50 Quotes to Inspire You to Run Down Your Dreams (new ebook!)

I started Strength Running in 2010 to share my passion, expertise, and love of running with the world.

For over four years, SR has grown in leaps and bounds and I’m thrilled that today I can help tens of thousands of runners get stronger, stay healthy, and race faster.

But even though I’ve coached thousands of runners and my work has been featured in major media like Competitor, Runner’s World, and Yahoo Health, I’ve realized that SR isn’t just about me.

The accolades and press are nice – but what I really care about is you. I want to help you accomplish your running goals, achieve enormous results, and stay inspired to train smart.

And the inspiration piece of running can’t be ignored.

Inspiration is why we run breathtaking trails in the wilderness.

Inspiration to run down our dreams is why we lace up our shoes on cold, dark, tired mornings.

Inspiration causes us to chase new personal bests or run ultramarathon distances.

Without inspiration, we wouldn’t set goals that scare us. We couldn’t be consistent, run hard workouts, or challenge ourselves.

If running didn’t inspire us to become better versions of ourselves, we wouldn’t run. And where’s the fun in that?

Today, I’m excited to announce a free resource that will inspire the hell out of you and make you fall in love with running all over again.

Get it here. I think you’ll love it.

50 Quotes To Inspire You to Run Down Your Dreams

Running Inspiration

A few short months ago, I asked Strength Running’s Facebook community what they loved about running.

The answers poured in and I realized I needed to take this question to a larger audience. So I asked you on the blog: What do you love about running?

The post now has over 90 comments, some of which are shockingly emotional but all of which get me excited to run.

I believe it’s a disservice to the effort you put in to answer this question to just leave your answers in the blog comments. We can do more.

As you’re reading this, many of those quotes are being assembled into a gorgeous digital book that will be yours to keep, for free. I’m spending hundreds of dollars on this because I think it will be awesome – and I hope you’ll like it.

The book includes personal photography from all around the world with no stock images. You’ll see images from Cape Cod and Maui to the jungles of Australia and the mountains of Colorado.

I’m thrilled to unveil the book soon in the Runner’s Gear Bag. If you’re new to SR, the Gear Bag is a collection of free, private resources available to subscribers. Sign up here (or in the blue box on the right sidebar) and you’ll get access to everything:

  • The Strength Running PR Guide: a Q&A ebook that answers your top questions about running
  • Illustrated & photo guides to the Standard Core Routine, ITB Rehab Routine, and Tomahawk Medicine Ball Workout
  • The Master Shopping List: never eat the same 7 foods over and over again with this exhaustive list of healthy options at the grocery store
  • Obstacle Race Report: what OCR mistakes to avoid and the tips that helped me win the 2012 Maryland Warrior Dash
  • And 5 more goodies…

Sign up here and you’ll get the new digital book 50 Quotes to Inspire You to Run Down Your Dreams.

What I truly love about this new addition to SR is that it’s 100% original: my photography with YOUR reasons for loving running. It’s a beautiful combination that inspires me to fall in love with running all over again, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s my privilege to continue helping you become a better runner. Thank you for being here and I’ll let you know as soon as the book is ready.

After you sign up, you have one last chance to tell me what you love about running. Leave a comment below explaining why you love running – and you might just see your quote in the final book.

Get excited!

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  1. Greg Beben says:

    Jason, first of all, thanks so much for all you do! I’ve learned a LOT from your blog and other resources. I bought your Healthy Running Playbook and am getting a lot from that also.

    I think my favorite thing about running is that it gives me time to just BE in my body, not paying attention to anything but where I am and how I’m feeling at that exact moment. My job is mostly mental work and so many distractions and interruptions. I LOVE just breathing, running, feeling my body move, and enjoying the great outdoors!

    Thanks again!

  2. Dean Milinski says:

    If there is but one thing that inspires me to run, it is my neighborhood. The people are so diverse and amazing. I have had people and kids just start running with me saying “That’s the running guy, I have seen him for years.” I have had the bitter side of being on car hoods as well, but those people have always apologized. I get the privilege of hearing how my tenacity through all kinds of weather inspires people. I have been blessed with a gift that helps others just because I love and enjoy using the gift. This is why I love to run.

    Thanks for your lessons and tenacity, as well as sharing your gifts with us. Paying it forward.


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