How to Run Track Workouts on a 400m Outdoor Track (infographic)

Track workouts have been a staple of distance runner’s training programs for decades. And for good reason!

Distances are standardized so you always know exactly how far you’ve run.

The surface promotes speed (but results in less impact stress than the road).

And because the distances are measured so precisely, you always know how fast you’re running – unlike GPS watches, which aren’t always so accurate.

But unless you ran Track & Field in high school or college, you might not be aware of exactly how to use an outdoor track.

Just look at this text from a friend:

Track Etiquette

The many lanes, lines, starting lines, and markings can be confusing if you’re not familiar with them. Running a track workout won’t be helpful if you’re not sure how to do it!

To help, I’ve created an infographic all about how to run track workouts, proper track etiquette, and helpful tips for new runners.

Track Workouts 101 – Infographic!

Click on the image to view a larger version. 

Track Infographic

Click here to see a large version of this track infographic.

Track workouts don’t have to be intimidating. With this handy infographic, now you know how to run various distances, what etiquette is appropriate on the track, and what most of those odd markings actually mean.

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