Q&A with Coach: Live Boston Marathon Edition

The 119th Boston Marathon was an epic showdown – not just for the pro’s, but for the other 26,000+ runners who crossed the fabled finish line on Boylston Street.

A strong headwind and light rain made the already difficult course even more challenging. But from the countless runners I’ve talked to in the last week, it seems like most ran incredibly well despite the conditions.

I want to extend a big congratulations to every single Boston Marathon finisher, particularly those who I’ve coached over the last 3-6 months to make this race a success.

It was a tough day and you all ran fantastic races that you should be proud of – now and years from today.

The Strength Running meetup was held on Saturday before the race and we had a blast – catching up with my coaching clients, former runners, RYBQ members, and old friends.

Even though I wasn’t racing this year, traveling to Boston to spend time with all of you at the meetup is a top priority. It’s just one of the ways I like to contribute to the sport.

Had a blast at the SR meetup last night, meeting so many of my runners and readers! #bostonmarathon #bostonstrong

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Thanks to everyone who showed up, bought me a beer (those added up quickly…), and shared a few laughs. It was so great to meet all of you.

The Live Q&A with Coach on Boylston

One of my favorite parts of the meetup was that we filmed a live Q&A with Coach! No cuts, no edits, no retakes, and plenty of bloopers.

I took questions from three of my athletes:

  • “How do I transition to running consistently after a cycling season when I’m already in good shape?”
  • “What’s the most effective way to get ready for long hilly races after a road marathon season?”
  • “If I’m nursing a lingering injury, how do I still run a race but not make it worse?”

Combined with footage from around Boston, it’s a special way to celebrate the show’s 10th edition.

Show notes:

  •  00:00 – My welcome to Boston
  • 1:05 – Question #1 – from cycling to running
  • 3:00 – We’re live everyone!!
  • 3:40 – Question #2 – How to get ready for hilly races (both early season and peak training)
  • 4:15 – When to run hill repetitions during training
  • 5:05 – This is what happens when you do live video…
  • 5:20 – “Rollercoaster runs” and how to get stronger on hills during long runs
  • 7:20 – Question #3 – How to run a race with a lingering injury
  • 8:10 – Tips to run the Boston Marathon with ITBS
  • 8:45 – We’re scooching…
  • 9:00 – Jason gets thirsty
  • 9:55 – Race strategies for 5k if you’re injured

This was a fun episode to film and I hope that it’s just as much fun to watch (even the bloopers).

My goal is to always provide running advice that’s actionable, simple to understand, and gets you much closer to your goals. This Q&A with Coach highlights that philosophy so I encourage you to watch.

And you can always submit your own question by tweeting it to me on Twitter with #RunQuestion or simply emailing me at support[at]strengthrunning.com. I’m hoping to film the show more frequently, so ask me your question today!

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