday, I took 17 mins off my half marathon time and did it all without flaring up my niggly hip injury. Thank you.

  48. Your IT Rehab Routine helped me recover faster than ever before.Also your site keeps me motivated and helped me incorporate some much needed strength work. I’m optimistic that this is what I need and hope everyone have Good miles ahead.

  49. Hi Jason,

    I came across SR two years ago when I was struggling with ITBS, which kept me from being consistent in my running. I immediately started doing dynamic warmups and strength exercises before and after my workouts, got better in no time and have not had a major injury since, even though I’ve increased my mileage since then: from maybe 20 kilometers on “good” weeks to 55-60 kilometers EVERY week. No need to say I’ve PR:d on all distances (10k, half marathon, marathon).

    But now I’ve reached a plateau. I can run long distances, but how do I maintain (or up?) the mileage by adding more speed workouts and not getting injured?

  50. Craig Todd says:

    Hey Jason,

    First, happy birthday to the website. Second, I want to thank you for all of the great advice that you have provided through this site, RunYourBQ, and articles from other sites like active.com. I read through some of this information almost daily, and try to integrate all of it to optimize my training. Since I’ve started utilizing these resources, I’ve encountered many fewer setbacks, and have seen impressive improvement in my running. Thanks again!

    – Craig Todd

  51. Jason & The Strength Running Team,

    I have been battling injuries for several years. Finally, I decided to do something about the imbalances that were causing my injuries-rather than just “running through the pain”. My high school coach really messed up my thinking with his No Pain, No Gain slogans.

    My journey to recovery began with the SR rehab programs followed by the Boot Camp and then a Training Plan. I am still not where I need to be as it is a slow progression (which I learned from SR). I now have stretch goals and see the importance of planning a year in advance rather than jumping into a plan 2 months before the race.

    Thank you for the vast wealth of knowledge you provide FREE and reasonably priced programs that have transformed my running.


  52. Happy birthday SR! One notable thing I took for your site that has helped me stay injury-free is the dynamic warmup. I have felt different (and better) during training runs and races since I started!

    Thank you for the continuous no bullshit approach to training and for providing amazing and researched information to all of us!

  53. There are tons of lofty programs out there on the internet that promise PR’s, injury-free running, expensive strength routines and other panacea’s. They fail to recognize that we runners are unique human beings with his or her own gifts. The human body is not a machine. The beauty of StrengthRunning lays with it’s founder Jason. He cultivates each runner’s diverse talents and maximizes their possibilities. Thanks to StrengthRunning I can take on new running challenges that were never possible before. The future isn’t reserved for the exceptionally gifted, or drugged runners. The world needs artists like Jason. With his own words, pictures, notes and numbers he dissolves much more than just running injuries. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the awesome miles yet to come.

    Kind Regards,

  54. Steve Bell says:

    I used to stretch a lot before running but still get nagging injuries like shin splints quite regularly.

    Adjusting my pre run routine with active stretching and warm ups based on your blog’s advice has made a massive difference, and I now run mostly pain free.

  55. I always feel better in my runs when I use your dynamic warmup routine, and it has an extra bonus of keeping my husband entertained when I do it! His favorite exercise is what he calls the “drunken bird”!

  56. Ryan Silhavy says:

    I have been reading Strength Running articles since Winter 2013. I have loved everything I have read! I am new to running, but I have big plans. I want to run my best half marathon in 2014, run the Chicago Marathon in 2015, with the eventual hope of qualifying for Boston in the future! This site has helped me realize my more immediate goals: recovering from injury. I have had overwhelming tightness in my IT bands for years – and I thought it wsa just something I had to deal with and foam roll all the time. Recently, through my efforts to use the dynamic warm ups, core routines, and especially the ITB Rehab Routine, I have become much stronger, my form has improved, and my times have gotten better! I am so thankful for all of Jason’s posts because without it, I would still be injured and would continue to lose hope and motivation in my running.

  57. Wow it’s been 4 years??? I found this site a few years back linked from a running club’s website. Jason’s stuff didn’t have the cookie cutter feel of most running sites. It didn’t have a bunch of one size fits all workouts – it was just really honest advice.

    Last year, after much internal debate (why spend $99 on something I have been getting off the internet for free for years???) I purchased his training plan. Best $99 I have ever spent. My running is stronger that I ever imagined. He had me running better than I ever dreamed I could. I hit a nice course PR for a half (my tune up for my fall full) and then smashed my full PR by over an hour at Marine Corps.

    Six months later I am still using the principles in the plan to continue to improve. Jason and Strength Running changed my thought process and I am much better for it. Thanks again!

  58. Naren Schoenacher says:

    ok I admit…I’m only posting in hopes of receiving the month long training session. I’ve run 4 marathons in the past 2 years (with some 1/2s and other assorted races interspersed), but I’ve only bettered my time by almost 20 minutes from the first marathon. My first was 4:36, my last (which was 1/18/14) 4:18. I would very much like to bring it down considerably. I think with the right training I could. I am a man of modest means (i.e. i can’t afford a personal trainer) and that is why I am trying to take advantage of some free training. Thanks so much for your consideration and for your tireless efforts in maintaining this blog/website.

  59. There is massive difference in my running after following your advices.Your blog made me injury free.

  60. Jason

    I recently purchased a SR PR training plan. It was terrific and if it weren’t for my recurrence of Achilles Tendonitis I would have run much faster. I didn’t stick completely with the plan of all the ancillary stuff during the last few weeks so I caused me to have issues again. I still ran a damn good time for having issues from mile 2 until the end. I would love to give things anothe chance as I am stronger now than I was. Your routines on this site plus the Run Your BQ site have started to pay off big time. Thanks for helping us runners!

  61. My achilles was bothering me. I found some exercises. After a couple days my achilles was no longer bothering me. It hasn’t since.

    I followed Jason’s advice on race specific training and set a pr on two consecutive half marathons on the two most difficult courses I’ve ever run.

    I took a day off because Jason said I shouldn’t run if there’s a chance I’m injured. I was fine the next day.

    Hip exercises.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

  62. The standard core routine! I used to ice something after pretty much every run — whatever was aching or slightly sore that particular day. I don’t do that any more because those little pains have essentially disappeared since I started doing the standard core routine regularly. I simply feel much stronger running, and I’ve been able to handle more volume and run faster. (And running more, faster and staying injury-free doing so has led to big marathon and half-marathon PRs!)

    Also, I constantly remind myself of the yearly mileage > monthly mileage > weekly mileage maxim when I’m tempted to do something stupid in a workout, to keep myself focused on the big picture and my goals for the months and years ahead.

  63. Rowena Collins-hUBER says:

    Happy Birthday Strength Running. I have purchased a number of your programs, just recently the Injury Prevention Program. Since purchasing your programs I have been able to continue running and get stronger. Before that i was getting injured after every race and had too take time of from running to recover from my many running injuries. Last summer I purchased the half marathon plan and ran 2 half marathon races in the fall of 2013 and pb at both of those races. October 2013 I ran the Toronto Waterfront half Marathon and pb at 136: 07 4th in my age group over 50!!. I made it through my training this winter with only a few issues. Winning this birthday gift would help me get back on the road to running marathons and prevent me from making the many mistakes I made in the past which left me injured for most of my 7 years of running. I read all of your articles, they are awesome!! Your advise on running and injury prevention is superior to anything I have read. Your advise has alllowed me to get back on the road and enjoy running.

  64. I have read your emails and have incorporated a few more exercises into my days. I also have tried to perform some dynamic stretching before each run. Some days it seems that I am on limited time and unfortunately those are cut out. I am very interested in reading your material more in depth. Right now though running/training is taking a large portion of my day, for me anyway. I am signed up for the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend on May 31st so I am trying to follow a “plan” as best as possible. I have to stick to A plan of some kind and I didn’t really know too much about your plans by the time I had to pick one. I have about 6 weeks to go and I’m getting this nagging, small muscle knot just above the outside of my right knee cap. It seems to be locking up after about 13-15 miles and is near impossible if I stop. It then requires some intense manipulation/release so I can continue. Hopefully I make it through the finish of this marathon(my FIRST). I have completed 1/2’s in about 1:37 and actually set a PR during one of my 15 milers this winter(it was SO cold I just wanted to get done, plus my eyes were freezing!) I did grab the ebook and hope to spend some time perusing that in the little down time I can find. Thank you. If I make it through the Sunburst(possibly close to BQ) I may have to schedule another one, “but I’m different and can’t handle that mileage” hopefully doesn’t re-enter my vocab

  65. Mandi Desmarteau says:

    I am a high school track and cross country runner who had great success my sophomore year and then was riddled with injuries junior year leading to a very disappointing cross country and track season junior year. The majority of the time was spent in a boot with stress fractures or other injuries due to muscle imbalances. I was getting quite depressed and frustrated and just wanted to get healthy as a runner. I started doing research on running-specific strength work when I was out for a month with a stress fracture and found your site. I immediately ordered your book and loved the exercises and immediately noticed improvement in my coordination, flexibility, and strength. Hoping to stay injury-free this summer for some great consistent training and have a successful senior year of running and PR’s. I would really appreciate your guidance in truly staying healthy and injury-free so I can reach my true full potential. I’m so frustrated with injuries and I just want that passion and love for running back!

  66. Hey Jason!,
    Just briefly, my history of running began after I broke my femur in half (… well, after I healed ;-)). Initially, I was told I may never walk fully again.. but I was determined to run! So, I joined my high school winter track team, then spring, then cross country and I was just hooked. I ran NCAA D1 in college as well, but always had nagging injuries holding me back. I had to red shirt a few times and just could never get my times down a certain threshold. I became frustrated and stopped running for a few years due to the injuries and inability to run faster.
    Then, I wanted to do a 1/2 marathon so I printed off several different running routines and finished with a 2:15 time which I was not satisfied with. I kept running sporadically and then about a year ago I ran another half marathon, with little training and feeling ill at 2:05. I was still not satisfied. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. So…. the research began.
    I found your site! So many things clicked for me. I wanted to do the 1 on 1 training but there were no spots available :(. So, I promised myself I would do it once it opened up. I followed the e-mails you sent out and began doing the dynamic warm-ups. Things were starting to slowly change. A spot opened up but I couldn’t afford the program… so I decided I’d do the PR training. Everything was going so smoothly until the black ice and snow came. I slipped and hurt my hip :(. But, I got back on the roads once I felt I could run with correct form. My times are still decreasing and my track workouts are going swimmingly. I love being out there again and feeling like I can run in control instead of gasping for air. I can easily attribute this to the training plan you gave me tailored to my level and your e-mails of encouragement :).
    Still looking for my PR …. hoping it will come soon. 🙂 Thank you for your site, my plan and your overall dedication to running. It is truly an inspiration!

  67. Stephanie says:

    How has SR helped my running? This question is a tough one for me because SR has helped me in so many ways! It’s hard to narrow it down. The ITBS routine has helped me come back from ITBS, the core routine has made me stronger than ever, and just when I was thinking I needed to change up my weight lifting routine, Jason came out with the medicine ball video. Great timing!

    Ultimately, though, the number one thing that has helped my running has been this simple idea that I first read on SR: don’t let your engine outpace your chassis. SR got me started on working to make my body injury-proof. Thanks to SR, I know if I do a a dynamic warm up before and a little strength work after every run, and hit the gym 1-2x a week, my odds of injury fall dramatically. Now, most of the time, the challenge isn’t figuring out what to do, it’s just doing it! It’s that simple, and that hard.

    Of course, Jason’s recent achilles injury demonstrates that this doesn’t work fully 100% of the time… The discussion above about why it’s so hard to couch yourself was very enlightening!

  68. Happy Birthday SR! Keep educating runners about dynamic stretching and strength routines so they are in the know and I don’t feel so awkward at the gym doing them. :o)

  69. I have learned so much from your blog. Thank you! I have incorporated some core exercises to my post-run routine. And the IT band strengthening exercises were super beneficial.

  70. The standard warm-up and the post run ITB rehab routine has helped me feel SO Much better before and after runs

  71. I purchased the “Strength Training for Runners Guide” which has so much great information. I’ve incorporated the dynamic warm ups to my runs and use a lot of the strength exercises on my rest days and I believe they have kept me injury-free and improved my speed.
    Thanks Jason!

  72. SR has taught me about the right type of strength training. I also have liked the real information that debunks the common mainstream myths. Love reading Strengthrunning!!

  73. Brian McSweeney says:

    In the last month I met my goals from your Injury Prevention Program. I completed the Lake Ilsanjo 10 mile hilly trail run injury free (the scene of last years big calf blowout). I completed the Annadel Half Marathon, super technical hilly trail run in 1:57, and was first in 55-59, and 70th out of 400. I also added in the 7 mile Annadel Loop run a week before the Annadel Half and did this technical hill killer in 57 minutes. I’ve had zero problems with my 20 year-old calf issues the last two months, your running shoe suggestions were the clinching factor. In the half marathon with all the crazy leaping to avoid giant puddles I almost cramped a hamstring but somehow all the overall strength conditioning from your program saved me.

  74. I am a fairly new runner and have used your information to increase my stretching before and after my runs. I am currently training to run the Marine Corps Historic Half next month. I am looking forward to my first half marathon and more SR.

  75. Thanks to the Injury Prevention for Runners kit that I purchased from you last year, I was able to rehab my ITBS, get back to running and set PRs for the 5k and 15k in the last two months. From November through January I could never get my knee to cooperate, as pain would sideline me whenever I tried to run close to my half-marathon pace. I’ve been reading Strength Running since late 2012 and at the end of January I finally committed myself to foam rolling everyday, switching between the standard core routine and the stiletto workout, and now my sights are set on a half-marathon PR Memorial Day weekend!